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					                                  Amateur Radio
                                Liaison between a
                          Society and an Administration
                             Prepared by Fred Johnson ZL2AMJ, August 2000

                                                           Liaison Officer must keep regular contact with the As-
Introduction                                               sociation's President, Secretary and Council.
Two distinct entities exist in any country - the admini-
                                                           The NZART Administration Officer is an unpaid volun-
stration and the amateur radio society. Liaison between
                                                           teer, an Officer of the Association. He must be resident
them is important to each of them.
                                                           in or near the same city as the headquarters of the Ad-
Liaison between the New Zealand Association of Radio       ministration and preferably on the same local telephone
Transmitters Incorporated (NZART) and the New Zea-         exchange. The Administration follows customary work-
land Post Office began in 1926. Today, that liaison con-   ing hours. The Liaison Officer must be available to re-
tinues. NZART has retained its original name, but the      ceive and make telephone calls and to attend meetings
administration has changed its title many times and is     during these hours.
now the Ministry of Economic Development, Radio
Spectrum Management Group.                                 The duties of the
                                                           Administration Liaison Officer
This paper outlines some of the points about liaison
based on the New Zealand experience.                       The Liaison Officer is a contact point and uses a day-
                                                           time telephone with home postal address for liaison ac-
An “Administration”                                        tivities. The basic task of the Liaison Officer is to pre-
                                                           pare and process information passing between the soci-
The Convention of the International Telecommunication
                                                           ety and the administration.
Union (ITU) and the Radio Regulations both define
"Administration":                                          Liaison work is actioned in three ways:
   Any governmental department or service responsible        1. By telephone.
   for discharging the obligations undertaken in the
                                                             2. In writing by email, by letter, by fax, or by deliv-
   Convention of the International Telecommunication
                                                             ered document.
   Union and the Regulations.
                                                             3. By personal visits for discussions.
A “Society”
                                                           Liaison - in action
The Constitution of the International Amateur Radio
Union (IARU) has this definition of a “National Ama-       Most matters raised by NZART with the administration
teur Radio Society”:                                       are by informal discussion or “sounding out”. After
                                                           reaching an understanding, an exchange of letters can
   A non-commercial association of radio amateurs,
                                                           formalise the arrangement.
   devoted to the objectives set forth in the preceding
   section of this Constitution and substantially cover-   All matters submitted to the administration must be in a
   ing by influence and recognition the country and/or     form that is clear, easy to understand and to process.
   territories which it represents.
                                                           A society must thoroughly “think through” and research
                                                           all the proposals and requests that it submits. Before
Recognition and liaison                                    making a submission, the topic must be studied to de-
NZART is recognised by the New Zealand Ministry of         termine if the subject is within the power of the admini-
Economic Development as the body representing the          stration to action. If it is not, ways must be devised to
New Zealand radio amateur. Each year the Council of        overcome the difficult points. (See Appendix).
the NZART appoints an officer to liaise with the Minis-
                                                           Thorough preparation is important. Thorough research
try - the “NZART Administration Liaison Officer”.
                                                           is essential and the details presented must be accurate.
Dictionaries describe “liaison” with words like “link”,    The submission must give as much information as pos-
“connection” and “get in touch”.                           sible to help the administration to make a decision. The
                                                           Liaison Officer must have an insight and an understand-
The Liaison Officer must be well versed in amateur ra-
                                                           ing of departmental and government policy on many
dio, the Association, and the work of its officials. The
                                                           issues and must frame submissions accordingly.

The Liaison Officer must have an understanding of the            organise” and sometimes even change their name! There
ITU Radio Regulations and a copy should be available.            may be staff changes without any warning. It is not al-
The administration is bound by or will attempt to carry          ways possible for an understudy person to be trained and
out the provisions of these regulations. Reference to            available as a replacement to fill a vacancy. A new staff
them is frequent.                                                member usually means that creating a good liaison con-
                                                                 tact must start all over again!
It is essential that the Liaison Officer have ready access
to other amateurs with special experience or skills to           A society’s Liaison Officer will also change from time-
help with the liaison work.                                      to-time. It is often difficult to find another person with
                                                                 the necessary mix of skills and with the time and re-
NZART publishes letters from the Ministry that contain
                                                                 sources available to take the role. An understudy should
new policy matters in the Association's official journal
                                                                 be appointed if possible and trained in expectation for
“Break-In”. This keeps members of the Association
                                                                 appointment at a later time.
abreast of changes that affect their amateur radio activi-
ties. This is a convenient way for the administration to
                                                                 Other contacts
advise amateur radio operators of changes made to offi-
cial policies.                                                   The Ministry is invited each year to send a representa-
                                                                 tive to the annual NZART Conference. A representative
The development of amateur radio in New Zealand is
                                                                 is sometimes invited to address the Association's Annual
recorded in the pages of “Break-In”. The annual
“NZART Call Book” features the entry “Milestones” to
record the progress of amateur radio in New Zealand. It          The individual radio amateur has contact with the Minis-
shows the privileges gained from the NZART-                      try's local officers on matters such as licensing and local
Administration liaison over the years. It is noteworthy          radio interference.
that all advances in amateur radio regulatory matters
                                                                 Any member of NZART can get specialised information
have come from initiatives by NZART.
                                                                 or help on a difficult problem from the NZART Liaison
The NZART Administration Liaison Officer plays an                Officer. The Liaison Officer can assist a member with
important role in developing position papers before ITU          direct access to the Head Office of the Ministry if this is
World Radio Conferences. An amateur radio representa-            necessary.
tive, funded entirely by NZART, attended the World
                                                                 The NZART Administration Liaison Officer is the Ad-
Administrative Radio Conference 1979 (WARC-79),
                                                                 ministration’s official contact point for Association mat-
and again WARC-92, for the full period of those confer-
ences, as a member of the New Zealand Delegation.
Assistance given to the Delegation extended beyond
                                                                 Further Information
amateur radio matters.
                                                                 Readers are welcome to direct enquiries to:
The level of activity                                               NZART Headquarters
NZART and the Administration exchange many letters                  P.O. Box 40 525
annually. Telephone calls take place once or twice each             Upper Hutt 6415
week and there may be several calls in one day. Formal              NEW ZEALAND
meetings take place when required.
In recent years the Ministry has sent representatives to
attend NZART Council meetings on a fairly regular ba-            Summary
sis, once or twice each year. These direct contacts be-
                                                                 The liaison officer point-of-contact principle has bene-
tween the Administration and NZART Council have
                                                                 fits for both the society and the administration.
been valuable because a direct exchange of views and a
better understanding is possible.                                     _____________________________________
Staff changes
From time-to-time there will be staff changes within an
administration. Government organisations often “re-
                     Notes about preparing a Submission for sending to your Administration

                                                                        An offer to provide further information if re-
From time-to-time, a society may need to submit a request or to         quired
seek some new privileges from an administration. The general
                                                                        The administration may want some aspects of your expla-
principles for preparing such a “Submission” are discussed
                                                                        nation further explained. An offer from you to provide
                                                                        more information is helpful. Suggest too that a meeting
The form of the document                                                could be held to discuss the topic if required.
The form to be adopted will depend on many factors including            A note of thanks for the opportunity to make this
the language and the culture of a country.                              submission
The nature of the submission will depend on whether there has           Show appreciation for the work the administration will
been any prior discussion with the administration about the             have to do to meet your request by thanking them for this
topic and whether the document is a response to a call or an-           opportunity to comment.
nouncement from the administration to the general public to
                                                                        List of any reference documents referred to in
comment on a specific issue.
                                                                        the text
The following pattern has been found to be satisfactory in New
                                                                        This list can sometimes be attached to your text as a sepa-
Zealand when responding to a call from the Ministry of Eco-
                                                                        rate listing.
nomic Development for submissions to address a topic:
                                                                        Copies of any documents - attach as Appendi-
     A brief reference to identify the issue or topic being con-
                                                                        Supporting documents, if required in full, can be attached
                                                                        but it is often enough to just quote extracts from a docu-
     Who you are – and where you are                                    ment, especially if it is known that the administration al-
                                                                        ready has copies of the same document.
     State the full name of your society with your name and ti-
     tle and contact addresses, phone numbers etc.              World-wide coordination
     A statement about privacy and sensitivity                     The IARU is a world-wide organisation and it is very important
                                                                   that all member societies work in a coordinated manner.
     Your administration may require a statement about
                                                                   Documents submitted by your society to your administration
     whether or not you permit the administration to summa-
                                                                   must support and should not conflict with the aims, objects or
     rise your submission in a report, or will permit copies to
                                                                   policies of the IARU.
     be circulated to other organisations. There may be items
     of commercial sensitivity involved in some submissions        You can check your document against information available on
     an administration receives.                                   the IARU web page or submit your document to the Secretary
                                                                   of IARU Region 3 for comment. You may wish to send your
     What you seek and why you seek it
                                                                   document to another society for checking and to seek further
     Be clear with your explanations. Get all the details cor-     ideas about the topic.
     rect. Use simple words and avoid long sentences.
                                                                   Check your document – carefully!
     Background information about the topic
                                                                A submission is a complex document and it should be checked
     If you quote from or attach documents from another soci- by other people. New eyes reading it will find changes that can
     ety or organisation, be sure that the document is suitably be made to improve it.
     cleared for that purpose and is not under an embargo.
                                                                Check for technical accuracy, for simple wording, spelling
     A summary of the aim and purpose of this sub-              errors, grammar, the presentation and layout, and the docu-
     mission                                                    ment’s general tone and suitability for its purpose.
     After you have completed your major explanation, there        Finally - Good Luck!
     is opportunity for a repeat explanation in a summarised
     form. This summary may sometimes be placed near the
     start of your document.

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