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the catch up programme


									                             THE CATCH UP PROGRAMME
      (Recommended by Hertfordshire Primary National Strategy as a Wave 3 literacy

What is the Catch Up Programme?
Catch Up is a structured intervention programme for 7-11 year olds that supports teachers and teaching
assistants in accelerating pupils’ progress in reading and writing. The programme consists of:
   Diagnostic assessments
   Guidance on selection of the appropriate book for the pupil to read
   Two individual 10 minute reading/writing sessions per week                    THE 4 STAGES
   One optional 20 minute group reading session per week                         OF CATCH UP
   On-going monitoring of pupil progress through re-visiting
      the assessments and reviewing the teaching sessions                   1 Assess the pupil’s attitude
                                                                            to reading and current
What happens in the individual teaching sessions?                           reading skills using
Each individual teaching session is based on the following routine:         assessments in the Catch Up
   Prepared reading – 2 mins                                               Pupil Progress Booklet.
   Pupil’s reading is monitored and text is discussed – 4 mins
   Linked writing activity – 4 mins                                        2 Choose the correct level
                                                                            of text for the pupil, using the
Who is it for?                                                              Catch Up Graded Fiction and
   For use as a Wave 3 intervention in Key Stage 2                         Non-fiction booklists or other
                                                                            coloured book banding
What resources do you need?                                                 guidance.
  The Catch Up Programme Box which contains:
   Teaching Manual                                                         3 Deliver the 10 minute
   Management Guide                                                        session, with each pupil
   Graded Book List                                                        individually:
   Pupil Progress Booklet                                                     2 minutes – prepared
   Photocopiable Games and Activities                                           reading
   Video                                                                      4 minutes – diagnostic
                                                                                 assessment of pupil’s
  Additional Resources for Years 5/6                                             reading recorded in the
   Teaching Manual                                                              Pupil Progress Booklet.
   Graded Book List                                                           4 minutes – linked writing
   Pupil Progress Booklet                                                       activity

 Supplementary Resources                                                    4 Continuously monitor
  CD-Rom 1 & 2 Multimedia, interactive games in 5                          progress, and repeat
  different worlds providing graded reading, spelling and                  assessments.
  comprehension exercises
  Parents’ Links Book and Video                                            Optional follow up activities:
                                                                              20 minute group reading
 For info re this intervention contact the Catch Up team:                       session
  Ring          01842 752297                                                 Games and activities from
  Email                                           within The Catch Up Box
  Website                                                 Catch Up CD-Rom 1 & 2

Continual monitoring of pupils` progress by teachers is essential

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