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					 ABC’s of Kindergarten
                                                    Mrs. K. Sims
Welcome to Kindergarten at Pearce Elementary! You and your child may have many questions about our program,
and this is intended to answer some of them. This will also be in your child’s PATRIOT notebook as a reference for
you! 
Aa        Attendance                                             Ee       Early Dismissal Days
*Arrival time: Car riders may be dropped off from 7:15           *These are special days for professional development
a.m. until 7:45 a.m. at Great Wagon Trail (front car loop)       meetings for the teaching staff. Dates are listed on the
and then proceed to the cafeteria; students will come to         2009-10 Guilford County Schools Calendar.
the classroom at 7:30.                                           Ff       Field Trips
*If your child is late (tardy bell rings at 7:45 a.m.), you      *We are still in the process of planning field trips.
must bring him/her into the office to be signed in before        Watch for information in the coming days – we will need
coming to the classroom.                                         chaperones to come with us! 
Bb        Birthdays                                              Gg       Good Behavior
*We will recognize this special day for each child. If you       *We expect all children to follow our classroom and school
wish you may send store-bought cupcakes or cookies to be         rules.
served at snack. We cannot have class birthday parties in        Hh       Homework
lieu of the school lunch.                                        *Homework calendars will come home at the beginning of
Cc        Curriculum                                             each month. There will also be reading and sight word
*Each child will progress as far as he or she can go!            practice Monday through Thursday of each week
*Watch the classroom newsletter and the school website           beginning October.
for a list of units of study for the grading period.             Ii       Independence
Dd        Directory                                              *Kindergarten is a year of growing independence!
*We will have a class directory that will list contact           The children will learn to walk from the cafeteria/car rider
numbers, emails and addresses for our class. One copy will       loop to the classroom, unpack book bags and make lunch
be given to our classroom grade parent(s) for contacting         choices by themselves. Our day begins as soon as the
families about celebrations. One copy will be given to           children enter the classroom door, so please do not walk
families who are listed in the directory for parents to make     your child to the classroom and unpack their belongings on
contacts about birthday parties and play dates.                 a daily basis.
          Discipline                                             Jj       Jobs
*Our class discipline plan is easy to understand: Each child     *Children will have weekly assigned jobs, which also foster
begins the school day with a yellow star. The goal is to         independence and responsibility. 
keep the yellow star throughout the school day by staying        Kk       Kiss and Go!
on task and behaving. If a warning for misbehavior is            *Kiss your child at the car and say ‘good-bye’! 
given, then the yellow star is turned to blue. I will also       Ll       Lunch
mark, if necessary, the number of times additional warning       *Our lunchtime is 10:35 a.m. on regular school days. Your
is given for misbehavior. Please initial your child’s            child will be assigned a lunch number. This number will
behavior sheet in his/her P.A.T.R.I.O.T.S. FOLDER each           access your child’s account, in to which you may deposit
night.                                                          monies for breakfast, lunch, milk and/or ice cream.
          Dismissal time – 2:25 p.m.                             *You are welcome to join your child to lunch any day you
*All car riders will dismissed from Great Wagon Trail.           wish after the first two weeks of school. 
Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed at the beginning       *Lunch should be a one-on-one time with your child—no
of the bus line. Please be patient during the first few days     other classmates allowed! Please supervise your child
of school or rainy days.                                        while you’re eating in the cafeteria.
*If your child is a bus rider, please make sure an adult is at   Mm       Messy!
home when the bus arrives in the afternoon. Otherwise            *Kindergarten can be messy – dress your child
your child will be brought back to Pearce!                       appropriately!
                                                                 *No flip-flop shoes or fancy dressy shoes.
                                                                 the weekly newsletter I will note when we would like
        Medicine                                                 someone to send in packaged snacks to have on hand
*All medicines—prescription or over the counter—must             when snacks are forgotten. 
be accompanied by a medical form, signed by the                  Tt     Toys
physician and parent. An adult must bring medicines to           **Toys need to remain at home!
school. No medicines may be brought on the school bus.           Uu
                                                                 “U” are your child’s first and most important teacher!
Nn        Newsletters                                            Vv       Volunteers
*I will send home a weekly newsletter each Monday with           *Mothers and fathers are welcome to volunteer when
upcoming events, suggestions and ideas for activities to try     your work schedules allow. Volunteers are needed in the
with your child.                                                 older grades as well as Kindergarten.
                                                                 We can use help with coloring, cutting apart and making
Oo       Office                                                  games, reading to children, and, as the year progresses,
*605-5480                                                        help with classroom crafts.  More information about
*If you need to pick your child up early, stop at the office     volunteers will be sent home at a later date.
and sign your child out. The office will call us via intercom    Ww       Work
to send your child to you.                                       *Our work, both class work and homework, consists of
Pp       Parties                                                 activities that each child is held accountable. There will be
*We will have three – Winter Celebration, Spring                 some work that all of our students will complete based on
Celebration, and End of the Year. Other special days             curriculum (science, math, social studies); there will be
(Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s, etc.) will be celebrated with   other assignments that are based on your child’s ability
simple snacks in class when appropriate.                         level. If you have any questions or concerns we can
         PTA                                                     address them at our first conference.
*Please join PTA! It’s $5.00 per person. Encourage               Xx       eXciting!
grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all family members to           *Kindergarten is a most exciting, magical year!
join!                                                            Yy       Yawns
Qq       Questions                                               *Please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest every
*Call and leave a message on my classroom phone or email         night. I recommend a bedtime of no later than 8:00 for
me if you have any questions or concerns.                        Kindergarten students.
*Dial 605-5480, ext. 614 for voicemail                           *A good breakfast every morning will keep your child alert
*Email:                                          and ready to learn all day. Breakfast is served here daily.
Rr       Report Cards and Parent Conferences                     Zz       Zipping and other stuff
*Report cards are given out four times a year.                   *Make sure your child can zip his/her coat and pants.
I must have a conference with each parent before the first       *Work with your child on taking care of his/her personal
report card comes home and during the third quarter. I           needs (going to the restroom unassisted, hand washing,
will send home a conference sign-up prior to each time.          blowing/wiping nose, etc.).
Ss       Snack
*Each child will need to bring a daily, healthy snack. Our
snack time will be between 12:35 and 12:45 each day. On