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Aquatic Team of Mecklenburg

  Our aim is not to produce a champion,
   but to provide an atmosphere where
        champions are inevitable.

However, swimming is a means to an end…
 to build self-confidence, self-discipline,
      integrity, and courage for life.

                             Forbes Carlisle

      2009-2010 Dues and Payment Schedule
        Late fee after the 15th of the month of $10 will be assessed.

           SENIOR TEAM                         Annual Fee: $1350.00
Initial Payment of $250.00 due: September 8, 2008, payable to ATOM SWIM
Remaining payments $1100.00: 5 monthly installments of $220.00, payable to ATOM SWIM
(October 1, November 1, December 1, January 2, February 1)

            AGE GROUP III                       Annual Fee: $900.00
Initial Payment of $250.00 due: September 8, 2008, payable to ATOM SWIM
Remaining $650.00: 5 monthly installments of $130.00, payable to ATOM SWIM
(October 1, November 1, December 1, January 2, February 1)

            AGE GROUP I & II                    Annual Fee: $700.00
Initial Payment of $250.00 due: September 8, 2008, payable to ATOM SWIM
Remaining $450.00: 5 monthly installments of $90, payable to ATOM SWIM
(October 1, November 1, December 1, January 2, February 1)

Dues are payable to ATOM Swimming. All payments paid in advance will not be deposited
until after the due date!!!! Please DO NOT give payment to the coaches. Options are to give
to Kathy Emery, or Caroline Grubb at MCAC or mail to Caroline (12525 Tanners Ct,
Charlotte, NC 28262).


1. U.S. Swimming Registration Fee Per Swimmer: $50.00, payable to ATOM Swimming
2. Initial Installment for Meet Entry Fees: $60.00 Payable to ATOM Booster
    Meets average $30 – the treasurer will keep you up to date when the escrow fees need
       additional deposits.
    The coaches reserve the right to have the swimmer not swim at a meet if their escrow
       account doesn’t have a balance of $60.
    Once a swimmer is registered, whether or not they actually swim at the meet, their
       account will be billed.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the child starts there will be no refunds. Swimmers
are not required to have Aquatic Center memberships. That cost is
included in the dues and ATOM will pay pool rental directly to the Aquatic
                       Practice Schedule
        Practice begins September 8, 2009 and continues through July, 2010
            (Practice times subject to change (to a.m. hours) during
                          school breaks and the summer)

       Senior Team 13 & Up
              Monday – Friday 4:15 – 6:15
              Saturday 9:00 – 11:00 am
              Dryland Training Days/Times TBA
              Senior Swimmers practice every day (6 days)
              4 days required for everyone else

       Age Group III Advanced Level
              Monday – Friday 6:15 – 7:45
              Dryland Training Days/Times TBA
              10 & under practice 3 days; 11 & up practice 4 days
              Saturday practice (9 – 11am) is an option only for swimmers 11 years and up who
              have received an A time

       Age Group II Intermediate Level
              Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:15 – 6:15
              All swimmers practice 3 days

       Age Group I Entry Level
              Tuesday, Thursday 5:15 – 6:15
              All swimmers practice 2 days

Being a part of the team means we expect all swimmers to swim at the scheduled meets as
regularly as possible. If the child can not swim at a meet, you must let the coach know. Senior
swimmers must be in good standing (i.e. attend practice consistently) to be eligible to attend
meets. If the swimmer has not attended enough practices and can’t swim at the meet, the coach
will let the swimmer know ahead of time. Once a swimmer is registered to swim at a meet, their
account will be billed regardless as to whether or not they actually attended the meet.

       SENIOR COACH:                        AGE GROUP HEAD COACH:
       Franke Ann Bell                      Shaynah Kleber
       704-537-2401                         919-360-0375

The Spearhead Booster Club is a non-profit organization and all
donations are tax deductible. Parents of ATOM swimmers are members
of the swim team booster club. The purpose of the Booster club is to
support the coaches and swimmers by covering the following costs:
    Travel expenses for the coaches
    Equipment for the team (tents, exercise equipment)
    Team office expenses (supplies for Atom swim meets, mailings,
      computer supplies)
    Team incentives such patches, t-shirts and sweat suits
    Funding some items used in hospitality and concessions at Atom-
      sponsored swim meets
    Scholarship assistance for current ATOM swimmers

Spearhead members are asked to assist coaches in recruiting new

Each family is required to donate $125 to the Spearhead Booster
Club per year.

Please note, Spearhead fees are due at registration, but as an
accommodation to members, are payable no later than February 15,
2010. They can be provided as follows:
    Paying $125 in full; or
    Selling Citipass coupon books to produce $125 in revenue (you
     receive $ 5 - $10 (rate increases the more we sell) per book sold); or
    Your company donates $125; or
    A combination of the above

                     Spearhead Booster Club Board
     Kathy Emery (President), Kim Sears (Vice President), Caroline
     Grubb (Treasurer) and Suzanne Guimond (Secretary), Janice
     Gearheart, Sandy Loydpierson and Sandy Parrott
        ATOM Swim Team Registration Form 2009-20010
Swimmer’s Name:_________________________________________________                                T-Shirt Size(circle one:
                   First             Middle          Last             (Preferred)
                                                                                                Youth M, L
Date of Birth: ___________ Age:_____Sex:______                                                  Adult S, M, L, XL
Swimmer’s Address:________________________________________________
City __________________ State_________     Zip Code___________
Home Phone#:___________________ Swimmer e-mail (if applicable):_______________________
Primary Phone:_________________________ Secondary phone (if applicable):_______________________
Father Cell Phone:_____________________ Mother Cell Phone:______________________
Primary e-mail:________________________Secondary e-mail:__________________________

I would like my home phone number and email address published in the team directory:
_____ Yes         ______No

Is the swimmer transferring from another US Swimming Team? Do you have transfer papers?
Name of Team:______________________           Date of Last Meet:___________      Y/N

I am willing to volunteer for the team in the following areas (please circle):
Given that we area a small team, we require parent involvement!

Fund Raising                      Advertising                                   Recruiting
Officiating                       Corporate Sponsors                            Timer
Publicity                         Social Committee                              Booster Club Board

As a parent I have read and fully understand and agree to the payment plan and recognize that once my child
starts no refunds will be given. I understand that I need to volunteer in some capacity. I also understand that the
primary means of communication will be email and that it is my responsibility to provide a current email to the

FATHER_______________________MOTHER_____________________ DATE________________

Initial Fees Payable To: (The 2 ATOM SWIM checks can be combined)
ATOM SWIM (Down payment $250 per swimmer, additional pmt Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb)                    __________(ck#)
ATOM SWIM (US Swim Registration required $50.00 per swimmer, per year)                               __________(ck#)
ATOM BOOSTER (Meet Fees Escrow Deposit $60.00 per swimmer)                                           __________ (ck#)
SPEARHEAD SWIM (can pay now or due by 2/15/2010 $125 per family)                                     __________ (ck#)
                                                                     TOTAL:                          __________

Please return this form, copy of birth certificate (only if new to US Swimming), and fees ASAP to Kathy
Emery, Caroline Grubb – please do not give to coaches!

                                                 Coaches will fill this out:

                                _____Senior _____AG III _____AG II _____ AG I ____