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					  Atomic Attire ...... or
 Fashionable Science
Upon completion of the WVMS School of Fine
Arts, you have entered the world as a
fashion designer and your first assignment
is to create a lab vest for the Atomic Wolf
Lab. The directors of the lab have been very
specific as to what they want on the lab
vest. All eyes are on you. If you are to
succeed in the fashion world, you must make
this vest spectacular. Use the guidelines
specified by the directors to create the
vest. Since you are a fashion expert and not
necessarily a science expert, you will have
to do some research to successfully reach
your goal. Good luck! Do your BEST!

        Atomic Wolf Lab Director’s
 1. The vest must be colorful.
 2. The vest must be neatly done.
 3. Crayola type markers or colored pencils
    should be used. NO PERMENENT MARKER (such
    as Sharpies)
 4. You are allowed to use embellishments
    such as buttons, sequins, hole punches,
    etc. NO GLITTER!!
 5. Vest Pieces should be attached together
    with ribbon. (Provided by Lab Directors)
You may choose an assistant to help you
in your creation. You will have 5 days
to complete you design. Vest is due

The following information should be found on
                 your vest.
           PLEASE WRITE LARGE!!!!

  1. History of the Atom: What the did the
     following contribute to the discovery of the
                  John Dalton
                   Niels Bohr
  2. What does the word atom mean?
  3. A model of an atom- MAKE IT LARGE! Label
     parts of the Atom
  4. How does the atom connect with the periodic
  5. A Periodic Table Block- MAKE IT LARGE! Label
     w/Atomic mass, Atomic number, Symbol, Element
     name, Electron Arrangement.
  6. Elements in Your Body- get this handout from
     your director. Complete and attach by gluing
     to your vest.

To begin your vest, you must get a pattern and a
large piece of paper. You be allowed only ONE
large piece of paper, so be work carefully. Fit the
pieces of your pattern on the paper, trace pattern,
then cut vest out. After you have completed your
vest, attached the pieces together using ribbon.
You and your partner must then decide who will
model the vest in the Wolf Lab Fashion Show. You
should also have a written description of the
highlights of your vest. Use the guidelines on the
next page to create your narrative. The non-model
partner will narrate this during the fashion show.

Written Description guidelines:
  Your narration should tell where each of the
  following is located on your vest: the atom
  model, the periodic table block, and the Elements
  in your body chart. You should also tell
  something about each of the scientist researched.
  In addition, point out any outstanding creativity
  you would like noted.

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