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year 4 parents information booklet


									       Year 6 Parents
     Information Booklet

      Autumn Term
Topic: Exploring the World
 ‘At Harlow Green Community Primary School we
want your child to feel happy and secure through
  offering a broad, stimulating curriculum which
   challenges and motivates. We aim to provide
  opportunities for children to achieve their full
  potential academically, creatively and socially’.
              Knowledge and Understanding                        Communication, Language & Literacy
DT                                                         Literacy
     To assemble and combine materials to create a
                                                              To create and describe a character
     totem pole or a tipi
                                                               To identify features of different fiction
    To create a research based design
    To plan and create detailed design plans and
     evaluate them                                             To create a performance
    To follow detailed plans to create a Chinese dragon       To write a short story
Humanities                                                     To write a poem using personification and
    To develop an understanding of life beneath the            powerful imagery
                                                               To understand the features of a biography
    To explore South America., Africa, Asia and
     Australasia using a variety of secondary sources
                                                                and an autobiography
    To develop an understanding of the life of a Native
     American                                              French
RE                                                            To use numbers to 30
    To know the main beliefs and practices of all            To introduce family members
                                                              To say how many people are in a particular
    To understand that the Christian church is divided
     into different groups which have different
     traditions                                               To ask and answer questions about brothers
    To investigate buildings and icons from the Eastern        and sisters
     Orthodox churches                                        To introduce masculine and feminine
    To investigate how Christians worship in Africa and
    To compare Harvest celebrations around the world
    To investigate the role of missionary work
   Personal, social & Emotional Development                     Physical Development
   To know when, where and how to find          Athletics
     support.                                       Children to participate in a circuit of
   To develop group work skills.                     athletic activities, running throwing and
   To debate a topical issue.                        jumping. Children to record their times and
   To understand the feeling of being                distances.
   To understand the feelings of others.        Cultural Dance
   To develop calming down strategies.              Learning a selection of cultural dances
   To understand what helps us to learn and          including: Samba, hula, Masai war dance,
     play well together.                              Chinese dragon dance and the Haka.

             Creative Development                Tag   Rugby
Art                                                    To handle, pass and receive a rugby ball.
   To combine and manipulate materials to             To understand the term tagging.
     create a collage                                  To play small sided competitive games.
   To identify features of an artists work.           To play tactically to attack and defend.
   To understand traditional Chinese painting         To work co-operatively to organise and
     techniques.                                        maintain a game.
   Learning to play recorders with a music
            Mathematical Development                                          Knowledge and Understanding
(please see the school website for information on how to carry   Science
             out different methods of calculation)                   To know that green plants need light in order to
    Multiply or divide any number, including decimals by              grow well
     10, 100 or 1000 and understand the effect                       To understand the importance of roots to a plant.
    Estimation and rounding up or down                              To understand that different plants grow in
    Multiply and divide HTU ×/÷ TU using standard                     different conditions.
     written methods                                                 To know why fertilisers are added to soils
    Use standard written methods to subtract using                  To use keys to identify animals and plants
     numbers less than 10 000                                        To understand and create food chains
    Use a calculator to solve problems involving multi-             To understand how plants and animals are suited to
     step calculations.                                                their environment
    Consolidate times-table facts to 10 × 10, derive                To make observations of different soils
     corresponding division facts                                    To know that light from an object can be reflected
    Express a quotient as a fraction, or as a decimal                 by a mirror
    Properties of odd and even numbers, including their             To know that we see light sources because light
     sums, differences and products                                    from the source enters our eyes.
    Recognise and explain patterns and relationships                Know that when a beam of light is reflected from a
    Use the terms ‘parallelogram’, ‘rhombus’ and                      surface its direction changes.
     ‘trapezium,’ and begin to know their properties.                To understand that shiny surfaces reflect light
    Begin to use the term ‘kite’                                      better than dull surfaces.
    Classify quadrilaterals, using criteria such as             ICT
     parallel sides, equal sides, equal angles                       To develop a multi-media presentation.
    Group discrete data in equal intervals                          To create sound buttons and buttons to link pages.
    Construct a grouped frequency table                             To use the internet as a research tool.
    Draw and interpret a bar graph based on grouped                 To use ICT as a presentation tool.
Dear parents/guardians,                                               Autumn Term Dates
This information book aims to give you an
overview of your child’s learning during the
Autumn Term (1st half).                                 Week Beginning         Parent Welcome
Objectives that your child’s teacher aims to               28.9.09                Meetings
cover are listed, whilst it is split into general       Week Beginning           Maths Week
subject areas many of these objectives will be            12.10.09
taught through a cross-curricular approach i.e. an        14.10.09            Governors Meeting
RE lesson may be taught using music as a stimulus.
If you feel you can contribute resources                   23.10.09            Mr Allan’s class
(photographs, artefacts etc), or have a particular                                assembly
interest in any area of this topic please contact       Week Beginning        Parents Evenings
your child’s teacher.                                      2.11.09
                                                          20.11.09           Mrs Hamilton’s class
Our topic in Year 6 during the autumn term is                                     assembly
‘Exploring the World’. We will be using this as a
                                                        Week Beginning        Enterprise Week
theme to link all of the foundation subjects. It will
allow us to cover wide aspects of history,
                                                        Week Beginning      Christmas Productions
geography and art, embedding this within our ICT
curriculum. In design and technology we will be
                                                        Week Beginning        Christmas Parties
looking at famous structures such as the Great
Wall of China and how they were constructed. The          14.12.09
children will have the opportunity to practise their
creative writing skills using their own invented
                         Mrs Hamilton and Mr Allen
                     School Uniform
All uniform must be named
Gold polo shirt
Bottle Green sweatshirt or cardigan
Grey or black trousers, skirts or pinafores
Green checked summer dresses
Black shoes
No jewelry other than a watch may be worn.
(recently pieced ears must be covered with
plasters, earrings must be removed as soon as
                       PE Kit
All PE Kit must be named and kept in a
drawstring bag
Plain white top (no buttons or collar)
Dark shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings (no
Sandshoes or trainers
Long hair must be tied back
Numeracy: Work set on a Monday to be returned
by the following Wednesday.
Literacy: Work set on a Friday to be returned by
the following Monday
Reading: As arranged by your child’s teacher.

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