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Parkway Green Housing Trust is run by a Board of unpaid volunteers. Five of the
fifteen seats on our Board are reserved for tenant members and we currently have
two vacancies.

If you are a tenant of Parkway Green Housing Trust and would like to be considered
please complete and return this application form. The closing date for receipt of
completed applications is Friday 11th September 2009.

After the closing date we will invite everyone who has expressed an interest to a
briefing session where we’ll explain the role of a Board member and the time
commitment you’ll have to make if you join us. This is also an important opportunity
for you to ask any questions you might have. Once you’ve attended the briefing
session, if you’re still interested in the role you’ll be invited to an interview.

Please note that we cannot consider your application to join the Board if any of the
following apply:

   You are not the tenant named on the tenancy agreement.

   You owe a sum equivalent to eight weeks or more rent (unless there are
    mitigating circumstances).

   You have been barred from any of our premises for violence, abuse, harassment
    or any other reason.

   You are in breach of your tenancy, lease or license where legal proceedings have
    been instigated and not withdrawn.

   You have been served with a current antisocial behaviour order.

   You are an undischarged bankrupt.

Remember that we offer comprehensive support to our Board members, so we’ll help
the successful applicants to make a real contribution to the work of our Board…and
to the community of West Wythenshawe.
To help us understand your strengths and how you’ll make a difference to the work of
our Board, please answer the following questions giving us as much information as
you can. If you need help or support in completing this form please contact us and
we’ll be happy to help.



Contact Number:

Please tell us in the space below why you want to serve on the Board of Parkway
Green Housing Trust and what strengths you think you will bring.

Signed:                                            Date:
                     DIVERSITY MONITORING FORM

We value diversity and are working hard to ensure we attract people from a wide
range of backgrounds. Completing this form helps us to understand how well we’re
doing in attracting a diverse range of people. The information in this section will be
treated in the strictest confidence and will only be used to produce overall statistics.
The people managing the recruitment process will not see this information.

Ethnic Origin Please tick one of the following. I describe my ethnic origin as:

Bangladeshi                    Middle Eastern                 Pakistani
East African Asian             Other Mixed Origin             Other Asian
Kashmiri                       (Please specify)               (Please specify)
Vietnamese                     White British                  Caribbean
Black British                  Chinese                        African
Somali                         Indian                         Other Black
Irish                          Other White                    (Please specify)
                               (Please specify)
Prefer not to say

Religious Belief Please tick one of the following. Do you have a religious belief?

Yes                            No                             Prefer not to say
(Please specify)

Sexual Orientation Please tick one of the following. I describe my sexual orientation

Gay                            Lesbian                        Bisexual

Heterosexual                   Prefer not to say

Gender Please tick one of the following. I describe my gender as:

Female                         Male                           Transgender
                                                              (Female to Male)

Transgender                    Prefer not to say
(Male to Female)

Disability Please tick one of the following. Do you have a disability?

Yes                            No                             Prefer not to say

Age Please tick one of the following. My age group is:

21 or under                    22 to 30                       31 to 40
41 to 50                       51 to 60                       61 to 70
71 or over                     Prefer not to say

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