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									Fall     Nutrition & Food Sciences Program
         California State University, Chico/ (530) 898-6805

         Greetings from the Coordinator
                  Katie Silliman
       Breaking news! The Nutrition and            Dietetic Association and numerous
       Food Sciences Program will become           scholarship recipients. Katie Piercy (BS
       the Department of Nutrition and Food        2006) received the Jessie C. Obert
       Sciences with the start of the fall         Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship for
       semester 2007. I want to thank all the      the American Dietetic Association.
       faculty and staff who have dedicated        Lucia Perez (MS program) received
       endless hours to the program,               scholarships from the California
       particularly Evelyn Mar and Barbara         Nutrition Corps and the National Center
       Kirks who were instrumental in              for Farmworker Health. Dana Kopping
       bringing forth the programs we offer        (MS program) received a California
       today. I think we can be proud of the       Association of Highway Patrolmen
       educational experience we provide to        Scholarship and Amy Cahill (MS
       our students. Based on our most             program) received the prestigious
       recent annual performance report, the       Rawlin's Merit Scholarship. Kathryn
       program continues to grow. We               Egan’s (BS 2005) logo was selected
       currently have 161 undergraduate and        (Kathy is a three-time winner) for the
       graduate students in the program, an        next annual meeting of the California
       increase of 75% since 2001. Our five-       Dietetic Association in Oakland. On a
       year pass rate on the RD exam is            personal note, Audrey is 13 and playing
       83% and our five-year acceptance            on a traveling soccer team – go
       rate into dietetic internship programs      Bobcats! My son Willis is 9 and was
       is 88%. We had 8 students present           recently bitten by the acting bug. We
       their research at meetings such as the      would love to hear from you. Please e-
       annual meeting of the California            mail us with updates on your life.
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                                               Faye Johnson

Dear Alumni and Friends,                         for all the volunteers for CDA. It is a
It is enjoyable to write this letter to you      huge responsibility, but also a whole lot
and refresh our personal and                     of fun!! Laura Stever, a senior, is the
professional relationships. I very much          Education Council’s student mentee.
enjoy hearing from you or seeing you at          She and I will be sending out emails,
various events. Please plan to come to           letters, announcements, and other
CDA this year; we plan to have an                means of communication to education
alumni reunion lunch or coffee. Stay             the CDA membership about the Nutrition
tuned for additional information.                Care Process (NCP) that will appear on
                                                 the 2007 RD registration exam.
Last fall I taught full time, then was ―off‖     Education Council also is sponsoring the
in the spring. Actually, I worked on the         pre-convention 3-hour workshop about
Five-year interim report for ADA. We got         the NCP. CDA is scheduled for April 19
preliminary results back last week and           – 21. The workshop is 6 – 9 pm on the
there are just a couple of items that need       18 . See you there!
fine-tuning. The report then goes
before the full committee for approval in        Since the last newsletter, my grandson,
January.                                         Adam Carl was born. He is now 14
                                                 months old and his favorite thing to do is
Just to brag a bit—last fall I was given         to run and fall on a stack of pillows, or
the Pearls of Wisdom award by the                just on the floor and laugh. He is such a
Associated Students. It is an                    joy. I was able to visit him in Omaha
indescribable honor and I am so awed             almost every month for the first year.
and humbled by it. My heartfelt thanks to
all the students, past and present that          Well, all for this newsletter. I’ll sign off
allowed it to happen.                            now, please send me an email and
                                                 update me what you are doing or better
I am now in my second years as CDA               yet, come by and visit! Take care and
Vice-president for Education. The                stay healthy and happy.
learning curve was steep, though
enjoyable. Now in my second year, I am           Hope to see you at CDA or somewhere
feeling more confident. I am responsible         else.

                                                                  Keiko Goto
                                  I am originally from Japan. I was born in Gunma prefecture, which is famous for
                                  hot springs and tough women.

                                   As a trained food scientist and nutritionist, I have worked in various countries
                                  such as Guatemala, Indonesia, Jamaica, the Philippines and Tanzania, and I
                                  have developed a deep appreciation of diversity in people and food. My research
                                  interests include food and culture, local food systems, sensory evaluation of food,
                                  international nutrition and the application of community-based participatory
                                  research methods in food and nutrition.

                                  I enjoy traveling, playing the piano, pairing wine with foods, and playing with my 6
                                  month-old daughter Erika.
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                                             Cindy Wolff
The NFSC Program now has a companion                      with Center staff on research and program
program called the Center for Nutrition and               development.
Activity Promotion or CNAP. As the CNAP
Director, I have the privilege of working with a          The Center is an optimal pre-professional
20 member staff and 60 students from 9                    practice setting for students in that it provides a
different majors. The professional staff consists         broad scope of skill development opportunities.
of 8 masters prepared dietitians 6 of whom are            NFSC student staff have a role in every level of
NFSC alumni; 5 additional masters prepared                Center management and program delivery
community nutritionists all of whom are CSUC              including proposal writing, program development,
alumni; and 5 additional staff, 3 of whom are             implementation, and evaluation; budget
CSUC alumni. We are truly a home grown                    management; and staff training and evaluation.                     For more information,
operation with our fingers on the nutrition and           Four of our 13 school district based programs are                       visit our new
fitness needs of residents in the CSUC 12                 under the sole leadership of NFSC graduate
county service area.                                      students and our CNAP Resource Center is
                                                          managed by a graduate and undergraduate                          web page and the web
More than two thirds of our CNAP students are             student team. The majority of CNAP students                         pages for two of our
in paid positions. At 45, the majority are NFSC           work in teams typically including a faculty
majors. Ten of our paid staff are NFSC
                                                                                                                               largest programs,
                                                          member, a second year graduate student, a first                       OPT for Fit Kids
graduate students. An additional two NFSC                 year graduate student, an undergraduate
graduate students are conducting their                    student, and a new intern. Hence, each student is                 (www.optforfitkids.org)
research with the Center although they are                both a mentor and a mentee. Feedback from                        and the Sierra Cascade
employed elsewhere. These graduate and                    students, staff, faculty, and our community and                    Nutrition and Activity
undergraduate students are being mentored by              school district partners reinforce the efficacy of
both myself and Stephanie Bianco-Simeral, as                                                                                      Consortium
                                                          this organizational paradigm for pre-professional
well as CSUC faculty from nine other                      practice skill building.
departments, e.g. Kinesiology, who collaborate
                                A striking example of the successes of our CNAP students, the vignette below was sent to OPT for Fit Kids staff by a
                                mother receiving nutrition education services from an NFSC graduate student.
                                My journey with OPT for Fit Kids started about a year ago when my then 4-year old son had gained a pound a month
                                for four months. I was concerned and mentioned this to our pediatrician who referred us to OPT. My family thought this
                                was crazy because surely my little boy didn't look fat, but I made the appointment and went into the experience sure
                                that I knew exactly what they were going to tell me.
                                The first thing I learned was that our views of healthy and unhealthy weights have been distorted over time. As so many
                                of our children and adults get fatter and fatter we see a child, like my son, who looks just fine, but is actually too high on
the BMI charts. I learned that yes, he wasn't grossly obese, but why let him get to that point? I needed to take steps now to ensure he didn't grow up
to be a young man with a severe weight problem. Thankfully, OPT for Fit Kids has taken me on a path that will allow my son and daughter to grow up
as healthy, happy children.

I knew my son already ate pretty well. He loved fruits and vegetables. Therefore, I didn't really understand why he was gaining weight so quickly. I
soon learned that I was clueless when it came to the proper portions for a 4-year old. I fed him two waffles, he should have been eating one. I always
made him a whole sandwich, now he eats half. I was simply over feeding him. This was my first of many valuable lessons.

I love that the nutritionists at OPT weren't asking me to completely change my family's life over night. We met about every six weeks and during that
time we discussed what seemed to be the most important issue for us at the time. From that discussion we would set a few goals that I would try to
reach prior to the next appointment. I am proud to say that we met every goal, which all revolved around lifestyle changes. Some were harder than
others, but all were attainable, and none had to do with how much weight my son would need to lose. We made goals as simple as creating grocery
lists prior to shopping, adding a salad to our meals, and making one nice dinner a week that wasn't processed. We also tackled more difficult goals
like cutting back TV time to one hour a day! Was this childless nutritionist crazy? Well guess what? We did it. We don't do it all of the time, but setting
this goal made me realize that we could do it! My other demon was fast food. When I first began at OPT I could easily count how many times a week
we ate out at fast food. It was a minimum of 3 times a week. Now when I am asked I have a hard time even remembering the last time we ate out.
From day one my son never felt like he was targeted as being heavy or having a weight problem. The staff at OPT simply took his weight and height
at the beginning of each visit and then he played while the nutritionist and I talked. My son knew that we were there to help our family get healthier,
but I know he never felt targeted. In fact, he was the one who often kept me in line saying such things as, "The nutritionist wouldn't think this is a good
As I stated earlier, we have been going to OPT for about a year. I feel that we have really gone over almost every possible aspect of creating a
healthier life for my family. However, I find it difficult to break free of their support. I love checking in and seeing the progress my son has made and it
will be difficult for me to wean myself from our nutritionist. This has been a wonderful experience for me and my son. I wish that all families with
children, thick and thin, would take the time to assess their lifestyle and see what changes they could make now that will help their children forever!
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                      Michelle Neyman Morris
        With the tremendous growth of the       athletes. Previous research collaborations
NFSC program, I am delighted to welcome         were revisited with a manuscript co-
our two new tenure track faculty members.       authored by MS graduate Chad
The energy, fresh perspective and support       Hetherwick and Katie Silliman published in
Keiko and Stephanie bring to the program        the March 2006 JADA. Another, co-
are inspiring and long overdue!                 authored by Steve Shive was published in
                                                the July/August Journal of American
          One of my research efforts came       College Health.
to a close with a conference held to report
the results of a two year needs                          Our Dietetic Internship continues
assessment, Graying of North State, that I      to run smoothly thanks in large part to my
collaborated on with faculty and staff from     wonderful colleague Marsha Miller who
Nursing and the Center for Economic             coordinates the program on a day-to-day
Development. The increasing number of           basis with such professionalism and a
seniors residing in the North State will pose   positive attitude! In the last five years I’ve
challenges to service providers as well as      also tremendously enjoyed the interaction
provide opportunities to utilize their vast     I’ve had with students outside of class in
wealth of knowledge and life experience.        my role as faculty advisor to NFSA, our
The assessment revealed that the primary        student run organization. Along with
concerns of the seniors included cost of        classroom teaching, this is the most
living in general and health care in            rewarding part of my job!
particular. Throughout the focus groups,
interviews and surveys, seniors voiced       On the home front, five months after our
their strong desire to remain living         January 2005 wedding, Chris and I
independently for as long as possible.       welcomed our 9-pound ―baby‖ girl Lucy. At
                                             66 pounds just a year later she manages
         Another research effort got a       to rule the house. No need to worry that
jumpstart when I was awarded a David and she’s in need of OPT services as she’s a
Helen Lantis Professorship to fund a         fit yellow lab with a healthy diet and far too
graduate student for the purpose of further many tennis balls to run after. The money
developing and evaluating a peer led         spent on training, picture developing and
nutrition education program for on and off- accessories for this dog is repaid several-
campus student groups. This was the          fold with the ecstatic greetings I receive
brainchild of alum Kathy Egan with follow- when coming home at night. Her
up provided by Laurie White, and will        unconditional love reminds me of the
provide a sustainable model for delivering quote,
a variety of out of class, interactive                ―May I be the kind of person
presentations with real life applicability.               my dog thinks I am.‖
Cooking demos, supermarket tours and
disordered eating presentations are
already being requested and graduate
student Kristen Bradley is making rapid
progress. In addition, MS student Kendra
Byrd is writing up her results on the impact
of a worksite wellness program and Tiffany
Hayes is in the midst of data collection
comparing disordered eating behaviors
between collegiate athletes and non-
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                         Stephanie Bianco-Simeral
For those who do not know me, I am the new ―Nutrition Management‖
instructor. So, what do you want to know about me? Well, the most important
facet of my life is my family. I have two cute and crazy little boys named Seth
and Sam and a wonderful and supportive husband named Timo. I love to run
and hike outdoors, play with my boys, and make biscotti!

I received my BS in Dietetics from UC Davis and my MS/ RD in Nutrition from
Texas A&M University. I have over 10 years of management training with
many unique experiences to share. I tend to get real excited about my
management lectures and field trips, so students don’t get any quality naptime
in my classes. I enjoy the interaction that my classes offer because I really get
a chance to know all of the students.

I came to the Nutrition and Food Sciences Program with the intention of taking
the ―boring‖ out of management. My management experience ranges from
school, restaurant and hotel foodservice management to clinical management
as well as a lead in a community setting. I hope to show that the skills and
information learned in ―nutrition management‖ will prepare students for any
career in the dietetic field. Management skills are not just about being able to
create labor schedules, cost analyses, and policies and procedures. I focus on
the ethics of business, the importance of consistency and objectivity, and the
concept of thinking ―outside the box.‖ We discuss real experiences and
various ways in which circumstances or problems can be prevented or

This academic year I am working on revitalizing the NFSC web page to
showcase the many attributes of our Program. I am recruiting students to work
on the page to not only include the ―student‖ perspective, but to give them
experience in web page design, a most desirable skill to have when applying
for management positions.

My future research goals involve marketing strategies to increase
consumption of healthy foods, creating a HACCP certification program on
campus to serve the northern California foodservice and farming communities,
and utilizing management skills and knowledge to bridge the clinical,
community and foodservice areas within the dietetics field. I hope to reach
these goals by collaborating with other nutrition faculty members as well as
other faculty members within the Colleges of Business and Agriculture.

I am thrilled to be a part of this great group of nutrition professionals and I
will do my best to teach practical information and skills that will prepare our
majors for a promising future.
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                        NEWS FROM NFSA 2005-06

               “The Nutrition and Food Science Association of California State
               University Chico prepares students to become advocates of the
               nutrition profession through opportunities to practice leadership
               and serve the public by promoting optimal nutrition, health and
               well-being. NFSA aims to accomplish this mission through

F              participation in University special events coordinated learning
               opportunities with other University departments and clubs and

               through active service in the community as a whole.”

                                                       analysis for three days and raised over

    This year was a busy one for NFSA. We
                                                       $200. We also took a tour of Sierra
    started out last fall with our annual Bidwell      Nevada Brewery to see the ins and outs

    Bash where new and returning members were
                                                       of their company. Instead of having
    able to meet and get to know each other. Last
                                                       speakers come to our club, we decided
    fall we also participated in the semi-annual

                                                       to go out in the community and volunteer
    health fair where we gave out nutrition
                                                       our time, so every last Saturday of the
    information. During our meeting we were able
                                                       month we had 4 NFSA members

    to have Gina Sims from 5-A-Day and Kristen         volunteer a couple hours of their time at
    Gruneisen from OPT for Fit Kids come and
                                                       the Jesus Center that provides food for
    speak to us about their jobs and how they got

                                                       the homeless. This was an invaluable
    to where they are now. NFSA held Body              experience and gave our members a
    Composition Analysis both in the fall and the
                                                       chance to expand their horizons and see
    spring where we offered to test people’s
                                                       another part of society. It was very
    percent body fat as a way to educate the           exciting to be able to send 5 members to

    public, as well as give our members some
                                                       the California Dietetic Association’s
    fundraising experience. For World Food Day
                                                       annual meeting in San Diego. While we
    we decided to donate $500 to an elderly

                                                       were there we volunteered our time and
    couple to feed them for one year. Towards the
                                                       gained new appreciation for what goes
    end of the semester we had the opportunity to
                                                       on behind the scenes and big

    travel down to Sacramento for NADAs                conventions. Finally, we were able to
    ―Networking Night and Career Fair‖ There we
                                                       hold a booth for the Fun without Alcohol
    were able to hear from various dietetic

                                                       Fair which focuses on getting kids to
    internships and meet some people doing the         think about other activities besides drugs
    internship that could give us some insight as
                                                       and alcohol as ways to have fun. We

!   to what an internship might be like.

    This spring we unfortunately were rained out
                                                       were able to get a 5-A-Day fruit and
                                                       vegetable wheel to test the kids’
    of quite a few events. We were not able to do      knowledge of how fruits and vegetables
    the Bidwell Classic booth, National Nutrition      can benefit them. Overall, this was a very
    Month booth, or the health fair. However, we       exciting year for NFSA, our members
    were able to still do body composition             should be proud of all they did.
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               Drop Us A Line
Attention! Chico State Nutrition and Food Sciences
graduates, we want your ideas and involvement. And
we want your address.

If you have an e-mail address and would like to
connect with other alumni, let us know and we'll post it
on our NFSC Alumni page that will be developed in the
coming months.

We'd also like you to send us your business cards.
We would like to start a book of alumni cards so we
can show potential students where NFSC grads are
employed and give them some new horizons to look
towards. Your help in this area is immeasurable.

So find a pen, fire up your PC, or pick up the phone
and let us hear from you!
 Nutrition & Food Sciences Program
 California State University, Chico
 Chico CA 95929-0002
 (530) 898-6805 / FAX (530) 898-5586

           You Can Find Us At

        Check out our home page on the CSUC web.

You can stay in touch with each one of us by e-mail.
Stephanie Bianco-Simeral        sbianco-simeral@csuchico.edu
Keiko Goto                                 kgoto@csuchico.edu
Faye Johnson                           fjohnson@csuchico.edu
Michelle Neyman                      mneyman@csuchico.edu
Katie Silliman                         ksilliman@csuchico.edu
Cindy Wolff                               cwolff@csuchico.edu
Deb Bellis McCafferty               dmccafferty@csuchico.edu
Tracy Pedretti Berman                  tberman@csuchico.edu
Bethany Schaarschmidt           bschaarschmidt@csuchico.edu
Donna Vaughan                        dvaughan@csuchico.edu
Nutrition & Food Sciences Program
California State University, Chico
       Chico CA 95929-0002


                                                                    the travel expenses of students who
                                                                    attended the annual meeting of the
                                                                    California Dietetic Association in
                                                                    San Diego and to pay for reference
                                                                    materials we needed for NFSC
       Nutrition &           to all of you who contribute to our
     Food Sciences                                                  classes. This year we will be
                             program by taking our students as
        Program                                                     starting a fundraising campaign
                             interns, speaking about your career
                                                                    called ―Circle of Friends.‖ You
                             to our classes or the Nutrition and
                                                                    should be receiving information on
                             Food Sciences Association, serving
                                                                    the program in the next month or so.
                             on our Advisory Board, and helping
                                                                    Please stay in touch; we are always
                             out in innumerable other ways.
                                                                    curious as to what you are doing
                             Your donations of time and money
                                                                    and what new directions you are
                             are helping to make our program
                             among the best in the North State.
                             This past year your donations to our
                             annual fund was used to help fund
 We’re on the Web!
      See us at:


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