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									                                   Norfolk Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee
                                                                9 September 2004
                                                                         Item no ..

              Norfolk Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee

      Please can the Committee:
      consider whether there are topics to be added or deleted;
      consider and agree the briefings, scrutiny topics and dates below.

                              Forward Work Programme

Meeting        Briefings                 Main scrutiny topic or initial   Administrative
dates                                    review of topics                 business
21 October                              Transport issues: services vs
(in King’s                              clinic times, public/private
Lynn)                                   transport, bus routes etc.

                                        Update: GP Issues Working
                                        Group Final Report —
                                        responses and action plans

                                        Follow-up: Access to NHS
                                        Dentistry in Norfolk

2 December                              The impact and effectiveness
                                        of NHS Direct on local health

                                        CAMHS Working Group Draft

2005                                    Update: CAMHS Working
schedule to                             Group Final Report —
come                                    responses and action plans.

                        Scrutiny being done by working groups
     Child and adolescent mental health and well-being — due November/December
     Central Norfolk Transformation Programme — no due date

                                Last updated: 13 August 2004
       Possible future scrutiny topics and draft forward work programme

Possible scrutiny future topics                                       Planned for:
What are the major obstacles (in each District) to the smooth
& timely discharge of elderly people from hospital? (Mrs
Panting 11/4/03). Joint working with PCTs on services for
elderly people
                          Linked with                                 Not yet planned
The roles of intermediate care and of community hospitals —
are they being used in ways that best facilitate the patient
journey? (Expert Panel, 9/5/03)

Health promotion and prevention of illness.
(Specific topics, e.g., role of schools, within this general title
                                                                      Not yet planned
to be discussed and decided.)

Out-of-hours service provision (multi-agency working) (Expert
Panel, 9/5/03).                                                       Not yet planned

County-wide implementation of National Service Frameworks
(NSFs) (Expert Panel, 9/5/03)                                         Not yet planned

Teenage pregnancy (Mrs Monbiot, 20/6/03); Linked with
Homelessness and its effects on health (Mrs Cant, 30/7/03);
                                                                      Not yet planned
Linked with Issues of Community Health and Sexual Health
(Norfolk Scrutiny Network, 15/7/04)
Access to ancillary specialist services and inequity across
Norfolk — reflecting the shortage of specialist workers other
than GPs within the health service eg. pathology, chiropody,
                                                                      Not yet planned
pharmacy provision (Healthy West Norfolk Partnership,

Generic Drug Prescribing: 'Prescribing overspend is common
to all PCTs what can be done about it' (Healthy West Norfolk
                                                                      Not yet planned
Partnership, 30/7/03)

What is being done to tackle obesity, migraine, asthma,
alcohol abuse and smoking in public places? (Healthy West
                                                                      Not yet planned
Norfolk Partnership, 30/7/03; Mrs Cant, 17/6/04)

Flouridation of water supplies (Norwich City Council,                 Not yet planned
05/12/03)                                                             but not before
                                                                      end 2004
Access to and maintenance of digital and analogue hearing
                                                                      Not yet planned
aids (Mrs. Cant, 05/12/03)
Midwifery Services (Mrs Eells, 11/03/04)                              Not yet planned
NHS Direct (comments made by GPs to the GP Issues Working
                                                                      Not yet planned
Group should be taken into account). (GP Issues Report, 22/7/04)
Drug abuse. To look at what research has already been done into
the pros and cons of limited decriminalisation and supervised
                                                                      Not yet planned
consumption of certain drugs from the point of view of abusers and,
secondly, for the effect on society. (GP Issues Report, 22/7/04)

                                Last updated: 13 August 2004

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