How do I find out my username and password by amberp


									How do I find out my username and password?

You may use one of the eMac computers to find out your username and password (the eMacs are the
white computers).

Logon to the computer using the username “newuser” with no password. The newuser webpage will
then be loaded. Enter your Student ID number and the last 8 digits of your library barcode (these can
both be found on your student ID card). After you have submitted this information the page will display
your username and allow you to set a password for your account.

After you have set up your account click on the “services” link, this will take you to the Services Page
where you can enable web access and printing for your account. To logout, please double click the
logout button.

How do I logon to a PC?

Enter in your username and password. Make sure that “Log on to:” is set to “WAIKATO”. Click on “OK”.

How do I logon to a Mac?

Enter in your username and password, click “Log in”. After you have logged in another password box
will come up, enter your password into this box, this will authenticate you to print.

Where should I save my work?

You should save your work to your ‘studhome’, this is a networked folder that is accessible from any
computer that you use in the University. Your studhome folder will be named with your username.

-On a PC your studhome will be inside My Computer.
-On a Mac your studhome will be on your desktop.

Can I access Studhome from home (off campus)?

Yes, you can access your Studhome from anywhere off campus through the following website:

What about Floppy Disks?

Students should be wary of using floppy disks as their only means of saving work, as this medium is
unreliable. Students that choose to use floppy disks must accept responsibility for supporting their own
disks. While some computers in the various labs have floppy disk drives available for student use, this
will not be the case in the future. The School encourages all SoE students to use ‘studhome’ as their
primary storage/backup facility.

How do I print?

Before you can print you must enable printing for your account (see How do I find out my username
and password). You can print to the printer in the corridor of the Information Centre, this is charged at
10c per page.

For colour printing contact either Campus Copy or the Information Commons. Campus Copy has two
locations, near the Pharmacy in the Student Union Building, and in the SOE Café. The Information
Commons is located in Level One of the Central Library.

Do I have access to the Internet / Email?

Yes, but you must enable internet access before you can use it (see How do I find out my username
and password). You will be charged 10c per megabyte for external websites.

Email is accessible from the following website:                                                                       Friday, June 25, 2004
How am I charged for these services?

Unicash is the system for paying for Internet and Printing. You can check your balance here:

You may add money to your Unicash account at the Education Library, Central Library, both Campus
Copy locations and the ITS Help Desk.

Where can I plug in my Laptop?

There are two locations that you can plug your laptop in within the School of Education; the
Education Library & Information Centre and the SOE Café. Look for the blue carrels with power and
network access for your laptop. Information on how to configure your laptop is located by these

NB: These are the only places in the School of Education where you are allowed to plug your laptop
into the network.

What is edLinked?

edLinked is the School of Education portal for both staff and students. You can access edLinked at:

Information about the papers you are enrolled in, as well as course notes (if the lecturer chooses to
make them available) can be found in edLinked.

What is ClassForum?

ClassForum is one of the applications the University uses for online learning. You can access
ClassForum at this address:

When can I use the computer labs?

The Education Library & Information Centre is open at the following times:
Monday to Thursday 8.30 am – 9.00 pm
Friday 8:30 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday to Sunday 11.00 am – 5.00 pm

The Information Centre 24/7 room is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Access to this lab is
available by swipe card only outside of normal working hours (8:30 am– 5 pm). A swipe card can
be obtained from Unisafe and costs $12 for one year of access and $5 for subsequent years.

You may use this lab at any time when it is not reserved for classes. Bookings may be viewed at
this website:

The teaching room (TL2.27c) is only available for reserved classes. The computers in this room are
not available to students outside of class.

Where can I get more help?

If you have a technical problem, you may email or call ext 5002.

If you have a question related to how to do something for your course, please contact your lecturer.

If you have a question about Library databases, please visit the Information Desk on level 2 of the
Education Library.

All the computers being used? Visit the Information Commons in Level 1 of the Central Library
(ITS maintains a helpdesk where you can receive help for technical related problems).

                                                                                                Friday, June 25, 2004

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