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									VECTOR CONTROL RESEARCH CENTRE                                               Phone :     2272396, 2272397 & 2272948
(Indian Council of Medical Research)                                         Fax     :   +91-413-2272041
(Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India)                        E-mail :
Indira Nagar, PONDICHERRY-605006                                             Telegram:   mosquito
India.                                                                       Website :   http:/


    A Note: This application form should be filled in by candidate's own handwriting.
          All answers must be given in words and not by dashes and dots. No column
          should be left blank.
                                                                                                   Affix a
    Application for the Post of :                                                                  recent
    __________________________________________________________                                     size Photo

         01.Name in Full: Mr./Miss/Mrs./Dr. ________________________________________________ (IN

         02.Address:            Present :               __________________________________________________



                              Permanent :          ___________________________________________________



         03.Date of Birth ___________________________ 4. Nationality ___________________________

         05. Whether Married/Unmarried ____________________________________________________

         06.Are you a member of Schedule Caste/Tribe/OBC (Answer Yes or No).
         If the answer is Yes, give particulars and attach a certificate from the competent authority in support
         of your claim.


   07. Particulars regarding University or Higher Education:

         Name of University       College, if any           Date of entry        Date of leaving


08. Particulars of all examinations passed and degree and technical qualifications obtained (commencing
with the Matriculation or equivalent examinations). Attach only attested copies of all certificates.

        Examination or       Class or       Subject taken       Year of       Merit position and
        Degree obtained     Division                           passing      chance taken in passing



09.What language (excluding Indian languages) can you read or speak. State any examination passed in

          Read only           Speak only              Read and Speak               Examination Passed


10. Details of postgraduate work and published papers. Give titles of the paper published and attach
reprints (if the space below is insufficient, give full particulars on a sheet of paper and attach it to this
application, inserting here a reference to the sheet attached). Any, additional qualification may be
mentioned here or on separate sheets.

11. Awards and Prizes received:

12. National/International Conferences/Seminars etc. attended:

13. Membership of National and International Bodies-:




14. How have you been employed? Give particulars below:

       Name of            Date of joining      Date of leaving Nature of                      Salary (excluding
       employer                                                employment and                 allowances) last
                                                               designation                    drawn and scale of


15. Experience: (Attach copy of employment experience certificate from the employers)



      16. Please state clearly whether in the light of entries made by you in previous columns, you possess
      the qualifications laid down in advertisement. Explanatory note, if any may be given below:

                     Educational Qualifications                              Experience



      16.*Copies of testimonials.




* Original testimonials should not be enclosed

17. Candidate may mention here the details of Annexures, if any. Any other information relevant to the
applicant may be mentioned here.

18. If selected, what notice period would you require before joining?



          1.   I hereby declare that the entries in this form and the additional particulars, if any, furnished herewith are
               true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
          2.   I have informed my Head of Office/Department in writing that I am applying for this post and shall produce
               "No objection" certificate at the time of the interview.

                                                                                          Signature of Candidate

NOTE:- 1. Application received after the closing date for whatever reason is liable to be rejected.

2.If the fact that false information has been furnished or that there has been suppression of any material information in
 the application form comes to notice at any time during the service of a person, his service would be liable to be

3.Application not signed by the candidate is liable to be, rejected.

4.The candidates, who are employed, should submit a "No objection" certificate from their employer at the time of
 test/interview. In case they do not furnish the same for some reasons or other, their candidature will straight away be
 rejected and they will not be entitled to any claim including T.A. from the VCRC.

                                     ADDITIONAL/GENERAL CONDITIONS

01. Candidates belonging to SC/ST and OBC communities will have to furnish certificate from competent authority in the
required format failing which they will not be entitled to the concession admissible to them if any.

02. Allowances as per Central Govt. rules are admissible on the prescribed pay scales.

03.The name of the post-applied for/advt. reference must be indicated in the Application form. Separate application
forms should be submitted for each post along with application fee of Rs.25/- by a Demand Draft, drawn in favour of
The Director, VCRC., Pondicherry-605 006.

04. Application from employees working in Central/State Government Deptt./Public Sector Undertakings & Govt.
funded research agencies must be forwarded through proper channel along with the certificate of the employer that the
applicant will be relieved within three months of his/her receipt of appointment orders. Advance copies of application
will be considered subject to the conditions that a "No Objection Certificate' from the employer is produced at the time of
test / personal discussion. Application received after the closing date will not be considered.

05.Since it is not possible to call all the eligible candidates for the test interview/personal discussion, the applicants will
be short listed for this purpose. The decision of Director, VCRC will be final in this regard.

06.SC/ST Candidates called for interview for the Post will be paid II class rail fare by shortest route, on production of
documents. No TA/DA is admissible for joining the Post or on termination of appointment.

07. Benefits of new restructured defined contributory Pension System are admissible as per the provision
contained in the Ministry of Finance, Deptt. Of Economic Affairs (ECB & PR Division). Notification No.5/7/2003
ECB & PR dated 22.12.2003.
stern Isles,
        as more money would be spread across all the regions of the UK. Furthermore, there
        does not appear to be, in the DTI proposals, the same level of commitment to rural
        areas with severe geographical and material handicaps as in the current EU
        arrangements, and no guarantee that the money devolved to Scotland would be used
        for areas formerly receiving EU funds.

        With regard to management and implementation, there would be less autonomy, less
        devolved power and responsibility for delivery mechanisms. The special relationship
        and partnership with Europe could be diminished or lost; the ability of non-
        governmental agencies to access funds could be diminished; and the role of local
        authorities in economic development policy, strategy and implementation could
        diminish thereby diminishing the ability to achieve the aspiration of decentralisation, of
        devolution and of local responsibility

        6. In terms of other Member State support, although we do not, as yet, have definitive
        information, it would seem that the UK Government's proposals would not have
        universal support.

Ag Obair Còmhla airson nan Eilean   COMHAIRLE NAN EILEAN SIAR          Working Together for the Western
        I trust that the foregoing response is useful to the Committee in their deliberations and
        may I reiterate that the Comhairle would be pleased to give evidence to the
        Committee at the appropriate time. Should you require further information or
        clarification from the Comhairle, please contact me or Angus Murray, telephone:
        01851 709306;

        Leis gach dùrachd

        Derek McKim
        Head of Strategy (External)
        Chief Executive's Department

Ag Obair Còmhla airson nan Eilean   COMHAIRLE NAN EILEAN SIAR         Working Together for the Western

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