opening remarks by bibalang

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									                                        Opening remarks

       Good morning, Prof. Estacio, Ms. Tadeja and classmates! I'm honored to have been
asked to make some brief opening remarks for this event entitled “Seminar-workshop on
current Marketing Trends and Issues: Money is just a click away!” Internet makes the world flat,
as Thomas Friedman describes the World Wide Web as the major flattener of the world in his
book “The World is flat”. Internet has been the most popular gizmo in doing tasks such as
meeting new friends, socializing, researching, getting entertainment, worldwide news updates
and other, but most especially is the e-commerce or the buying and selling over the net.
Internet introduced a new way of marketing years back and now it is still emerging. Internet
Marketing is more than simple linking or search engine optimization, which are way too often
unquantifiable. Internet marketing in itself MUST be measurable - like determining more ways
to know the ROI (Return of Investment). As with any business goal, internet marketing must be
S.M.A.R.T.: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

       Expert says that now is the perfect time to make money on the Internet, and online
business owners are still seeing big profits, even in this roller coaster economy. That's why we
need to equip ourselves with our own imagination and creativity to help us create a biznet or
business over the internet that we could easily run from our home on our own schedules,
especially us students. We should take advantage of the social media such as the blog sites,
myspace, multiply and the most popular, facebook which many of us are addicted.

        Online Marketing leads the way, and the marketing dollars don't lie! The internet, as a
marketing medium, now ranks ahead of TV, Radio and Print as the preferred marketing method
for businesses, brands and organisations in many large countries such as Australia.

         Online Marketing has proven to be a targeted approach to reaching both new and
existing customers. As the competition takes advantage of a rapidly increasing market, isn't it
time that you do the same? So let us listen and discover how we divide the basics of internet
marketing into key groups. Find out more about each step and know the successes our guest
speaker, Ms. Margaret Tadeja- Cruz have had, and helped others to create. Let us learn on how
to start a small business enterprise online as internet Marketing is something we will come to
learn to embrace, and not be afraid of. After all, internet marketing works for us… and money is
just a click away!

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