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If you are sailing to Cherbourg, it is approximately 60 miles from Cherbourg to the
house, follow the signs for Caen, taking the N13/E46. When you arrive at Bayeux,
you come to a roundabout, with the Novotel Hotel facing you, take the first exit (turn
right) following signs to St Lo & Balleroy. Continue past the L’Eclerc Hypermarket
on your right, the Bayeux war memorial and the June 1944 Normandy museum (on
left). Just after the next set of lights, turn right (not at the lights) follwing the D572 to
St Lo, Balleroy, Noron La Poterie and Le Tronquay. Continue through Noron La
Poterie (about three miles). The road bends around to the right and after a mile or so
you enter Vaubadon. Where the road bends to the left, you will see a right turn with
Chez Cathy Bar/Tabac on the right hand corner. Turn right, continue past the
carpenters building on the right (big sports hall looking place) and take the first right.
After about quarter of a mile you will see a left turn (the first one) and the house is on
the corner with white gates. The gates are not locked.
There are some road works before Noron La Poterie where the E46 is being rebuilt so
it is possible that there may be a roundabout there by the time you go, but as long as
you are on the D572 to St Lo/Balleroy you cannot go wrong…..


The stop tap for the water is situated under the toilet cistern in the bathroom (see
picture). Please turn this on gradually (in case some one has left a tap on).


The gas for the cooker is bottled and is in the door on the right hand side of the


To turn on the electricity press the black button on the panel below the electricity
meter (see picture). All the fuses are on breakers, with up being the ‘on’ position.


You will find a full set of keys hung up on the coat hooks behind the left-hand ‘front-
door’ in the dining room, please remember to put them back before you leave.

Other –General

There are a variety of things in the garage, like barbecue, extension cables etc.
While You are there

As the toilet is not connected to a mains sewerage system it is fitted with an integral
pump and macerator. This means that it will only dispose of bodily produced fluids
and solids (if you get what I mean). Once you have pressed the flush, you should hear
the motor run for about ten seconds and then stop. It is extremely important that you
do not put anything else ‘down’ the toilet like cotton wool and do not for example
empty mop buckets down it. If the pump fails to come on then the waste water will
not be pumped away either – so if you continue to flush the toilet you will simply
flood the bathroom. In the event of the previous occurring you can either dismantle
the unit yourself (requiring a torx screw driver in the tool box in the garage) or call out
a plumber – it is much better for all concerned if you simply use the toilet as it has
been designed.
You should also be aware that the unit is not very good at handling large
quantities of paper so please make sure that all members of your party
understand this, having dismantled the thing three times during our first visit I
can advise first hand that it is not a very pleasant thing to have to do. I can also
tell you from experience that it has a dislike (in order) of the following, brillo
pads, tampons, sanitary towels and large quantities of toilet paper all of which
cause it to give up.

Water - General
Please be aware that water is metered in France and you pay by consumption. Please
try to make sure that taps are not left running and that unless you feel an
uncontrollable urge, wait to get home before washing your car.

Water – Hot

The water is heated by two immersion heaters, one in the bathroom and one in the
‘kitchen’. We have always found that there is enough water for a shower, but you will
need to wait for the warning light on the heater to go out (over the WC) before taking
a second shower. The hot water is almost instantaneous from these heaters so be
careful not to scold yourself (or children).
The shower flow is regulated by the tap under the mixer valve at the end of the
flexible hose. Temperature is controlled by the valve on the front.

The cooker uses bottled gas available from nearly all petrol stations and the bar/tabac
on the St Lo road, near the turn off for Le Tronquay (just after the pottery shops on
your way out of Bayeux). If you need to change the gas, take the old bottle and ask for
an exchange one. We will reimburse you the cost when you get back to the UK.
To turn the oven or grill on you need to keep the ‘knob’ pushed in for a few seconds
after the flame has been lit to allow the temperature sensor to ‘wake up’.


You may find the electricity meter reader turns up to read the meters behind the front
The electricity is supplied on the French version of economy seven, the cheap rate
running from 22:00 to 06:00.


There are wall mounted electric panel heaters in the dining room, living room and
bathroom. They have a thermostat on the top and the on/off switch on the side.

The telephone number for the house is 02 31 92 76 04. If you are ringing from
England the number is 00 33 231 92 76 04. To dial England the code is 00 44
following by the number in England, including the STD but minus the leading ‘0’ so
01924 887766 becomes 00 44 1924 887766.
Ken’s mobile number is programmed into the memory, press ‘mem’ followed by ‘1’.


There is always an emergency money fund kept in the drawer in the dresser in the
kitchen. There should always be 1000 French Francs and some change. If you need to
use it please feel free to do so, but remember to replace it.

Bread Man

Turns up in a white van, Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. If he sees the house is
occupied he will stop.

Beds & Bedding
There are two bedrooms upstairs, one with a double bed, the other with a double bed
and a ‘pair’ of bunk-beds. Downstairs in the living room there are two double futons
and a single ‘put-me-up’ bed – disguised as a blue footstool. There are plenty of
duvets in the house (enough for all beds) but we ask that you provide your own bed
linen, (pillow cases and sheets).

This is our home, please treat it as you would your own. If you can find anything you
want you are very welcome to make use of it, but if you use it up, please replace it.
The charges that we make for use of these facilities only contribute to the cost of their

The washing machine is so simple that even I can use it.

Head North for the D-Day Landing beaches and the Bayeux tapestry and Paris is just
over a couple of hours away if you are interested.

When you open the windows and shutters please make sure that the shutters are
secured open and that you do not leave the windows wide open on windy days. They
catch the wind and being so big are more liable to break.

Chez Cathy, the Bar Tabac on the corner of the main road sells bar meals (£4 for steak
and chips) and the proprietors are very helpful. They know us so if you get into any
difficulties they should help. Chez Cathy also has a shop selling bread and other
‘corner shop’ produce.
When You leave


Please make sure that you turn the gas off at the bottle.


Please make sure that you turn off the electricity by pressing the small red button on
the panel underneath the meter – see picture.


Please make sure that you turn off the water at the stop tap under the toilet cistern. Be
careful not to dislodge the flexible white rubber pipe above it as this is the waste
outlet from the toilet and you might get a nasty surprise to accompany you on your
return trip.

Air Vents
Please close the two air vents in the bathroom if they have been opened.


Please move all furniture away from the edges of the rooms, away from outside walls.

Please remember to empty and clean the fridge and leave the door slightly open.

Please bag your rubbish up (and secure the bags) and leave in front of the gate.
The French are big on recycling so if they see any recyclable material in the bag they
will not take it away.
If you want to contribute to their efforts to save the planet, opposite Chez Cathy
(about 50 yds further towards St Lo) there are some recycling bins for plastic, glass
and paper, also most of the hypermarkets have recycling bins in their car-park.

Please replace the door keys on the coat hooks in the dining room.

Windows & Shutters

Please ensure that all windows and shutters are securely closed and fastened.

Remember, the next person to open the front door could be
you, starting your holiday, so please leave the house as you
would like to find it – or better.

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