Atoms_ Ions_ and Molecules

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					Atoms, Ions, and Molecules Review                            Name _____________________________

1. For each picture below, write the word “atoms”, “ions”, or “molecules” below each box.

 A___________              B___________             C___________               D___________

                                                                                 +        -
               -                                                                   -

 E___________               F___________             G___________              H___________

2. On one of the pictures that you did not label “atom”, write the word “atom” and draw a line to each
   particle in the picture that is an atom.

3. Which box has the most atoms in it? _______ How many? _________

4. Which box has the most molecules in it? _______ How many? ________

5. Which box has a molecule with the most atoms in it? _______ How many atoms in one molecule?

6. Which box shows molecules composed of a single element? ______

7. a) Which boxes show molecules that are also compounds? ___________________
    b) What is the difference between molecules and compounds?

8. a) Are the ions in the ion pictures shown in the diagram in solid form, or are they in solution?

   b) How did you determine this?

9. a) How many different elements make up the particle shown in Box C? ________

   b) Explain your answer.