Atomic Theory and by hcj


									Atomic Theory and                                Name:_____________ Period:________

the Study of Atoms
chapter 4.1 and 4.3

Content Objectives:
 (SWBAT) students will be able to summarize the evolution of
   atomic theory.
 SWBAT explain why a scientific theory may change.

Language Objectives:
 SWBAT read and take notes on atomic theory.
 SWBAT listen to a lecture on atomic theory and take notes.
 SWBAT learn and correctly use new science terms.

Science terms:

   nucleus                                             scientific theory
   atom                                                model
   element

During the first part of the unit you will:
A     Listen and take notes during a lecture on models, scientific theory, and atoms.

B       Read for review (pages 9-10, 38-40)

C       Read Chapter 4.1 and 4.3 to learn what scientists have learned about the atom.

C       Complete the 3-square vocabulary and the atomic theory graphic organizer in this packet.

D       Answer the Summary questions on the last page of this packet.

Science Terms – Write a definition, in your own words if you can. Draw a picture or describe an
example for each science term.

    word                                      picture/example
word                        picture/example
        scientific theory

word                        picture/example

word                        picture/example

word                        picture/example
Evolution of Atomic Theory
         Who was the scientist         Summarize the evidence/
 Year   credited with the model?   experiment that led to the model.   Draw the model.   Describe the model.


           J.J. Thomson

                                                                                         A positively charged nucleus
                                                                                            with electrons moving
                                                                                         randomly around the nucleus

             Niels Bohr

                                     Mathematical equations                                   The cloud shows the
                                      used to describe the                                  probability of finding an
1926                                 motion and location of                                 electron in an atom. The
                                           electrons.                                     darker the cloud, the more
                                                                                         likely it is to find electrons.
Summary of Atomic Theory – Work with your table partner to answer the Summary
questions using complete sentences.

1. Our understanding of the atom has changed over time. Which of the five models was
   the simplest? Explain your answer.

2. Why did our model for the atom change; from Dalton to Thomson to Rutherford and so

3. How is the paper bag activity similar to scientists’ study of the atom and the
   development of an atomic theory?

4. Use what you have learned about Atomic Theory to explain the following statement.
   “Theories are never proved. Instead, they become stronger if the facts continue to support
   them. However, if an existing theory fails to explain new facts and discoveries, the theory
   may be revised or a new theory may replace it.”

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