Successful Marketing For Your Internet Marketing Business by famm786


									  Successful Marketing For Your Internet Marketing

One of the major marketing areas that is often if not always overlooked by
newcomers to the Internet Marketing arena is the use of on-line Press Releases. In
this article I will demonstrate the value in using this additional marketing tool and
give advice on how to write an article and get it published.

Firstly, this is not an opportunity to do a direct sale to your potential market. The
release should contain information which is of value to your future clients. Trying to
do a direct sale will immediately switch off the reader.

So what should a press release contain?

As stated above, it must contain information of value to your clients e.g. if they use
your company what is the benefit to them, what is it that you are informing the
market of in this release, what is it that your company is currently doing that is
worthy of generating a news article. The way to look at this is as if you were the
editor of an on-line journal looking for news content that will interest his readers.
Releasing information on new services or products coming to market is valuable and
pertinent information for an on-line journal and will be of interest to their readers
and hopefully these will become your future clients.

Another good use of this marketing method is to inform the market of new staff
joining your company as this new hire may be well known throughout your industry
or already have a large client base who may want to follow him to his new company.
Look at your local papers or on-line journals to get an idea as to the type of
information included and how the release is formatted. Check which releases actually
grab your attention and then try and build their format and language into your

Once you have written your article you need to get it published. You can spend up to
$300 to get a release out there but I am going to show you a free way of getting
your article published. Once your business is generating loads of income then you
can look at spending money to get press releases published.

To get your article out there I suggest at the start you go to Free Press Release. This
is a completely free service and is easy to step through and get your article
published. If you want to look at other companies then type free press releases into
Google and pick your way through the results and select a company to work with.
Over time you can work with multiple companies and you can then select the best fit
company for your ongoing requirements.

Once your release is out there you will be amazed at the results. Search engines
rank press releases highly and will usually deliver high rankings in a matter of a few
days. News organisations are always on the lookout for information to add to
magazines and journals and an easy way to build up their information is to include
press releases.
By using on-line Press Releases, Internet Marketing companies can gain added
credibility, high ranking in search engines, a low cost (free) route to increased
market awareness and an increase in targeted traffic to your website. Most Internet
Marketing companies overlook this free and very important channel to market, use
this to your advantage.

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