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                                     PRESS RELEASE

Tuesday February 27, 2007

WEST Devon people are being encouraged to use their local Post Office more often as the
Borough Council launches a week-long campaign of activities to raise the service’s profile from
Monday (March 5).

Mayor of West Devon Cllr Ken Williams is leading the initiative, along with his fellow Councillors, to
promote around 30 Post Offices in the Borough during the week.

Cllr Williams said: “ For many areas in West Devon, the Post Office provides a central community
focus. It really is the backbone of village life. For example, if someone doesn’t show up at their
Post Office to collect their pension, it often doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s this kind of friendly, caring
service that is irreplaceable.

“But if we don’t use them, we face losing them. That’s why the Borough Council, which has been
fighting to keep our Post Offices for more than six years now, wants to encourage people to visit
them more often.

“Even I was surprised to find out that local Post Offices can offer around 170 different services and
products. That’s 170 reasons why we should all be using them more often! “

From Post Office card accounts where you can receive your benefits or pension, to personal
banking, postal orders, car and home insurance, and even fishing licenses are all available.
West Devon sub postmaster Terry Kelly, who is also vice president of the Plymouth, North and
East Cornwall branch of the National Federation of Sub Postmasters, said he was delighted with
the Council’s campaign.

Mr Kelly, who runs Whitchurch Post Office, said: “ It’s very reassuring to know that West Devon
Borough Council values us so highly and is prepared to run a campaign such as this. We are very

The campaign kicks off on Monday (March 5) with a Post Office trail across West Devon (see
notes to editors below for itinerary) when Cllr Williams and Deputy Mayor Cllr Dennis Bater visit
seven Post Offices in the Borough travelling in a vintage car.

On Tuesday (March 6), representatives from the National Federation of Sub Postmasters will be
meeting West Devon councillors and throughout the week Councillors will be visiting their own
Post Offices and organising various activities.

On Friday (March 9), Torridge and West Devon MP Geoffrey Cox will give his support to the
campaign as he and Cllr Williams visit Milton Abbot Post Office.


      On Monday March 5, West Devon Mayor Cllr Ken Williams and Deputy Mayor Cllr Dennis
       Bater will be visiting Post Offices in a vintage car. You are very welcome to send a reporter
       and/or a photographer to any of the Post Offices being visited.

      The itinerary is:
       Leave Merton Post Office at 9.50am.
       Arrive Hatherleigh Post Office at 10.10am until 10.30am.
       Arrive North Tawton Post Office at 11am until 11.15am.
       Arrive Chagford Post Office at 11.40am until 12.10pm.
       Arrive Okehampton Post Office at 12.40pm until 1.10pm.
       Arrive Lewdown Post Office at 1.55pm until 2.20pm.
       Arrive Chillaton Post Office at 2.40pm until 3.10pm.
       Arrive Whitchurch Post Office at 3.40pm until 4.10pm.
       Arrive Crapstone Post Office at 4.35pm until 5pm.

      Torridge and West Devon MP Geoffrey Cox and Cllr Williams will be visiting Milton Abbot
       Post Office at 2pm on Friday March 9. Again, you are most welcome to send along a
       reporter/ photographer to the visit.
   For further information about the campaign please contact West Devon Borough Council
    Media Officer Alison Stoneham on 01822 813648 or West Devon Project Officer Rob
    Sekula on 01822 813701.

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