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s1 solo talk a job i would like


									S1 SOLO TALK                        A JOB I WOULD LIKE

Ask pupils to choose a job they would like to do when they leave school. They are
going to give a solo talk about this job to the class focusing on:
               - what the person does;
               - what qualities and qualifications the person needs in order to do the
               - what attracts the speaker to the job and why he/she thinks they
                   would be good at it.

In jotters, make three columns across a double page, one for each section:
               - Section 1: write 20 details about what the person actually does (eg
                    not just cutting hair but the different types of cut; not just playing
                    football but appearing on tv, commenting, etc);
               - Section 2: write 10 qualities the person should have and a reason
                    why each quality is needed (eg patience because some people’s
                    hair is difficult to work with; ability to work with others because a
                    footballer is part of a team);
               - Section 3: write 5 things that made you interested in the job (eg
                    saw it on tv, or a relative does it) and 5 reasons why you think you
                    would be good at it (others ask me to do their hair; I’ve been
                    picked for the school team).

Now sort each section into order for your notes. One way to do this is to group the
items in each list together by numbering them: all the items that go together are given
the same number; then all items with the same number are grouped together on you
note page.

Prepare the Talk:
               - a short introduction, saying who you are and what the job is
               - a topic sentence introducing each section
               - a short conclusion asking you listeners to give you the job.
Your talk should be between 3 an 5 minutes long – so each section should be roughly
a minute long. Test each section out.

Rehearse your talk to your group, with a timer. Listen to any comments from your
group and make any changes you feel will make your talk better.

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