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the stove industry in 1892 by lindash

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									             THE STOVE INDUSTRY IN 1892
In 1892, to celebrate its 20 th anniversary, the National Association of Stove Manufacturers made an
effort to identify all stove manufacturers in the United States, including all of its non-members and
the many new firms, some of them located in areas quite remote from the industry’s old centers.

What it discovered was a very considerable turnover within the industry. 128 of 1874’s 221 firms,
which had contributed 118,000 tons (46.4 percent) of production capacity at that time, had
disappeared. But this was in the context of an industry that was still growing, in output and in
number of active firms, as well as experiencing a great deal of spatial reorganization – away from
some of the towns and states which had once dominated it; towards the South and [Mid] West, and
within those regions towards newly-industrializing small cities with low production costs.

The following table summarizes the changes of 18 years. Unfortunately, there is no production
data comparable to 1874’s, so all we can do is a crude count of stove firms, large and small.
Almost all were still single-plant, proprietary enterprises, however; so we are looking at where the
industry was actually located, rather than just at where its constituent firms were legally domiciled.
For each state, one can see (a) how many firms present in 1874 had disappeared over the years,
(b) how many continued in existence, and (c) how many were new foundations.

The big changes are plain enough: Pennsylvania and Illinois, centers of the nation’s iron and steel
industry, had made the largest absolute gains in numbers of stove firms; in terms of their share of
the national industry, the greatest net gains had again been made by Illinois, followed by Alabama,
Maryland, and Tennessee. The industry was following its markets, towards the American rural
heartland where consumers still had no practicable alternative to solid fuel for cooking and heating
(with the partial exception of the kerosene cook-stove). It was also locating closer to its raw
material sources, which were now overwhelmingly American, the earlier New England, Mid-
Atlantic and even Midwestern industry’s dependence on imported Scotch Pig (iron) having ended.
A tidewater location was no longer of any advantage. Transport costs for raw materials and end
products argued strongly in favour of relocation towards the interior and the South – a region
acquiring the stove habit a generation after the rest of the United States, and also well endowed
with the finest cheap foundry pig iron in the country, and its cheapest labor supply.

                  1874       1874 &       1892       1874       1874        1892       1892     Change,
                  only         1892       only       Total      Rank        Total      Rank       Firms
Ohio                27           16         31         43          2          47          1            4
Pennsylvania        16           18         29         34          3          47          2           13
New York            33           21         21         54          1          42          3          -12
Illinois             3            9         16         12          5          25          4           13
Massachusetts        9            6         13         15          4          19          5            4
Indiana              6            1         11          7          6          12          6            5
Kentucky             3            3          7          6          9          10          7            4
Maryland                          2          6          2         16           8          8            6
Alabama                                      6                                 6          9            6
Michigan              1            2         5           3         14          7         10            4
Tennessee                                    5                                 5         11            5
West Virginia         5            2         4           7          8          6         12           -1
Virginia              1                      4           1         22          4         13            3
Minnesota                                    4                                 4         14            4
Wisconsin             5            1         3           6         11          4         15           -2
Maine                 1            1         3           2         17          4         16            2
Iowa                  1                      3           1         20          3         17            2
Kansas                             1         3           1         21          4         18            3
Missouri              3            4         2           7          7          6         19           -1
Georgia               2                      2           2         15          2         20
Oregon                                       2                                 2         21                   2
Rhode Island          4            2         1           6         10          3         22                  -3
Hampshire             4            1          1          5         12           2         23                 -3
Colorado                                      1                                 1         24                  1
Texas                                         1                                 1         25                  1
Connecticut           1            2                     3         13           2         26                 -1
New Jersey            1            1                     2         18           1         27                 -1
Delaware              1                                  1         19                                        -1
Vermont               1                                  1         23                                        -1
Totals                                                 221                   277

 If we look at New York State, far and away the biggest net loser in terms of firms or of its share of
 the national total, what we find is that Albany and Troy had been hollowed out, reduced from a
 dozen firms to five in Albany’s case, 19 to 6 in Troy’s. All of the smaller firms, and some of the
 industry’s giants, had simply disappeared – mere relocation or consolidation is not what was going
 on, but total structural change.

NAME                                 CITY           STATE
Abendroth Bros.                      New York       NY
Adams Stove Wks                      Sheffield      AL
Albany Stove Co.                     Albany         NY
Anshutz-Bradberry Co.                Allegheny      PA
Armstrong & Co.                      Port Deposit   MD
Art Stove Co.                        Detroit        MI
Auburn Stove Foundry Co.             Auburn         ME
Avondale Stove Wks                   Avondale       AL
A.N. Bain & Co.                      Charleston     IL
Baldwin & Graham                     Pittsburgh     PA
Barstow Stove Co.                    Providence     RI
Bartlett, Hayward & Co.              Baltimore      MD
Baxter Stove Co.                     Mansfield      OH
Baxter Stove Mfg. Co.                Birmingham     AL
Beecher Furnace Co.                  Cleveland      OH
J. Bell & Co.                        Wheeling       WV
Bellaire Stove Co.                   Bellaire       OH
Belleville Stove Wks                 Belleville     IL
Bement, E., & Son                    Lansing        MI
Bennett & Walz                       Dayton         OH
Bergstrom Bros. & Co.                Neenah         WI
Beyer & McMaster                     Dayton         OH
Bibb, B.C., Stove Co.                Baltimore      MD
Bissel & Co.                         Pittsburgh     PA
Black & Germer                       Erie           PA
Blenkinsop Bros.                     Wellsburgh     WV
Bloomington Stove Mfg. Co.           Bloomington    IL
Bogenschutz, C., Stove & Range Co.   Covington      KY
Bonnett & Duffy                      Quincy         IL
Born Steel & Range Co.               Cleveland      OH
Bowie, George & Terhune              Rome           GA
Boyle, James & Co.                   Salem          OH
Boynton Furnace Co.                  New York       NY
A. Bradley & Co.                     Pittsburgh     PA
Brand & Corsen                       Milwaukee      WI
Bridge, Beach & Co.                  St Louis       MO
Bridgeford & Co.                     Louisville     KY
Buck & Wright                        St Louis       MO
Buffalo Cooperative Stove Co.        Buffalo        NY
Bullard, G.A.                        Marshall       MI
Bussey, McLeod & Co.                 Troy           NY
Century Stove Co.                    Groveland      MA
Chamberlain & Co.                    Cincinnati     OH
Channon-Emery Stove Co.              Quincy         IL
Chattanooga Stove Co.                Chattanooga    TN
Cheney, S., & Son                    Manlius        NY
Chesapeake Stove Co.                 Baltimore      MD
Chicago & Erie Stove Co.             Erie           PA
Chicago Stove Works                  Chicago        IL
Chilson Furnace Co.                  Boston         MA
Cleveland Co-operative Stove Co.     Cleveland      OH
Cleveland Stove Wks.                 Cleveland      OH
Cobb Stove & Machine Co.             Taunton        MA
Collins & Burgie                     Chicago        IL
Continental Stove & Variety Works    Royersford     PA
Cooperative Stove Co.                Bloomington    IL

Cooperative Stove Foundry Co.        Rochester      NY
Corning Stove Co.                    Corning        NY
Corry, Uzal & Co.                    New York       NY
Coulter & Proctor                    Peoria         IL
Cox Whiteman & Cox                   Philadelphia   PA
Crane, M.H. & Co.                    Urbana         OH
Crea, Graham & Co.                   Pittsburgh     PA
Cribben, Sexton & Co.                Chicago        IL
Culbertson & Fisher                  Wheeling       WV
Cushman Mfg. Co.                     Houston        TX
Danville Stove & Mfg. Co.            Danville       PA
Dayton Stove & Hollow Ware Foundry   Dayton         OH
De Haven & Son                       Pittsburgh     PA
Detroit Stove Works                  Detroit        MI
Dighton Furnace Co.                  Dighton        MA
Duffy-Trowbridge Stove Mfg. Co.      Hannibal       MO
Duncan & Masters                     Kansas City    MO
Eagle Foundry Co.                    Belleville     IL
Eagle Stove & Foundry Co.            Fall River     MA
Eclipse Stove Co.                    Mansfield      OH
Ely & Ramsay                         New York       NY
Emrich, C.                           Columbus       OH
Engle, George W., & Co.              Luzerne        PA
Enterprise Stove Co.                 Vincennes      IN
Evansville Foundry Assn.             Evansville     IN
Excelsior Stove Works (Sheppard)     Philadelphia   PA
Excelsior Mfg. Co. (Filley)          St Louis       MO
Favorite Stove & Range Co.           Piqua          OH
Fischer Leaf & Co.                   Louisville     KY
Fischer, William G., Co.             Kokomo         IN
Floyd, Wells & Co.                   Royersford     PA
William P. Ford & Co.                Concord        NH
Fort Payne Stove Wks                 Fort Payne     AL
Foster Stove Co.                     Ironton        OH
Fuller, Warren & Co.                 Troy           NY
Fuller-Warren Co.                    Milwaukee      WI
Norman H. Galusha                    Rochester      NY
Geauga Stove Co.                     Painesville    OH
Gem City Foundry Co.                 Quincy         IL
Gem City Stove Wks                   Dayton         OH
Geneseo Stove Foundry Co.            Geneseo        IL
Georgia Stove & Range Co.            Atlanta        GA
Gibson & Love Mfg. Co.               Chattanooga    TN
Girard Stove Wks                     Girard         OH
Girard Stove & Machine Co.           Girard         KA
Gladiator Stove Co.                  Russel         KY
Graff & Co.                          New York       NY
Graff Hughes & Co.                   Pittsburgh     PA
Grander & Co.                        Royersford     PA
Great Western Stove Co.              Leavenworth    KS
Grinnell & Borlind                   Newton Falls   OH
Hallman, A. Stove Co.                Philadelphia   PA
Hanging Rock Stove Wks               Hanging Rock   OH
Hawkeye Stove Wks                    Burlington     IA
Hertenstein, M. & Co.                Columbus       OH
Hess, George H., & Co.               Chicago        IL
Hess, Snyder & Co.                   Massillon      OH
Highland Foundry Co.                 Boston         MA

Hollister, George                       Hanover          OH
Home Foundry Co.                        Chicago          IL
Howard Stove Co.                        Beaver Falls     PA
Howe Ventilating Stove Co.              Cortlandt        NY
Hunt & Miller                           Hudson           NY
Indiana Stove Wks                       Evansville       IN
Indianapolis Stove Co.                  Indianapolis     IN
James & Kirtland                        New York         NY
Jewett & Root                           Buffalo          NY
Johnson Black & Co.                     Erie             PA
Joliet Stove Wks                        Joliet           IL
Jones & Abbott                          Zanesville       OH
Jones, J.R.                             Moundsville      WV
Kahn, F.L. & Bros.                      Hamilton         OH
Kahn, Meyerhoff & Co.                   Evansville       IN
Keeley Stove Co.                        Columbia         PA
Kellenger & Co.                         Massillon        OH
Kentucky Stove Wks                      Louisville       KY
Keokuk Stove Wks                        Keokuk           IA
Kibler Stove Co.                        Denver           CO
Kiechle, Bretano & Oberdorffer          Evansville       IN
King & Seath                            Terre Haute      IN
Kling & Co.                             Gallipolis       OH
Lanning, James                          Philadelphia     PA
Lapham Foundry Co.                      North Plymouth   MA
Lehigh Stove Co.                        Lehiton (sic)    PA
Leibrandt & McDowell Stove Co.          Philadelphia     PA
Liberty Stove Works                     Philadelphia     PA
Lindsay & Early                         Carbondale       PA
Linn Iron Wks                           Birmingham       AL
J.S. Lithgow & Co.                      Louisville       KY
Littlefield Stove Mfg Co.               Albany           NY
Loman Bros.                             Bridgeport       AL
Lord, Stone & Co.                       Otter River      MA
Madison Stove Co.                       Madison          IN
Magee Furnace Co.                       Boston           MA
Malone Foundry & Machine Co.            Malone           NY
Malvin, Gordon & Co.                    Port Jarvis      NY
March, Brownback & Co.                  Linfield         PA
Marion Stove Co.                        Marion           IN
Mason & Davis                           Chicago          IL
McCurdy Stove Wks                       Canton           OH
Michigan Stove Co.'s Works              Detroit          MI
Miller, William, Range & Furnace Co.    Cincinnati       OH
Minnesota Stove Co.                     Shakopee         MN
Morris, John B., Foundry Co.            Cincinnati       OH
Moser & Wehrle                          Newark           OH
J.L. Mott Iron Works                    New York         NY
Mt. Penn Stove Wks                      Reading          PA
Munsell & Thompson                      New York         NY
Neil Stove Mfg. Co.                     Portsmouth       OH
New Athens Foundry Co.                  New Athens       IL
New England Stove Co.                   Taunton          MA
North Dighton Cooperative Foundry Co.   North Dighton    MA
North Western Stove Wks                 Minneapolis      MN
Northwestern Stove Foundry Co.          Portland         OR
Noyes & Nutter Mfg. Co.                 Bangor           ME
A.T. Nye & Son                          Marietta         OH

O.K. Stove Co.                            Louisville       KY
Ohio Stove Co.                            Tiffin           OH
Ohio Stove Co.                            Portsmouth       OH
Olive Stove Wks                           Rochester        PA
Oregon Stove Foundry Co.                  Portland         OR
Oriental & American Stove Works (Perry)   Albany           NY
Orr Painter & Co.                         Reading          PA
Paisley Stove Co.                         Beaver Falls     PA
Paris Stove Co.                           Leeds            IA
Daniel E. Paris & Co.                     Troy             NY
Parkersburgh Hardware & Mfg. Co.          Parkersburgh     WV
J.S. & I. Peckham                         Utica            NY
Peekskill Stove Wks                       Peekskill        NY
Peninsula Stove Co.                       Detroit          MI
Perrysville Stove Co.                     Perrysville      IN
Perseverance Foundry Co.                  Philadelphia     PA
Phillips & Buttorff Mfg. Co.              Nashville        TN
Phillips & Clark Stove Co.                Geneva           NY
Phillipsburg Stove Work                   Phillipsburg     NJ
Phoenix Stove Works                       Quincy           IL
Pittston Stove Co.                        Pittston         PA
Plymouth Iron Foundry Co.                 Plymouth         MA
Portland Stove Foundry Co.                Portland         ME
Portsmouth Stove & Range Co.              Portsmouth       OH
Progress Stove Co.                        Louisville       KY
Quakertown Stove Works                    Philadelphia     PA
Radford Stove Co.                         Radford          VA
Rathbone Stove Works                      Albany           NY
Rathbone, Sard & Co.                      Aurora           IL
Reed Foundry Co.                          Pittsburgh       PA
Wm. Resor & Co.                           Cincinnati       OH
Reynolds, C.S.                            Columbus         OH
Richardson, Boynton & Co.                 New York         NY
Richardson & Morgan Co.                   New York         NY
Richmond Stove Company                    Norwich          CT
Richmond Stove Co.                        Richmond         VA
Roberts, Winner & Co.                     Quakerstown      PA
W.F. Robertson & Co.                      Beverly          OH
Rock Island Stove Co.                     Rock Island      IL
I.H. Roelker & Co.                        Evansville       IN
Rogers Foundry & Stove Co.                Belleville       IL
Roney, John                               Pittsburgh       PA
Round Oak Stove Co.                       Dowagiac         MI
Salem Stove Works                         Salem            OH
Scanlan & Co.                             Louisville       KY
Schulykill Valley Stove Co.               Spring City      PA
Scranton Stove Mfg. Co.                   Scranton         PA
Sexton, S.B., & Son                       Baltimore        MD
Sharpless, B.F.                           Bloomsburgh      PA
Shelter & Co.                             New Cumberland   WV
Isaac A. Sheppard & Co.                   Baltimore        MD
Shinnick Woodside & Gibbons               Zanesville       OH
Sill Stove Co.                            Rochester        NY
Simonds Mfg. Co.                          New York         NY
Smith & Anthony Stove Co.                 Boston           MA
Snyder & Baker                            Belleville       IL
Somerset Co-operative Foundry             Somerset         MA
Somersworth Machine Co.                   Dover            NH

South Erie Iron Works                 Erie             PA
Southard Robertson & Co.              New York         NY
Southern Stove Wks                    Richmond         VA
James Spear & Co.                     Philadelphia     PA
Spence, Baggs & Co.                   Martin's Ferry   OH
Spicer & Peckham                      Providence       RI
St. Paul Stove Wks                    St. Paul         MN
Stamford Foundry Co.                  Stamford         CT
Steel, Van Rossom & Co.               Philadelphia     PA
Superior Furnace Co.                  Little Falls     NY
Superior Stove Co.                    South Superior   WI
Susquehanna Iron Works                Middletown       PA
Swett Quimby & Perry                  Troy             NY
Swinton, Shimer & Co.                 Port Jarvis      NY
Syracuse Stove Wks                    Syracuse         NY
Tamaqua Mfg. Co.                      Tamaqua          PA
Taplin Rice & Co.                     Akron            OH
Taunton Iron Works Co.                Taunton          MA
Terstegge, Gohman & Co.               Louisville       KY
Thatcher Furnace Co.                  New York         NY
Thomas, Oscar G.                      Taunton          MA
Toledo Stove Wks                      Toledo           OH
Troy Stove Works                      Troy             NY
U.S. Manufacturing Co.                Columbiana       OH
Union Stove & Machine Co.             Leavenworth      KA
Union Foundry & Stove Wks             Frederick City   MD
Union Stove Works                     New York         NY
Van Wormer & McGarvey                 Albany           NY
Victor Stove Co.                      Salem            OH
Voegtly, F. & L., Co.                 Allegheny        PA
Walker & Pratt Mfg. Co.               Boston           MA
Walters, Walker & Co.                 Pittsburgh       PA
Warren Stove Co.                      Warren           RI
Waynesboro Stove Co.                  Waynesboro       VA
Weir Stove Co.                        Taunton          MA
Weiskettle, A., & Son                 Baltimore        MD
Wellington Stove Fdy. & Machine Wks   Wellington       KA
Western Stove Mfg. Co.                St Louis         MO
Western Stove Wks                     Peoria           IL
Wetter, H., Mfg. Co.                  Memphis          TN
Russell Wheeler                       Utica            NY
Thomas White                          Quincy           IL
White, Warner & Co.                   Taunton          MA
Wolterstroff-Haskell Stove Mfg. Co.   St. Paul         MN
Wood Bishop & Co.                     Bangor           ME
Woolridge Stove Wks                   Memphis          TN
Yeager & Hunter                       Spring City      PA


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