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 Number 36                         Remember September 11, 2001                                                                   January 1, 2002

  The Japanese Language                coming, and when they got to         hallway Chief Justice Warren                   CU Faculty III
                                       Boulder they discovered that         Burger came by and we were
  School Archival Project
                                       Shaw was in Longmont to give a       introduced to him. I don't recall           I read with great pleasure
                                       Speech to the Lions or the           meeting Justice John Paul                Robert Schwantes’s note (in your
  In the Spring of 2000, the           Rotary Club or some such             Stevens, although he and my              issue of September 15) about
  Archives continued the origi-        organization. To make a long         father shared a car in Hawaii            Muriel Sibell and Francis Wolle.
  nal efforts of Captain Roger         story short, they got to             during the war. (He was at               For me and my wife, as for
  Pineau and William Hudson,           Longmont during Shaw's speech        JICPOA and my father at                  others mentioned by Schwantes,
  and the Archives first at-           and joined him at the head table     FRUPAC, and these were in                these were the permanent
  tempts in 1992, to gather the        for the dinner that followed.        adjacent buildings on Makalapa           Boulderites who did the most to
  papers,       correspondence,        Shaw introduced my parents to        Heights      near     CINCPAC            make our stay in Boulder
  photographs, and records of          the audience, at which point the     headquarters.)                           enjoyable.
  graduates of the US Navy             editor of the local newspaper got        Uh, I think that's enough.               And we learned a lot from
  Japanese Language School,            up and said, "Lt. Sims, Mr. Shaw     (You probably regret mentioning          them. Muriel, especially became
  University of Colorado at            says you served on carriers in the   Byron White's name - to me,              a good friend. She took us on
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We               Pacific. Well, another man who       anyway.)                                 many trips to Colorado ghost
  assemble these papers in             served on carriers, a man we're              Sincerely, Sheridan Sims         towns, which were her passion.
  recognition of the contribu-         mighty proud of, is Byron                                                     She introduced us to Central City
  tions made by JLS graduates                                               [Ed. Note: Au Contraire, at CU
                                       'Whizzer' White, a native son of                                              and especially to Georgetown, a
  to the War effort in the Pa-                                              Boulder, there is never enough
                                       this state and All-American at       information on the former Supreme        really fascinating place then
  cific, the successful occupa-        the University of Colorado. I                                                 unknown to tourists, especially
                                                                            Court Justice. He is indeed a favorite
  tion of Japan, the creation of       wonder if you ever happened to       alumus of the school.]                   exciting when its old buildings
  Japanese language programs           meet him." My father got up,                     _____________                were outlined by snow. We
  across the country, and the          paused for effect, and replied,                                               often saw Francis Wolle at her
  development of cultural rec-         "Not only did I meet him, I'm             In Memory of                        house. At that time he wore a
  onciliation programs after           wearing his shirt." There was           Bert Alfred Gerow                     long black cloak, probably the
  World War II.                        momentary silence, then gasps                                                 only one in Boulder. Later,
                                                                                    JLS 1943
                                       and cheers from the audience.                                                 Muriel sent us her very good
        Sandy Sims                     The editor's jaw dropped. My         Bert Alfred Gerow, 85, died              book on ghost towns.          We
                                       father explained that he and         Aug. 9. He was born on Dec. 26,          learned later from Muriel that
       Remembered                      Byron White served together on                                                Francis became first a deacon
                                                                            1915 and raised in Lafayette,
My father might have portrayed         the staff of Admiral Mitscher,       (CA).                                    and then, at an advanced age, a
himself, rather than Robert            Commander Fast Carrier Task             He served as an interpreter in        priest of the Episcopal Church.
Taylor doing so. He had small          Force. When the carrier USS          the U.S. Navy in the Pacific                                    Henry F. May
parts in movies before and after       Bunker Hill, flagship of the task    Theatre of Operations during                                        JLS 1943
the war, had professional              force, was hit by a kamikaze, my     World War II, and later served as                   ______________

publicity shots taken and hired        father lost all of his gear, and     a civilian attached to the U.S.
                                       borrowed some of Whizzer                                                            Comment on
an agent, was a DJ on radio                                                 Navy during the Korean War. He
briefly, and in the late 40s and       White's gear. My father finished     completed his doctorate in                   “Summer Group”
early 50s had a band. He               his story saying, "If you looked     anthropology at UC Berkeley in
                                       inside the collar of this shirt,                                              The Oct. 15, 2001 issue of The
interrupted a budding music                                                 1950 and later became an                 Interpreter, 2nd column, Dan
career to move from Los                you'd see 'B. White' printed on      anthropology        professor     at
                                       it," and then sat down. A roar of                                             Williams says: "After July 1943,
Angeles to Japan, where I was                                               Stanford University from 1948            all USNJLS students wore
born. My father also was born in       applause followed. My father         until he retired in 1979.
                                       told me that never before or                                                  uniforms, since they were
Japan (in Kobe), which fact ties                                               He was a member of Phi Beta           commissioned immediately upon
into your mention of Byron             since did he get a reaction like     Kappa and Sigma Xi and
                                       that to anything he said to                                                   reporting for duty (Italics Mine).
White. A version of the                                                     received        the      California      I, and my class, reported many
following anecdote is in my            anyone.                              Association for Archaeology
                                           My father visited Byron                                                   months after that date and we
father's memoirs.                                                           Lifetime Achievement Award in            were      NOT      "commissioned
    At the end of the war my           White several times during his       1989 for the contributions he
                                       Supreme Court tenure. I met Mr.                                               immediately on reporting." We
father was transferred to Op-20-                                            made to that field.                      remained Naval Agents for up to
G in Washington. Driving from          White during one of those visits,       He is survived by his wife,
                                       when I was a teenager. I was                                                  4 or 5 months after starting
California to the East Coast, my                                            Marjorie W. Gerow of Palo Alto;          instruction [while background
father and mother decided to           thoroughly impressed, not only       his five children, Ward G.
                                       with     the    man     but    his                                            checks were carried out; the
visit Glenn Shaw, head of the                                               Gerow, Ann B. Gerow, Claudia             explanation given us was that
JLS in Boulder. Shaw was a             surroundings. He took us to the      J. Gerow, Laura Dayharsh, Mark
                                       chambers to see the famous nine                                               they wanted loyal, stable
good friend of my father's                                                  E.     Gerow;        and      seven      “intelligence officers."].
parents, from his days in Japan.       chairs, of various sizes and         grandchildren.
My grandparents were part of the       shapes, each custom-made to suit                                                                   Norman Juster
                                       the dimensions of a Justice.                          Palo Alto Weekly,                           CDR, USNR-Ret
Methodist Mission there. My
                                       While we were chatting in the                        September 5, 2001                                OLS, 1944
folks hadn't told Shaw they were                                                        _____________                               Over
                                     It was a rich experience for an       Memories Wanted                  under Naoe Naganuma in Tokyo
       Faculty IV                   undergrad to know so many                                               in the late 1930s. When
The Interpreter that came today     faculty on a wider social level.    The Archives contain some           Hindmarsh established the JLS
was     particularly   rich    in   But then, that was the kind of      information about JLS Sensei        in the United States, he adopted
associations, not only because      place Boulder was and no doubt      who taught at Berkeley, Boulder,    Naganuma’ curriculum including
you were kind enough to print       still is. By the way, adding the    and Stillwater. Jessica Arntson,    his    “Direct     Method”      of
my letter but because two other     quote from the Library entrance     through her research in the JLS     instruction. Please send any
names brought fond memories.        was nice, but I have to wince at    and Pineau Collections, and the     recollections you have of your
Nort roomed with Sidney             your changing "His" to "Their".     CU Regents’ Minutes, has            Sensei’s teaching technique, both
Mashbir in Honolulu, perhaps in     Old Cicero and Dr. Norlin would     discovered the names of 151         in formal and tutoring sessions
the home of Mrs. Fullard Leo.       be aghast at what Political         Sensei, as well as recovering
Also, Ben Galland was one of        Correctness has done to the logic   some of their stories and their     From all the former Marine
the great friends of my sister      of the English Language! Please     commitment to their teaching        JLOs,     please  send    any
Victoria and was also a friend of   do not let the chisels change the   jobs, their students, and the       descriptions of how you used
mine. I had no classes with him,    quote as it stands!! You are        United States. To write a more      your Japanese in carrying out
but found him a most charming       doing a great job on the            complete story of the role Sensei   your duties.
and friendly person - gallant, if   newsletter. Keep it coming!         played, we need recollections of                     Mr. Irwin Slesnick
                                                                        their teaching styles. You may                     518 Highland Drive
you will.                                   Marylou and Nort Williams
                                                                        know, Hindmarsh studied                         Bellingham, WA 98225

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