UK CB Radio Newsletter – 1st February 2003

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					UK CB Radio Newsletter – 1st February 2003

Welcome to the first UK CB Radio newsletter.      We hope this will be both informative and useful –
and hopefully the first newsletter of many!

In future months – if you have any news you‟d like added to this newsletter (clubs, events, etc) – please
do get in touch. Future editions may also be distributed in paper format (with edited content) so it‟s a
good opportunity to reach a large proportion of CB users in the UK.

Now – onto the news …

New Website
Those of you who keep an eye on the UK CB Radio website will already be aware that the site has
been totally overhauled. In addition to providing a central resource for all things CB related in the
UK, we‟re now also offering a range of CB radios and accessories for sale. The website is slowly
evolving – so do keep checking back for updates! ( ).

Changes to Delivery
Our online shopping system has been updated. Upon checkout, p&p is now automatically added
(calculated by weight). We‟re sorry for any confusion the previous system may have caused.

We try to use „Special Delivery‟ where possible, guaranteeing delivery by noon the day after dispatch.
In order to keep delivery charges low, heavier/larger items will be dispatched using standard delivery
(3-5 days).

Ebay Auctions
In an attempt to draw people to the UK CB Radio website, we‟ve been offering some fantastic deals on
Ebay. If you‟re after a bargain – keep an eye out for any future auctions (see for current items).

UK CB User Database
The UK CB User Database has been a great success. We now have users listed right across the UK.
If you haven‟t already done so – why not add your details to the list? This not only shows levels of
activity in various parts of the country – but also offers a way of contacting other local users.
Especially handy if planning a trip across the country! The UK CB User database can be found under
the „UK CB Resources‟ section on the website.

Reviews / Guides
We‟ve recently added a few reviews to our website. Under the reviews section you should now find
reports on the MultiCom Jnr PMR 446 radios, the Maycom EM-27 – and the Superlance CB loft
antenna. We also have a „CB Quick Start Guide‟, available in both html and word (.doc) formats.
Feel free to download and pass to the un-initiated!

Special Offers
To celebrate our first newsletter, we‟re offering you the opportunity to buy Midlands flagship model,
the Midland 48 Excel … for only £105.00. Yes, you did read that right. Other online stores are
currently offering this rig for between £115 and £125 – so take advantage of this while you can!
Limited quantity available, so don‟t delay!

To take advantage of this offer, simply visit our website at

Do you remember „Wally Lights‟? Well, they‟re apparently now considered „kitsch‟ – and we a have
limited quantity available for just £1.99 each. Why put blue LED‟s on your <insert boy racer fad>
when you can have a red neon light hovering 6 feet above your car?! This offer is exclusive to
newlestter subscribers – so please email us for more details. Warning – these lights require more than
4 Watts to glow, and we don‟t condone the use of illegal amps. Offered for sale as novelty items only
Other News
Following the legalisation of packet on CB, we‟ve heard of several people starting local nets.
However, as of yet we‟ve not heard any successful stories… so if you‟re involved in packet on CB –
get in touch!

During the past month we‟ve noticed a lot of new users getting „on air‟. We‟ve spoken to many
people returning to the hobby after a 10+ year break – in addition to numerous people attracted to CB
due to the M3 amateur licence. This is the direct opposite of what we expected – and the publicity
surrounding the new M3 signs seems to have increased awareness of radio in general. Of course,
there‟s also those leaving CB in favour of an M3 licence – which is sad to see… but we hope their
departure won‟t be permanent!

Here at UK CB Radio we‟re also testing a new section on the website. Titled “Whatever happened to
…?” – it‟s a database much like „friends reunited‟. Ever wondered what happened to those breakers of
the 70‟s, 80‟s and 90‟s? Add their names to the „wanted‟ list, and maybe they‟ll get in touch! We do
hear from people who gave up CB years ago and are looking out of curiosity – so it perhaps isn‟t as
unlikely as it seems… !

We‟re also drawing up plans for an advertising campaign – something to increase peoples awareness of
CB. Now people are used to „mobile communication‟ (using mobile phones) we feel the thought of
„talking for free‟ will be a new and exciting concept to those not already familiar with radio. We hope
to work with other retailers and manufactures to increase awareness – so … watch this space!

That‟s it for this month – thanks for reading this far – and do keep us updated with any news from your
part of the country.

UK CB Radio –
Email – or
Phone – 0776 9908366 (Steve)

If you wish to be removed from this list, please reply with the word REMOVE in either the subject or
message body.

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