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					                                   Minutes of PTFA Meeting

                                        23/6/08 3.20pm

In Attendance: Jane Swaby, Sally French, Nina Eads, Sarah Read,

Adrian Sanders, Helen Jones, Donna Wood, Lynne Hannam

Apologies: Michaela Burford-Bradshaw, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Stovin, Lisa Malloch, Andrea Wilson,
Jane Wattam

Minutes of last meeting – amendments to be made, re financial position, should be £3022 not
£3710 re commitments. Mr. Sanders was also present at last meeting.

Matters Arising:

        Notice board quotes were coming in at around £800 for large and £400 smaller. It was
discussed as to whether it was a lot of money to be spent. SF suggested laminating items in the
short term and fixing to fencing to see whether it generates any interest or improves
communication before spending such a large amount. HJ agreed but said they could look messy
and agreed it should be short term AS suggested that the notices were refreshed regularly to keep
interest up. SR suggested that a notice board could be used by other groups e.g. Village Hall

ACTION – AW agenda item for next meeting.

Rosie Dicker had informed DW that the Bistro Evening had to be cancelled as not enough
tickets were being sold. The proposed date for Bistro Eve would now be 15/11/08.

ACTION – AW agenda item for next meeting.

Open Day – Volunteers still required for making Teas- SF volunteered whilst class one were
performing. Also JS, DW, SR and Mrs. Reid offered to be available.

ACTION – DW to buy mil for event.

Children’s Disco – AS said that he was unaware of the theme chosen by the pupils. He will
confirm with Mrs Scott. Date confirmed 22/07/08 6.30pm-8pm. We discussed food to offer
children. DW suggested crisps and a drink. SF suggested Bananas and then we discussed other
healthier options. It was decided that JS and SF would liaise re food with pupils on healthy
schools committee and include the year six pupils should they want to help.
It was agreed that a charge of £1 per pupil would be made on the door to help cover the cost of
food. DW listed helpers for the night. Possibly more may be needed.

ACTION – AS to confirm with Mrs. Scott, the theme for the event, and report back to DW, JS
and SF to liaise re food.

Financial Position – Since 15/5/08 Income = £0, Expenses = £120 (£70 high visibility vests, £50
100 club prizes). Current balance = £4621.37. Commitments (100 club prize money £50, laptop
computers £2100.00, School transport for financial year £772.00) leaving available balance of

School Projects – In a previous meeting Mrs. Scott had requested that the PTFA fund some new
gym equipment for the children. The funds raised from the Bistro Evening were going to be used
for this purpose. AS said that he would wait to see what his budget would be before looking at
the equipment. DW suggested that we set some money aside now for this equipment bearing in
mind that we will probably get some income from the Family Fun Day. It was agreed by all that
£1000 should be given to be used for the purpose of buying new gym equipment.

AS also pointed out that the school bin still needs to be moved as the school are in breach of fire
safety regulations. AS is suggesting that the bin be moved to the butterfly garden, and then
hidden with some trellis and plants. He is open to suggestions if anyone has any.

AS said that the Train in class one’ play area needed stripping down and re-varnishing. He asked
whether we would like to put together a working party or to get quotes for someone to do the job
professionally. It was agreed by all that some quotes should be requested prior to making a

ACTION – AW agenda item for next meeting. Anyone known of someone that may want to job
to obtain quote.

Family Fun Day – DW reported that there had not been much response to a recent letter asking
for volunteer helpers. DW referred to the agenda and asked if anyone would like to volunteer to
co-ordinate the event. SF asked why the time of 3.15-5pm had been chosen as she thought that it
would be excluding those parents that worked from being able to come to the event. DW said
that there had been a discussion re the time at the agm and that the majority thought that straight
from school would be better. SF said that she thought that a risk was being taken and that the
turnout would be low and that possibly most of the people there would be required to help man
stalls. DW asked for other ideas for the event. SF suggested BBQ and beer tent and games of
rounder’s for parents and children to participate in. AS said he would be happy to organize a
rounder’s tournament. DW said that there were several raffle prizes and so it was agreed that
there would be a raffle. There are also some items for the promise auction which HJ and DW
have very kindly volunteered to run.

It was agreed then that it would be a BBQ. SR volunteered to get meat. NE volunteered to get
bread rolls. LH and SR said that we could use their BBQs. Helpers needed to cook.

HJ offered to obtain drinks for refreshment stall. LH said that she would provide some cakes to
sell on refreshment stall.

It was decided then that we would have: Raffle, Promise Auction, BBQ, Refreshments. Lives
Tombola, Bouncy Castle and that no entry charge would be made. AS suggested asking Mr.
Newby and Mrs Collins if they would provide some music for the event and we all agreed it
would be a great idea. Re rounder’s tournament – it was suggested that we have 16 teams of 5
people. Each team must have at least one adult. JS asked if we would like a trophy. AS agreed it
would be nice and said maybe a prize would be better.

DW pointed out that we still needed raffle prizes donated. DW asked for volunteer for posters.
SF agreed to do this. SF asked if a letter should be sent to governors inviting them to the event
and also local residents should be invited. DW questioned whether there would be enough there
to entertain the residents. It was agreed that the posters would be reduced and flyers would be put
through doors. SF asked if the event could be open ended so that parents and friends could come
after work. It was agreed

ACTION –       AS - organise rounder’s tournament – speak to Mr. Newby.

               AW - letter to Mr. Turbin asking for permission to use field after school hours.

               SR – use of BBQ, burgers and sausages
              NE – rolls for BBQ

              JS – prize rounder’s comp, veggie sausages

              SF - posters and flyers, meeting nearer to date

              HJ – drinks

              LH – use of BBQ and cake for selling on refreshments

Quiz Night – No changes to previous meeting.

Date for Christmas Fayre – set as 6th December

ACTION – AW agenda item for next meeting. Also please add to agenda for next time. Gifts for
leaving members.

AOB – Nothing this time as most had already left due to another commitment

Date of next meeting: Monday 14th July 2008 3.20pm

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