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					                             S IMS C HIROPRACTIC C ENTER

                            G IVING   B ACK                          I NFORMATION 
                                       V OLUME 1,   ISSUE   6   S EPTEMBER , 2005

   The secret success of  “The Five Factors of Health”
                                                                                                 5 F ACTORS          OF
                                                                                                 H EALTH
It is no big secret that you only get        Yes, initially we will have to make con-
one body and it is your responsibility to    scious decisions on a daily basis to incor-         ·    Diet
take the very best care of it you possibly   porate these (5) five essential lifestyle
can. I’m sure you hear this all of the       factors of health.                                  ·    Exercise
time.                                        After 9-14 days of making these deci-               ·    Rest
However, the good thing we know and          sions, they no longer become conscious              ·    Positive Mental 
often overlook is that we have               decisions but become habits. As we                       Attitude
choices and options to make the              know– Habits are hard to break.                     ·    Chiropractic Care 
worst or best possible decision. Just        Just ask my wife about some habits of
think! How many decisions do you             mine I’m sure she would like to break.
make that affect your health during the
course of the day? Well, surprise!... I      The things we must keep in mind are
don’t know, but I can tell you this. The     that we want and need to break old hab-
average person probably makes 3-5 im-        its and substitute them with good habits           I N SIDE   TH IS ISSUE :
portant decisions like these in the course   that change our lives from sickness, dis-
of an hour. It may not be a food decision    ease, injury, despair and stress.              5   FACTORS        1,2
but may be one that deals with negative      Just think how much your life would
thoughts and emotions. These also affect     change once you mastered these five            W HAT ARE          3
our health.                                  factors of health?                             THEY S AYING

So...This means that you have a many    Let’s examine these five (5) factors one-           C ARE    CR EDIT   3
opportunities to make decisions. Which by-one and see just how essential they
one(s) you make are solely up to you.   all are and how they all seemingly work             Y OUR IQ           4

Some of the most productive and together towards your well-being.                           KNOWN              4
healthy people make five (5) com- Diet:                                                     FACTS
mon decisions that have become
habits on an almost daily basis.        Many think diet consists of the types of
                                        foods we eat. Ie) pork, too much fat,
Their decisions eventually became hab-
                                        high cholesterol foods, carbohydrates,
its and ultimately contribute to their
                                        protein, etc..), but it is much more in-
total well-being. I’m not saying you
                                        volved. Diet consists not only of what
should eat and live like a “monk”, how-
                                        we choose to eat, but also how our bod-
ever we have a responsibility to our-
                                        ies process, digest and utilize the food
selves and our family to take care of
ourselves.                                                          (Continued on page 2)
P AGE 2                                                                         G IVING   B ACK     I NFORMATION

                                    The secret success of  “The Five Factors of Health” 
                       (Continued from page 1)                         helps regulate our bodies ability to sleep and
                                                                       fall into REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement).
                       for energy. It is important to understand the This is the phase of sleep when we truly
                       total picture of diet so we can appreciate just rest.
                       how critical it is to be selective of the types
                       of foods we ingest into our systems. It may Positive Mental Attitude-
                       be easy to get into us, but how difficult is it What you think can sometimes become real-
                       going to be for us to                                       ity? Harboring negative thoughts
                       process and remove it                                       and feelings can have a profound
                       from our systems.                                           effect on your health. Negative
CALL! Get Your         Check out this website                                      thoughts affect your biochemistry
Free Report!           for good information                                        and your cellular energy which
                       about the food pyramid                                      causes cellular death. Keep your
24 Hr. Toll free re-   and what you should be                                      spirits high and outlook positive
corded hotline         eating                                                      and your health will show.
Headache:                                                                         Chiropractic Care-
800-968-4867                                                                       I probably should have placed
                       Developing and implementing an exercise        this first because of the implications this has
                       regimen that incorporates aerobic and an-      on your health. Keeping your spine healthy
                       aerobic exercise (see issue 4, vol 1) will get and nervous system fully functioning is criti-
                       you one step toward a healthier lifestyle.     cal. Adjustments not only feel great, but
                       This type of exercise should be done mini- more importantly have a direct affect on
                       mally 3x per week for 30 minutes. The ef- your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Spi-
                       fects go a long way. Exercise helps the        nal misalignments interfere with your nerv-
Low-back pain:         body’s ability to digest food, decrease fatty ous systems ability to communicate with
                       accumulation in the arteries, decrease blood every cell, tissue and organ in your entire
888-730-2239           pressure, improve concentration, increase      body. Just think...neglecting this one com-
                       natural endorphins and a host of other favor- ponent of the five factors can prevent the
                       able responses.                                cells, tissues and organs of all other systems
                                                                      from allowing your body to eat, exercise,
                       Rest-                                          rest and have purposeful nerve impulses.
                       This is something we all can probably use a
                       little more of. Our industrialized country
                       just gets busier and busier with technology.
Auto Accidents:        It’s not your fault! But, nonetheless this is
888-874-2870           something you must get. The average person
                       needs 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Our bod-
                       ies have a chance so digest food, increase
                       alertness, improve mood and burn calories.
                       More importantly, your brain rests and key
                       neurological processes take place during
                       these precious hours. Remember, exercise
 V OLUME 1, ISSUE 6                                                                                                           P AGE 3

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Convenient payment method for                                           As I mentioned before more and more people are pay-
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                                                      Why you refer?
     The following statements are testimonials from actual pa-         3 months of Care
    tients. Please know it was a joy helping each and everyone
    of you. I’d like to say thank you to all of my patients who        Thanks Sims Chiropractic- for helping turn the
    share their experiences and refer to our office.                   negative feelings surrounding my accident into a
                                                                       “teachable moment”. I’ve learned how to take
    Paula Hill (Acute Low-Back Pain)
                                                                       better care of myself and be more aware of my
    After 1 month of care!                                             body and its relationship to my total wellness-
                                                                       Mind, body and spirit!
    I came to see Dr. Sims after injuring my back at work,
    while lifting a projector. For several days, I was bedridden       The benefits I experienced are invaluable! I was able
    with extreme back pain before being referred to Dr.                to recover from the trauma of the automobile
    Sims by my good friend. Interestingly, I had thought about         accident.
    Chiropractic before being referred but had put it off.
    After a few short weeks of treatment, I was able to get a          Leaving Sims Chiropractic led to mixed emotions for
    better nights sleep and function at a higher level pain free. I    me. It was hard to leave the relationships behind.
    am able to enjoy life more completely thanks to Dr. Sims and the   However, it made me extremely happy to be
    Chiropractic Profession.                                           able to cease care feeling healthy, recovered
    Leslie Satchell- (Automobile Accident)                             and totally well!
                                               4) Which one of the following is                           C) Chiropractic
                                               not one of the five factors of
  S IMS C HIROPRACTIC                                                                                     6) One should exercise minimally
         C ENTER                               A) Exercise                                                2x per week for 1 hour.
           3321 Toledo Terrace                 B) Rest                                                    A) True
                 Suite 303                     C) Positive Mental attitude
           Hyattsville, MD 20782                                                                          B) False
                                               D) Chiropractic
      Phone: 301-853-SIMS {7467}
          Fax: 301-853-7040                    E) Enema                            7) This type of sleep is ideal to
                                                                                   achieve when asleep in order to
  W E ’ RE O N T H E W E B !                   5) Which one of the five factors of obtain maximal alertness.
                                               health has a direct effect on all   A) Eye movement sleep
                                               other factors?                      B) Rapid Eye Movement
         WE HAVE YOUR BACK!                    A) Positive mental attitude                                C) Quick Eye Movement sleep
                                               B) Exercise

SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW &                                             7.                                 LITTLE KNOWN FACT:
LEARN WHAT YOU DON’T                                         B
                                                                                                    Most common chronic health
                                                                                4.                  conditions can be prevented
1) How many important decisions does                                                 3.
                                                                                                    by proper diet and regular ex-
   Dr. Sims think the average person                                                      2.
   makes concerning their health in the
                                                                                               1.    ercise (45 minute sessions 4
   course of an hour?                                                                          AN     times per week).
A) 7-10                                                                    ER
B) 1-2
C) 3-5

2) It takes repetition on a daily basis for
   9-14 days to make conscious health
   decisions a habit.                             Do you know of someone you think could benefit
A) True                                           from this type of information?
B) False                                          Complete form and Fax to: (301) 853-7040
                                                  Your Name:__________________________________
3) Rest is one of the five factors of health      Please send Newsletter to:
that helps affect mood and improve mental
alertness.                                        Name:________________________

A) True                                           Adress:_______________________________

B) False                                                  _______________________________