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What we expect from you                            What you can expect from us
 Inform your manager of any training that you      You should receive the following documents:
  have attended in the past that may affect your             o Contract of employment
  induction programme                                        o Staff terms and conditions
 Contact the Training & Development                         o Induction programme and venue map
  Department (01274 228319) if you have any         Provide you with support and assistance should you seek it
  special requirements during your induction


What we expect from you                            What you can expect from us
 Let us know if you have any problems              Provide you with a warm welcome
 Adhere to the ground rules established by the     To tell you about safety procedures during your induction
  facilitator                                       Provide you with assistance and advice to help during your first few
 Participate in the learning                        days
 Make sure you sign into each session              Give you an induction pack which includes; slide handouts, ROAD
 Complete an evaluation sheet to let us know        Pack, Pensions Booklet, Login form and information on other staff
  what you thought of the induction programme        benefits
 Make arrangements for your own food as we         Produce an photographic ID Badge for you before the end of your
  are unable to provide you with lunch               central induction
                                                    Encourage you to network with other members of staff
                                                    Do our best to ensure your induction runs smoothly
                                                    To listen to any suggestions you make to improve the induction

What we expect from you                            What you can expect from us
 Go to your workplace where you will be taken      To send you a letter inviting you to attend a focus group to give verbal
  through a local induction. This will include:      feedback on your experience as a new member of staff. This group is
            o Meeting your new colleagues            chaired by the Chief Executive and attended by a representative of the
            o Local safety and security              Training & Development Department.
               procedures                           Try to accommodate any further training needs that you may identify,
            o Trust policies and procedures          as well as to signpost you to opportunities and resources.
            o Local staff benefits
            o A guided tour of your workplace
            o Your first ROAD
 To discuss any further training needs you have
  identified with your line manager.