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					             Automation Anywhere
             Automation Made Easy

Automate any business or IT task - automate Windows applications, Web tasks,
ERP or legacy applications. It is the only automation software you
will need. No programming required.

   Automation made easy!
   Automation Anywhere is an innovative, intuitive and intelligent software to help you
   automate your business & IT processes. Automation Anywhere provides organizations
   with a tool to increase business and IT process reliability; reduce costs and time taken to
   perform repetitive tasks while reducing human errors.

   Helping you do more!
   Automation Anywhere is used by everyone whether they are individuals, IT professionals,
   or savvy businesses users. Designed to be easy-to-use, this software allows users to
   automate without writing code. Innovative and intuitive wizard-based tools allow the most
   complex tasks to be automated simply. It also provides users with tools like storyboard
   view and a workflow designer to allow easy editing of automated tasks. Agent-less
   remote deployment and centralized management systems allow enterprise-wide automation.

   Intelligent automation
   Automation Anywhere is powered by SMART Automation Technology® that intelligently
   executes automated tasks across multiple machines, allowing for variations in systems,
   application loading times, Internet speeds, etc., to name a few.

      - Centrally manage your automation environment
      - Visualize your automation
      - Work ow designer
      - Intelligent task recorder
      - Drag and drop editor with 300+ actions
      - Task to Exe for distribution
      - Job scheduler
      - Auto response capability (Trigger)
      - Web data extraction
              Automation Anywhere                           Automate any task, anywhere!
              Automation Made Easy                            Business process automation
                                                              Automate IT processes
                                                              Application integration & Data automation
                                                              Web automation, Web data extraction
                                                              Batch data processing
                                                              Job scheduling
                                                              Automated testing

                                                            Revolutionizing automation
                                                            Thousands of customers from varied industries, in more
                                                            than 85 countries rely on our automation software. They
                                                            include Fortune 500 companies, leading educational and
                                                            research institutes, world, city, state & federal
                                                            governments, financial services and IT organizations,
                                                            medical and pharmaceutical companies, etc.

                                                            Customer testimony
                                                            “Automation Anywhere is 100% accurate. I will
                                                            recommend it any day over other automation software. You
                                                            will save thousands of dollars. For other software, I have to
                                                            purchase and install it on other machines - this takes too
                                                            long. With Automation Anywhere I generate an exe with
                                                            any task and put it on other machines. This is really a
                                                            good advantage.”
                                                            - Nicholas Evans, HR IS Manager
                                                            Macy's West

                                                            “Using Automation Anywhere, I have created about 300
                                                            tasks and about 150 executables using the Create EXE
                                                            feature of Automation Anywhere Premier. Within 2-3
                                                            minutes I can create a new task for a new customer.”
                                                            - Chris White, COO,
                                                            ComRes Telecom

                                                            Automation Anywhere has 3 licensing
                                                            options: Standard, Premier (includes Task
                                                            to Exe) & Enterprise (includes remote
                                                            deployment, Visualize technology,
                                                            Report Designer, Workflow Designer
                                                            & system logs). Please visit
                                                   for more

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Description: Automation Anywhere is an intelligent automation software. Automate & schedule complex tasks in minutes, without any programming. Record keyboard & mouse or create automation scripts with wizards. Features SMART automation technology, scheduler, repeat options, variable & debugging support, interactive scripts, conditional, database & Internet commands. It features Visualize Technology, Workflow & Remote Task Deployment & Management.