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Answer Key to Atoms_ Molecules and Ions


									                    Answer Key to Atoms, Molecules and Ions

1.   a. number of protons b. total number of protons and neutrons c. same element
     but different number of neutrons d. charged particle
2.   a. 22 protons, 25 neutrons, 47 nucleons, 22 electrons b. 17 protons, 20 neutrons,
     37 nucleons, 17 electrons c. 11 protons, 12 neutrons, 23 nucleons, 10 electrons d. 8
     protons, 8 neutrons, 16 nucleons, 10 electrons
3.   argon, not enough info to determine number of neutrons
     211   -
4.      85X
5.   a. lithium bicarbonate or lithium hydrogencarbonate b. sodium sulfite c.
     ammonium phosphate d. iron (III) hydroxide e. copper (I) acetate f. hydrogen
     bromide or hydrobromic acid g. hypochlorous acid h. nitric acid i. nitrogen
     dioxide j. carbon monoxide k. sulfur hexafluoride l. diphosphorus pentoxide m.
6.   a. Ca(CN)2 b. Al2(SO4)3 c. Pb(MnO4)4 d. H2S e. H2SO4 f. HClO2 g. H3PO4 h.
     SO3 i. CH4

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