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      The Sovereign Health of California provides intensive treatment for patients suffering from
       acute psychiatric disorders, cognitive impairment and age-related physiological disabilities.
       People in an acute psychiatric crisis urgently require a safe environment, a structured and
       supportive social milieu, and intensive psychiatric and physiological therapeutic intervention.
       The Sovereign Health of California combines these elements into a unique and effective
       treatment program. Every aspect of program life is intended to assist patients in achieving their
       optimal level of functioning.

      The program’s physical design provides a safe and sensory stimulating environment for all
       patients and space for therapeutic activities. The unit is furnished to provide a comfortable
       atmosphere and to encourage interaction among patients and staff.

      The treatment staff is multidisciplinary and includes nurses, social workers/MFTs and activity
       therapists, working as a team under the direction of a Medical Director, who is a psychiatrist.
       This treatment team provides
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