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									                    VIK and HEALTHY HEADS

                                     Information Sheet

    Hello, I’m Anna and I work for YoungMinds, the charity working to improve mental
     health services for children and young people throughout the United Kingdom.

       Part of my job is to make sure that adults keep children and young people as
    emotionally healthy and as happy as they can be. We do this by talking to children
   and young people like you through our TWO special panels – VIK and Healthy Heads.

   You are the experts in knowing what children and young people’s needs are and how
   to meet them, so your thoughts and voices are important to us and we really want to
                                       hear them!

   Who are
 YoungMinds?               YoungMinds is the only national children’s mental health charity.
                           We directly support children and young people with and without
                           emotional and mental health difficulties. We also provide
  information to adults who work with children and young people on how to look after children
  and young people, and keep them healthy.

Who are VIK (Very Important
  Kids) advisory panel?                   VIK aims to make sure that the views of children and
                                          young people are heard within YoungMinds and
                                          across the whole children’s mental health sector. VIK
  are a panel of up to 15 children and young people from throughout the United Kingdom who
  meet at YoungMinds office in London about once every 6-8 weeks and discuss issues
  affecting children and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Who are HH (Healthy Heads)
 virtual discussion group?                    HH aims to enable all children and young
                                              people to contribute to discussions and voice their
                                              views on issues around mental health and
  emotional wellbeing. HH is a virtual online panel which means you can access it to post
  comments anytime you like. Any feedback that you give us through HH is used to influence
  the work of YoungMinds and other mental health services nationally.
   Who can take part in
      VIK and HH?                  VIK and HH are available to anyone aged 5-25.
                                   HH is open to everyone both with and without emotional health
     VIK is a group for children and young people who have had experience of mental health and
     emotional support services, either personally or through a family member.

        How can I join VIK
             or HH?                     To join VIK you need to complete an application form
                                        – please email me at :
                               to get a copy of
                                        the form.

     You can join HH by signing up at :

   What would I have to do if I
                                           You can be involved as much you want to be.
        join the panels?
                                           VIK meetings are held on a Saturday in London (we will
                                           pay your expenses to get here, and provide your lunch).
                                           We might ask for your help with particular questions or
     topics we are working on, but it up to you what you want to talk about.
     HH has different discussion topics that you can add your ideas and opinions to. We will also
     email you sometimes to ask for your help and you can respond to the email.

   What is good about
taking part in the panels?          Both VIK and HH are an opportunity for all children and young
                                    people interested in mental health to have their voices heard.
                                    You can have your say and hear what other children and
     young people think. There will be lots of opportunities for people on both the panels to get
     involved in YoungMinds work and the work of other mental health charities.
     The most important thing is that we all have lots of fun together!

Who can I talk to if I have got
     any questions?                      Please contact Anna –
                                         either by email: or
                                         by telephone: 07837 468525

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