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					                       Messages of Support Received for 16th July 2008 Strike Action
UNISON          Matt Smith       We write to offer our very best wishes for your Industrial Action this week. As you know, we are
Scottish Region Convenor         presently engaged in our ballot which closes at the end of this month and we anticipate taking action
                Mike Kirby Reg   in mid August. We are confident that our members will support us in our ballot and we know that
                Secretary        they will take strength from the action of colleagues throughout the United Kingdom. This is a
                                 dispute which unites across all of the regions and the problems our members face are no different
                                 when it comes to pay offers which do not even keep pace with inflation.
                                 We hope that you have successful days of action and would ask you to convey the support and
                                 solidarity of UNISON in Scotland.

National Union Alex Gordon       On behalf of all the members of the National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers (RMT) in
of Rail,        Nick Quirk       the South West please allow me to convey our warmest best wishes to members of UNISON and
Maritime &                       Unite and other local government workers who are taking strike action on 16/17 July in support of
Transport                        the demand for a fair pay settlement of a 6% or 50 pence per hour pay increase, whichever is the
Workers                          greater.
(RMT), Council
of Executives                    At a time when the real cost of living for workers and their families is increasing even faster than the
Representative,                  government's own RPI/CPI indices it is shameful that local government employers are seeking to
Region 7, & 8                    hold wages to a below-inflation pay award by making an offer of 2.45%.
South Wales &
West of                          People who do the essential work of caring and cleaning and delivering all the public services that
England                          make our society a civilised place to live should not be asked to pay the price for economic or
                                 administrative incompetence.
                                 RMT members support your members great stand today by taking strike
                                 action and wish you a successful outcome to your dispute.
                                 Warmest solidarity wishes,

PCS Bristol     Mark Burton      I am writing to you on behalf of PCS Bristol Taxes Branch to send UNISON brothers and sisters a
Taxes Branch    Secretary        message of support for today's action for fair pay in the public sector. On the same day our
                                 comrades elsewhere in PCS are also taking industrial action as a result of rejected pay offers far
                                 below both the Retail Price Index and the governments' preferred measurement of inflation - the
                                 Consumer Price Index.

                                 It is an indictment of a Labour government to allow Civil and public service workers to be
                                 undervalued and demonised although we all provide vital services to the public, and for the
                                 government to lay blame for inflation on workers fair demands for reasonable pay - not poverty pay.
                                 PCS Bristol Taxes Branch sends our fraternal greetings and our wholehearted support for your
                                 action today and our wishes for a successful conclusion of your members' campaign for justice.
                                 Unfortunately due to an all-day Branch Executive Committee taking place today it will not be
                                 possible for me to attend your march and rally in Bristol. However, arrangements are being made
                                 that a delegation from the committee will be joining the march and rally on behalf of, and
                                 representing the Branch.

                                 If there is anything else that Bristol Taxes Branch can do to support your members campaign then
                                 please let me know.

CWU SW            Kevin Beazer   We support your strike 100% and our members have a proud tradition of not crossing picket lines
Region                           and CWU members will respect Unison picket lines where ever they may be. We know the struggle
                                 you are embarking on will be a difficult one, but unity is strength and we faced a similar struggle last
                                 year, but with strong support from our members we won through. CWU delegates will be attending
                                 various rallies across the region.
                                 If there is anything we can do let me know.

Central Bristol   Sue Nash       Central Bristol Health send greetings and a message of support to all our LG colleagues, and will try
Health                           to join the picket line where we can.

SW Regional       Dave Millar    On behalf of all members of PCS here in the South West may I extend to you our warmest best
Secretary PCS                    wishes to you and all UNISON members in the Region who will be taking part in the two days of
                                 action this week.

                                 A number of PCS members will be taking action during the same period as we unite with you for
                                 justice and fairness in pay for our members. Where our members are not directly involved we are
                                 calling upon as many people as possible to demonstrate their support by visiting Unison/Unite picket
                                 lines and attending any rallies that are being organised. If you can advise my office as soon as
                                 possible of any details I will ensure that these are passed straight on to all concerned.

                                 In the meantime I would be grateful if you would cascade this message of support to all your

SW TUC            Tim Lezard     Greetings! Please pass on best wishes and solidarity to all your strikers today and tomorrow. See
                  Chair          you at Tolpuddle,

NUT South         Andy Woolley   The NUT was extremely grateful for the support that UNISON members gave to our strike over pay
West Region       Regional       on 24th April. We are pleased to reciprocate that support for you during your two days of industrial
                  Secretary      action on 16th and 17th July.
                                 Our Acting General Secretary has written to all school representatives of the NUT to ask them to
                                 ensure that head teachers undertake risk assessments if they are intending to keep schools open
                                 and reps. will be advising Heads that NUT members will not be undertaking the work of support staff
                                 who are on strike.

                                 Teachers value highly those who work alongside them in schools and are acutely aware of the low
                                 pay that many support staff earn. This problem is compounded by the derisory offer of below
                                 inflation rate increases which mean a cut in the real wages of local government workers. It is totally
                                 unacceptable in the 21st century that people upon whom our public services depend should be
                                 expected to take a reduction in their standard of living. They deserve better and the public they
                                 serve deserve better.

                                 Together we can work towards fair wages for all in working in education and elsewhere in the public
                                 sector, an end to support staff being used to do teachers' jobs on the cheap and a situation where
                                 every child has access to a qualified teacher in every lesson supported by a suitably qualified and
                                 properly paid teaching assistant and / or other support worker.

                                 We wish you every success with your industrial action and ongoing campaign and look forward to
                                 working with you during the coming weeks as we carry the campaign forward.

NUT Rep         Graham           Please accept this petition in support of your days of action. We have seven members who will all
                Merrett          sign:-
                                 Penwith Pupil Referral Unit,Penzance.16/07/08.

                                 We, as members of the NUT, wish to convey our support and solidarity to all members of Unison
                                 and fellow public workers. We congratulate those who have taken the brave decision to follow their
                                 union’s advice to take strike action against the derisory pay offer made by this government.

South West      John Ewers on    Your fellow members working in the Private Sector Gas Industry send their fraternal greetings,
Gas             behalf of        support and solidarity for your Industrial Action on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. It is
                Branch           totally unacceptable that speculators can make millions gambling in energy commodities while low
                Executive SW     paid Public Servants cannot be awarded an adequate pay rise to cover the inflation mostly caused
                Gas              by these same activities.

Dorset Police   Heather Buttery Please pass on our best wishes and full support for a successful outcome to the industrial action
Branch          Assistant       being taken by our LG colleagues.

           Regional               Neil Hooper            Please register my support for your action.
           Council.RMT            President              I feel sure that the Regional Council would want me to send you support as well.
                                  Project Worker.
                                  FIRST Devon
                                  & Cornwall

           Devon &                Branch                 May we wish all our Local Government colleagues our support!
           Cornwall Police        Secretary Sue
           Branch                 Robertson
           Retired                Steve Lamprey          Ian, seems like only yesterday that I was involved in organising strike action in Local Government;
           member                                        this time I will be one of those on the march in Bristol giving my support as a retired member.
                                                         Please give my best wishes to all those on the picket lines, in the Branches working to organise the
                                                         strike, and the Regional Office Staff. I hope the gazebo works in Bristol, having seen them trying to
                                                         erect it in Vintry House yesterday.
           Aspect         Helen Willis                   Just to say good luck and hope the strike and your various events go well. Thinking about
           [Association   Regional                       you all ...
           of             Officer
           in Education
           and Children's

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