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									1. A network administrator is asked to design a system to allow simultaneous access
to the Internet for 250 users. The ISP for this network can only supply five public
IPs. What can be used to accomplish this task?
routable translation
dynamic translation
static translation
• port address translation

2. The LAN attached to the Ethernet interface of the Raleigh router shown in the
graphic is addressed with private IP addresses. If one public IP is assigned to the
company, which commands could be used in a configuration that allows all devices
with private IPs in this network to access the Internet? (Choose two.)
• ip nat inside source list 1 interface serial0 overload
ip nat outside source list 1 interface serial0 overload
ip nat inside serial0
• ip nat inside source list 1 pool Raleigh overload
ip nat inside Raleigh overload
ip inside nat source list 1 interface serial0 Raleigh

3. The command output shown in the graphic was taken from a Cisco 806 broadband
router. Which kind of address translation is in effect on this router?
• overload
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