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					Job Description for Intensive Care Component - CMT Training, Derby
City General Hospital


This module will be at the Derby City General Hospital which is the recently
built state of the art intensive care unit currently with 3 ICU beds and 2 HDU
beds (but with the capacity for 18 beds when fully operational).
Under direct Consultant Supervision the Trainee will work closely with other
Trainees, nursing and support staff to learn the fundamentals of managing
critically ill patients and to complete the Intensive Care Medicine Basic
competencies as determined by the ICM intercollegiate board for Intensive
Care Training. The competency package is made available to each trainee on
commencing their time on the unit.

To provide the trainee with an introduction to ICU and subsequent training to
a level consistent with the requirements of the first basic 3-month period
stipulated by the Intercollegiate Committee on ICU training and the Royal
College of Anaesthetists.

To understand the status of the ICU in the hospital and recognize patients for
whom ICU referral is appropriate.
To recognize the potential value of ICU and also its limitations.
To understand the need for good relationships and good communication with
the patient, the relatives and the referring team.
To understand the pathophysiology of and institute initial management of:
Central and Peripheral nervous system disorders

To understand and develop practical skills in:
Maintaining a clear airway, using simple means
Insert an Endotracheal tube
Insert arterial and central venous cannula
Institute controlled mechanical ventilation

Understand the pharmacology and adverse effects of drugs used in the ICU.
To recognize the value/limitations of currently available monitoring methods.
To make use of the laboratory and other services and understand the need for
consultation, referral and recognize one’s own limitations.
To understand the use of ICU scoring systems.

To be able to initiate appropriate resuscitative treatment, and be comfortable
with the stabilisation and continuing management of the critically ill patient.
An appreciation of the multidisciplinary nature of intensive care will be
achieved, as we are fortunate to have regular input from radiologists,
microbiologists, pharmacists, physiotherapists and the dieticians.
Trainees will gain experience in the placement of invasive monitoring
including arterial lines, CVP lines and if appropriate Pulmonary artery
Understand the principles and practice of renal support.
Understand various ventilatory strategies.
Witness the insertion of a percutaneous tracheostomy and be able to discuss
the rationale of the use of tracheostomies in the ICU setting.
Understand the continuing medical and surgical management that takes place
on the unit.
Gain an understanding of respiratory, cardiovascular and renal physiology
Understand the pharmacology of the commonly used drugs on ICU.
Understand the principles of the safe transfer of the critically ill patient.


There are 10 Consultants specialising in Intensive Care, all of whom currently
work across both sites. Out of hours the consultants are responsible for both
intensive care units in Derby.

Dr Naresh Nandwani (Clinical Lead)

Dr Juergen Rayner Klein (LES for Intensive Care)

Dr Sujad Kiani (Outreach Services Lead)

Dr Alistair Boyd

Dr James Low

Dr Peter Harris

Dr David Rogerson

Dr Nick Reynolds

Dr Marco Giovanelli

Dr Craig Morris
Example Timetable

                        AM          Lunchtime         PM
  Monday            Consultant WR                  Ward work
                                                   Word Work
                                    Journal Club
  Tuesday           Consultant WR
                    Consultant WR
 Wednesday                                         Teaching
                                                   Ward work
                    Consultant WR
                                                   Ward work
   Friday           Consultant WR
This post forms part of the CMT training program for the Mid-Trent
Deanery This job description supplements that of the CMT training
program and describes the training opportunities offered by this post.