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									Cambridge Journal of Economics
Volume 32 Number 5 September 2008

Is the accumulation of international reserves good for development?
Moritz Cruz and Bernard Walters                                               665

Can globalisation stop the decline in commodities’ terms of trade?
André Varella Mollick, João Ricardo Faria, Pedro H. Albuquerque and
Miguel A. León-Ledesma                                                        683

Cross-racial envy and underinvestment in South African partnerships
Daniel Haile, Abdolkarim Sadrieh and Harrie A. A. Verbon                      703

Minsky’s ‘induced investment and business cycles’
Jan Toporowski                                                                725

Les Liaisons dangereuses: a Minskyan approach to the relation of credit and
investment in Argentina during the 1990s
Valeria Arza and Paula Español                                                739

A critical reconsideration of the foundations of monetary policy in the
new consensus macroeconomics framework
Philip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer                                             761

Corporate debt, variable retention rate and the appearance of
financial fragility
Sébastien Charles                                                             781

Pragmatism and economics: William James’ contribution
Jack Barbalet                                                                 797

Keynes’s Z function: a reply to Hartwig and Brady
M. G. Hayes                                                                   811

Comment: Hayes on Z
J. Hartwig and M. E. Brady                                                    815

A note of dissent on the ‘index number’ interpretation of Adam Smith’s
‘real measure’
Terry Peach                                                                   821

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