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					Linhan Li                           Technical Artist | | 650-867-8690

         Seeking a full time position as a technical artist or effect artist in the video game or film industry.

         Master of Entertainment Technology                                   Fall 2007 – Spring 2009
         Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center, Pittsburgh, PA, US

         Bachelor of Science in Computer Science                              Fall 2003 – Spring 2007
         Beijing Language and Culture University, Department of CS, Beijing, China         GPA: 3.9/4.0

       Carl Rosendahl – Advisor of Independent Study on Lighting

       Technical Artist Intern                                                May 2008 – Aug 2008
         Electronic Arts RS --- mySims Kingdom on Wii
                  Developed a tool to calculate object density for model optimization in C++/Maya API
                  Assisted Technical Artist team to accomplish various pipeline optimization tasks
                  Wrote MEL scripts to support artists in submitting jobs to render farm effectively

         Technical Artist + Effects Artist                                    Spring 2009, Spring 2008
         Carnegie Mellon University --- XBox Live Arcade Game Trino
                  Trino, an award winning triangle trapping game, has appeared in Official Xbox Magazine, also featured on
         ,, and most popular download on
                  Programmed a tool in C#/XNA for 3D effects creation and composition, Designing effects for game
                  Developed Particle System, Implemented shader based materials on XNA

         2D Artist + Flash Programmer                                         Fall 2008
         Carnegie Mellon University --- Australia National Railway Museum Project
                  Prototyped interactive Exhibition Game System with Action Script 3.0, UI Design

         Texture Artist + Shader Programmer + Producer                        Fall 2007 – Winter 2007
         Carnegie Mellon University --- Building Virtual Worlds, Entertainment Technology Center
                  Designed virtual experiences focused on interactivity, storytelling, and intuition

         Natural Language Processing Programmer                               Winter 2005 – Spring 2005
         Beijing Language and Culture University --- Center for Language and Information Processing , China
                  Coded Chinese Searching Engine and Translation tool using Viterbi algorithm

         OS       Windows    Unix    Linux           Design   Maya8.5     Photoshop       Illustrator
         Programming        Cg    HLSL   XNA    OpenGL      MEL   C# C /C++     Java   Python      Perl   SQL

      Microsoft DreamBuildPlay Top 20 Finalists - Trino                       2008
         Honorable Mention in Mathematical Contest in Modeling, American National Security Agency                  Winter 2006
         Dean’s List Fall 2006,    Fall 2005,   Fall 2004