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					Names _________________________________                           Chemistry      History of the atom Timelines!

The discovery of our current view of the atom was a process that took many years and contributions of a
number of great scientists. On the back of this page, you are going to create a timeline of some of the most
important discoveries about the atom. You should first read (not skim, but actually read) Chapter 5, Sections 1
& 2.You should use your net book to find at least 10 models of the atom and to include as much information as
possible. You have to include the following models: Greek, Daltons, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr, and
Schrodinger Models

Your timeline should include the following:

____ What was the name of Lord Kelvin’s Model of the atom? Describe it.

____ J.J. Thompson’s discovery of…….?

____ The discovery of neutrons.

____ The first atomic theory. Who came up with it and what was it? List the key parts.

____ What two things did “Ernest” discovered about atoms. Explain his experiment in your own word and
      explain what it told him!

For each entry in your time line you must include the following:
* The year (or approximate year) the discovery was made.
* Who made the discovery?
* What was the discovery?
* And any additional information asked above.

                                                             1930         1958           1981          2008             2009
You can use arrows to point to the time line like this:

 1973 Little Danny Jones is born in
 Memorial Hospital in Palestine, Tx         1981 “Coach Jones”          2008 Coach Jones gets
 Man he is such a cute baby!!!!             accepts his first           out of teaching and
                                            coaching/teaching           coaching and accepts a            July, 2009
                                            job at Palestine HS         job in the oilfield industry     Northwest High gets
                                                                                                         one all right, out of
                                                                                                         site, and dynamite
                                                                                                         teaching and
Bonus:                                                                                                   coaching dude.

1. What do J.J. Thompson, M.T.V., and Neon signs have to do with each other?

2. What gas glows with a blue color?

3. Who is sometime given credit for the plum pudding model?

4. If the nucleus of an atom was the size of a grape, how far away would the electrons be?

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