unit 9k speeding up

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					                                                               My levels for this module are……
   My target is:     WHAT LEVEL AM I WORKING AT?
                                                                         Module          Classwork  Sc.1 Investigation
                                                                         Test           Assessments   Assessments
                          UNIT 9K Speeding Up
Level 3                                         Start Check
Know what speed means
Know how to change the speed of an
I can describe what streamlining is
Level 4
I can compare speeds of different objects
Know how forces change movement
I can give examples of streamlined objects
I can identify the forces acting on an object
Level 5/6
Know that there is a relationship between
speed, distance and time
Know how to link forces that act on an
object with its movement
Know how streamlining lowers resistance
to air and water
Know that resistance increases with speed
I can relate resistance and speed to the
particle model
I can apply the ideas of unbalanced and
balanced forces to falling objects
Level 7
I can use the definition of speed in
calculations and conversions from different
units                                                         Target areas I need to work on from this unit:
Know how to relate change in movement of
                                                              1.                                               _____________________
an object to its mass and the forces acting
on it
I can use the particle theory to explain                      2.                                               _____________________
increased air resistance with speed
                                                              3.                                               _____________________

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