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					                                 Atomic Learning

 Do you want short video clips about how to do certain functions in software
such as Frontpage, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel? Maybe you want the video
     clips for your students? Well, look no further…AL has the answer!
  Main Website:

    Also linked off the CFBportal:
    Click on AL

  Teacher Username for AL: school email address
   Teacher Password for AL: cfbisd

  Student Username for AL: student ID number
   Student password for AL: cfbisd

  Put your mouse over “Training Library” and choose “Technology Skills” in English (or
 Give it a moment to load, and then you will see a library of tons of software applications.
 Click on a software application like Frontpage, for example, and then you will be taken to
  another page with lots of short video clips on different functions within that software

Here’s a snippet of
Frontpage video clips just
for hyperlinking:

Ideas for use:
-Adding a photo gallery to your teacher website
-Hyperlinking assignments to your website
-Hyperlinking approved websites for your students to use
-Learning advanced features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
-Learning about Moodle