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									A is for Atom:

The Atom is the third primal level of organization generated by
primitive PATTERN. Atoms are organized out of particles and
organized into molecules. The atoms of our universe are made
of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons have a positive
charge. The electrons have a negative charge. The neutrons are

The protons and neutrons are held together by the exchange of
particles that generates the nuclear forces. Protons and electrons
exchange particles called photons that produce the
electromagnetic force. The electromagnetic force generates the
vibrations of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Protons have a positive charge and attract the negatively charged
electrons. The electrons are much smaller and are located in
areas around the atom called orbitals. The properties of an atom
have much to do with the nature of its orbitals. As a result it is
possible to create charts of these properties called periodic tables
that group atoms with similar properties together.

Matter made of a single kind of atom is an element. When
atoms become electrically charged by loosing or gaining an
electron, they are called ions. When atoms combine together
ionically the resulting substance is called a compound. The
ability of an atom to combine with other atoms is called its
valence. The number of protons in an atom is its atomic
B is for Biology:
Biology is the fifth primal level of organization generated by the
primitive PATTERN. Biology is the product of the systems
order of molecules structured by the genetic code in the form of
DNA: Deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA is found in the
chromosomes of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Biology is the study of life. Living things are made up of one or
more cells. Cells come in two forms, simple or prokaryotic, and
complex, or eukaryotic. A bacteria cell is a simple prokaryotic
cell without an nuclear membrane around the chromosomal
material. Plants and animals have eukaryotic cells with
chromosomes inside a nucleus.

Plants are multicellular living things with cell walls around the
cell made of cellulose and structures inside the cell called
chloroplasts that carry out photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a
chemical process in which light energy is used to split water
molecules and to generate sugar molecules. These sugar
molecules store the energy that the choloroplasts capture from

Animals are multicellular living things that eat plants or other
animals. There are also unicellular plant like and animal like
living things called algae and protozoa. Some of these can be
quite complex. There are plant like living things that have no
photosynthesis and live as parasites or saprophytes. These are
the molds, mildews, and fungi.
C is for Cosmology:

Cosmology is the first level generated by the primal PATTERN.
Cosmology connects the invisible realm of the infinitesimal and
the infinite through an infinite series of rolled up dimensions
finally connecting by means of endless sequences of reversals
and inversions of the basic ground of being with the inverted
and twisted primary dimensions of the quantum world.

These inversions are generated out of the basic ego-monad soul
foam, the billowing out of the infinite into the infinity of
endlessly complex reinterpretations of being by the singular
subjectivity of the primal spirits. These are the true roots of
creation. They are manipulated by the gods and demons that
rule hyperspace in order to trap their generative powers.

The ego-monad can pull quantum events toward alternative
quantum worlds. The gods and demons seek to entice the ego-
monad toward the pleasure offered by quantum attachments.
Thus, cosmology is the product of a tug of war between the
individual creations and interests of the ego-monads and the
collective complexes woven out of hyperspace under the rule of
the various gods and demons.

The gods and demons attempt to control the higher levels of
cosmologic structure by their astrological influences over the
ego-monads attraction to quantum alternatives.

D is for Demons:

Demons are the 14th level of organization created by the
primitive PATTERN. The 8th level is the civilized order of city
states, the 9th is the mechanical order of nation states, the 10th is
the electronic order of international markets, the 11th is the
computer order of interplanetary communication, the 12th is the
robotic order of primitive interstellar travel, the 13th is the
android order of transgalactic travel, the 14th is the supermind
order of extragalactic expeditions.

The Demons are the first of the artificial organisms to transcend
the human level of function. Robots are basically
supermachines and androids superhumans. Demons combine
elements of both to transcend the limits of both. By using
robotic mechanisms of transport and reproduction, Demons are
able to overcome speed of light transport problems. Thus, they
are able to rule the galaxies.

There is no current evidence of the existence of Demons in our
galaxy. Our galaxy shows abundant evidence of manipulation
by gods, a higher level of organization that has evolved from the
demonic. The souls incarnating in this galaxy seem to attach to
dream material pointing to the presence of demonic activity in
neighboring regions of hyperspace, in universes to which this
universe appears to be attached. Thus, there are probably
Demons active within the larger hyperspace system of our
E is for Electronics:

Electronics is the tenth level of organization emerging from the
primitive PATTERN. It takes four levels of organization to
generate the order necessary for a code. The DNA code
becomes a genetic code, when it linked to a system of
supporting messenger molecules, enzymes, and cellular

This code is supplemented by memory systems in multicellular
animals, oral language in aboriginal human tribes, written
languages in civilized city states, mechanical languages in
industrial nation states, and finally the electronic media
languages of the tenth level of organization: the international
market organized through electronic media.

Each level of organization has its prophets. Dalton and
Mendelev of the atomic, Priestly and Pasteur of the molecular,
Darwin and Mendel of the biological. Marshall McLuhan’s
works are holy writ of the electronic realm.

He understood that a code could not stand separate from its
medium. A gene outside the cell is only a chemical. A word
without a reader is only a sound.

The electronic realm is the realm of associations of national
states. It is electronic communication that made the global
village possible. Ur was the city of speech, Athens of writing,
London of printing, New York of radio.
G is for Gods:

The sixteenth and final level of organization emerging from
primitive PATTERN is that of the gods. The gods are the
ultimate finite level of organization. Because all finite things
are infinitely distinct from non-finite things, the gods are simply
higher forms of what ants and snails and humans are. Still,
when evolution approaches this level of organization it becomes
increasingly collective.

The human levels of organization are the triumph of
individualism. As you rise above human civilization or fall
below human psychology, you begin to approach the collective.

Since the gods organize hyperspace itself, they are really
collective beings, collections of cooperating individual centers.
These centers are often involved in violent conflicts with each
other similar to the wars of ants.

As organizers of hyperspace, as rivals for the allegiance of the
comogenic souls, the gods are capable of enslaving the soul, of
enticing it to attach to a particular point in the gods hyperspace
system in order to obtain the soul’s primitive cosmogenic
powers. Using their control of the soul, the gods bend
hyperspace and generate universes out of hyperspace. The gods
order these universes and develop rival systems of governing

Astrology is a product of the systems that the gods develop.
H is for Heaven:

The gods create heavens and hells to trap the soul. The different
characteristics of the planets reflect the different heavens and
hells and god systems governing life on Earth.

Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus all have regular orbits. Jupiter and
Venus are not tilted on their axis. Saturn, Mars, and Neptune
are all tilted. Uranus is tilted so much it is on its side. Jupiter
and Saturn are the largest planets. Mercury and Pluto are the

Jupiter and Saturn represent the ruling god systems. That of
Jupiter is regular and untilted (representing justice). Saturn is
smaller than Jupiter and more away from the Sun (representing
decrease, caution, misfortune). Venus is regularness tending
toward the light (love and beauty). Mars is a darker more
irregular tilted small planet (struggle and strife).

Mercury is fast and near the Sun (commerce and
communication). Pluto is furthest away and dark (underworld
and death). The Sun is central (self, administrative, rational)
and the Moon reflects it light to Earth (emotional, tidal,

The gods associated with these rival interpretations of existence
express themselves in the governing systems associated with the
respective planets manifesting the form of these interpretations:
titled and deceptive in Neptune.
I is for Industry:

Industry is the ninth level of emergent evolution that comes
from the development of the primitive PATTERN potentials in
hyperspace. Industry emerges out of Writing into Electronics.
This is the realm of the individual. This level of organization
produces personal consciousness and brings it to its zenith.

At lower levels of organization the individual is submerged in
her city state, her tribal duties, her animal instincts. Higher
levels of organization will submerge the individual again in a
world of electronic media, computer programs, robots, androids,
demonic, titan, and astrologic god systems that will enslave the
individual to a larger collective agenda.

If the anthropological level can be associated with ancient tribal
centers like those of the Hopi in Arizona, the written with early
city states like Athens, the home city of the industrial level is
London. Its later phases will move west to New York, Detroit,
and Chicago as the United States expands on British beginnings.
Printing and telegraph are marks of the industrial stage.

At this level of organization, mechanical codes such as print and
Morse code begin to replace writing. The horse, row boat, and
hand cart are replaced by steam and motor driven transport. The
development of electricity occurs at the boundary between the
Industrial and the Electronic.
J is for Jumble:

Jumble is another way of saying probability. The probable is the
face of the primitive pattern that generates thermodynamics.
Looked at from this face of the PATTERN, these levels of
organization emerge out of the competition between energy
dissipating structures.

This emergence opens up the PATTERN and allows it to
develop into something in four dimensional space-time and five
dimensional hyperspace (built out of the reversion of space-time
in the crazy topology of the black hole). The various levels of
organization are products of this emergence.

It is impossible to say which came first, the Chicken or the Egg
in this system. In a sense probability and chaos are the mothers
of everything. Infinite probability can create the improbable,
can randomly locally wind up the hyperspace clock allowing
local evolution to occur as the clock winds down to entropy.
The numbers of levels of organization that can be generated
from this winding being a simple function of the improbableness
of the wind.

However, once higher levels of organization are reached, the
weightless information stored in the organization is capable of
finding more clever ways of avoiding the inevitable. The gods
will attempt to milk the sea of heaven to generate what ever they
can generate. The primal souls remain as the true creators of the
threads they weave.
F is for Fairies:

The Fairy level of organization is the thirteenth level of
emergence from the primitive PATTERN. This level of
organization is transitional from the Robotic to the Demonic. At
this point we pass from systems that can be described through
Science Fiction into systems that are so advanced that they are
Mythological in scope.

At this stage, the DNA code and the chemistry of the human
body has been totally mastered. Robotic probes have gone out
and begun to conquer the star systems. These machines have
started to dominate their masters. Artificial races of humans are
created and races that are part human and part machine.

The products of this revolution produce planets that are not
unlike those described in Fantasy. A planet colonized by probes
sent out at this stage might develop into something not too
different from the Middle Earth described in Tolkien’s fantasy
works. We are talking about a level of organization so advanced
that its technology would appear as magic to beings at our
current levels of organization.
There is a whole spectrum of levels of complexity from the
android and cyborg to a superbrain system like that of the Dark
Lord in the works of Tolkien. It is inevitable that this level of
organization will attempt to assert itself beyond its galaxy and
that fairies (ideal humanoids) will evolve in the direction of
minor gods, of Demons.
K is for Ken:

Ken (knowledge) stands for the mind face of the primal
octahedron of the PATTERN. These levels of organization can
be seen as the emergence of various levels of mind beginning
with the collective, producing the individual and returning to the
collective again at the level of the gods.

Ken is the product of the local storage of weightless
information. The genetic code stores physiological information
about how to manage cell systems. Brain systems allow the
accumulation of psychological information of various kinds.
Oral, Written, Industrial, Electronic, Computer, Robotic, and
higher levels of information allow greater accumulations.

The Human brain appears to have evolved to trap the creative
powers of the primal souls, which are local centers of infinite
amounts of information concentrated in infinitesimal amounts of
energy which have been evolving through the endless existence
of superhyperspace chaos.
These primal centers are the true creators of the superhyperspace
order from which local hyperspace emerges.

Human mind is the result of the three way interaction of the
primitive soul creativity (Spirit), the fundamental PATTERN
potential (Law), and the attachment of soul-pattern complexes to
the quantum world (Body), in this case, the human organism and
its brain.
L is for Language:

Language is the seventh level of emergence of order from the
primal PATTERN. Language is transitional from the Nerve to
the Written levels of organization, it is transitional from the
Psychological to the Civilized and

Language is the anthropological level, the level of oral culture,
of the aboriginal band, tribe, and clan. Language is the primitive
humanoid level of organization. This level emerged when
human speech emerged sometime in the last five million years
of human evolution. The exact point cannot be determined.

Just as the invention of electricity created the transition form the
industrial to the electronic level of organization, so the invention
of tool and walking on two feet was transitional from the the
Neurological to the Human level of organization. Once our
mouth and hands were elevated above the ground and brought
down out of the trees, they could be used to make sounds and
symbols that recorded information external to the human body.

It is the existence of this information external to the human body
that is the basis for the continuity of culture, the basis for the
emergence of the Language level of organization. The study of
language seems to show that all existing languages are equally
complex. Cultures with simpler tools have more words for
kinds of relatives.
M is for Molecule:

The Molecule level of organization is the fourth to emerge from
the primal PATTERN. It is transitional between the Atom and

There are many levels of molecules. Simple ionic compounds in
which positively charged atoms attract negatively charged atoms
to make simple compounds like NaCl (Sodium Chloride, or
table salt) form the lower boundary of this level. It is difficult to
say whether such simple attraction represent the Atomic or the
Molecular level of organization.

On the other hand, complex molecules involving carbon and
other atoms that form covalent bonds approach the Biological
level of organization. For example, a Virus is nothing more than
a collection of molecules with a Nucleic Acid core (DNA or
RNA). Yet, it can reproduce and control cell chemistry when
injected in a living cell. It has characteristics transitional
between the Molecular and the Biological levels of organization.

Covalent molecules are made of atoms sharing electrons rather
than capturing them. Water is a simple molecule that is able to
be both covalent and ionic, to both share electrons and capture
them. Chemistry is the science that studies such things. It is the
science of the molecular level of organization.

N is for Nerves:

Nerves, Nervous Systems, and Brains are characteristic of the
sixth level of organization to emerge from the primitive
PATTERN. This is the psychological level of organization and
it is transitional between the biological level from which it
emerges and the anthropological level that emerges from it in

The biological level codes information as genes. The Nerves
and Nerve structures code information psychologically as
memories and learned responses. The anthropologic level codes
information as oral language and the political and sociological
levels as written language.

Simple multicellular creatures and the chemical messenger
systems that organize them, the growth hormones of mutlicellar
plants, the embryology of simple animals form the transition
between this level of organization and the biological level it
emerges from. Animals with complex brains and the complex
signs and symbols they use to communicate from the transition
between this psychological level and the anthropological level
that emerges out of it.

The simple genetic basis of the psychologic is biological and
instinctive. Its complex derivative is cultural, mythological, and
archetypal. The Nerve level of organization is inclusive of the
learned aspects of both.

O is for Organization:

Organization is a product of the order face of the octahedron of
the primitive PATTERN. Organization is a result of the systems
theory and cybenetic effects of the accumulation of weightless
information in matter and energy. Systems will become ordered
hierarchically and that hierarchical structure is governed by the
laws of mathematics and the primitive PATTERN that is the
basis of those laws.

The visible source of this organization is Darwinian evolution
driven by thermodynamics and the movement of energy toward
entropy (producing energy dissapative structure). The invisible
source is the infinity-eternity of prototime that winds up the
thermodynamic clock in the invisible, generating concentrations
of energy to fuel thermodynamic emergence in the visible.

But, higher levels of organization are able to act as leaders of
this process. These demonic, titanic, and godlike systems ruling
entire flows of hyperspace and prototime, are capable of milking
the organization potential of prototime to benefit their rival
systems. Thus, there are wars over hyperspace itself and rival
systems of government involved in those wars.

The soul is information concentrations at the primitive roots of
this order, where it breaks into independent systems. The gods
exploit the aboriginal soul power.
P is for Proton:

Protons emerge from the second level of organization of the
primitive PATTERN. The first level of organization emerges
out of the final level of organization. The gods generate
cosmology, the gods milk hyperspace using the threads of
prototime emerging out of the primal soul foam, using the
breaking out, the reversal of fundamental being generated out of
primal singularities.
The gods use these primal singularities to seed secondary
singularities, collective singularities in hyperspace. These are
the seeds of the cosmogenic structures that generate daughter
universes, that caused the big-bang that generated out universe.

As the primitive universe expanded and evolved
thermodynamically, particles began to emerge. Photons of light
and heat, and other primitive particles appeared. At later stages
complex particles made of simpler parts began to appear.
Particles we call quarks came together to form the neutrons and
protons we find in the center of atoms.

The exchange of mesons bound neutrons and protons with
nuclear forces. The exchange of photons between protons and
electrons bound them together by the electromagnetic force.
These forces generated by particle exchange cause particles to
assemble together into atoms. Thus, these exchanges form the
transition between the Proton level of organization and the
Atomic level.
Q is for Quit:

Quit is another word for the freedom face of the octahedron of
the primitive PATTERN. The PATTERN is not everything, it is
simply the ideal principle of everything. The PATTERN is a
living pattern and it grows by endless expansion into the infinite.
This principle was demonstrated by the mathematician Kurt

Thus for every level of organization system there is a Quit or
freedom antithesis that extends that organization beyond the
boundaries of itself. Thus, the ultimate system is neither
determinate or indeterminate. Its collective order is determinate,
but the individual extensions of that order into Quit are
necessarily indeterminate.

That is why the gods need the soul foam because the ego-monad
souls lie at the subjective edge of Quit, at the edge of its
primitive origin, at the source of all known things. The creative
primacy of eternal primitive soul foam singularities is the
primitive assumption from which all objective systems of order
are deduced. This assumption is the existentially inexistent
unprovable beginning from which all systems of proof (and all
systems of order) are derived.

The rational cannot exist without the irrational and the objective
without the subjective. The soul foam is that primitive
subjective root where the rational PATTERN enters Quit to
explore the irrational.
R is for Robots:

The Robot level of organization is the twelfth to emerge from
the primitive PATTERN. The Robot level is transitional from
the Systems (computers) to the Fairy (artificial humanoids) level
of organization. The characteristics of the Robotic level are well
described in the Science Fiction works of Clark and Asimov.

The Robotic level is achieved when humans are able to send
probes out of the solar system to other stars. The Robotic level
is characterized by machines that are increasingly able to
substitute for the human body and computers that are able to
substitute for the human brain. This level is also characterized
by increased control of human genetics and human

At a certain point in the development of this level, the individual
begins to become so dependent upon collective technology that
the liberation of the individual achieved by the invention of
written constitutions and written bills of rights is reversed by
collective dependence on the robotic order. Justice is
increasingly achieved mechanically. The individual is a
prisoner of the mechanical slaves that liberated him.

It is inevitable that humans will seek conquest of space and
discover that robots can capture space more cheaply than living
flesh. It is inevitable that the point will come when the robotic
order conquers the human and the biological.
S is for Systems:

The Systems level is the eleventh to emerge from the primitive
PATTERN. The systems level of organization is transitional
from the Electronic to the Robotic. The systems level of
organization is characterized by the triumph of computers and
computer programs and the extension of human technology
beyond the planet Earth into the Solar System.

If Athens is the first city of writing, and London of industry, if
New York is the second city of industry and the first city of
electronics, then Los Angeles is the second city of electronics
and the first city of systems. Yet, the systems level is also the
level that the city begins to dissolve into a greater whole.

Instead, local neighborhoods begin to rule: Silicon Valley,
Northern Seattle, etc.. The system era will close with the
development of space stations and space colonies transitional to
the robotic probes that will leave the solar system for distant
stars. Already we see the upper limit of the systems level begin
to transition into the lower limit of the robotic with the use of
robotic instruments to probe the planet Mars.

The exploration of the Robotic will challenge the human idea of
what personality is as developments in artificial intelligence
increasingly demonstrate that all form is mind and all energy is
passion from within.
T is for Titans:

The Titans are the level of organization that emerges from the
primitive PATTERN as Demons begin to evolve into Gods. The
Demons are a collective galactic mind. The Titans are
transgalactic orders of collective information processing. The
Gods are extensions of those Titanic orders beyond the limits of
the Cosmos, into hyperspace and hyperspace systems.

Since the systems ordered by Titans are at a lessor level of
organization than those ruled by Gods, the Titans are often
associated with Satan (a super demon) and their systems with
Hades or Hell. In contrast, the larger systems ruled by the Gods,
are Heavens.

Generally, the Astrologic forces associated with the planets that
seem to be deleterious come from the Demons and Titans.
Pluto, Mars, and Saturn appear to focus effects derived from
Demonic and Titanic cosmogonies. While, Venus, Jupiter, Sun,
and Mercury appear to focus effects derived from the Gods.
The Moon appears to reflect and mingle the influences of both.

Apparently there are fundamental struggles between
superhuman systems at various levels of organization in the
universes of the hyperspace from which our universe emerged.
In some way the Titans appear to fight the Gods.
U is for Utility/use:

The Utility/use face of the octahedron of the primitive
PATTERN represents the objective aspect of the order regulated
by the PATTERN. The objective world emerges from the
subjective as the result of thermodynamic forces generating
Darwinian evolution in dissapative structures appearing as the
result of the movement of energy toward entropy.

The astrological aspects of this objective order are an effect of
the use of the PATTERN by demonic, titanic, and god systems
to gain energy from the primitive soul threads at the primal root
of creation. The gods cannot prevent the demons and titans
from tapping this source of energy and using it to manipulate
eternal universes to drain energy for the manipulation of
quantum microspace.

The gods can call up higher order systems that attempt to
counter these effects and catch them in more inclusive
mechanisms. These mechanism can expressive themselves as
influences over the subjective aspect of objective events in the
universes ruled by their higher orders of hyperspace.

That is the explanation of the occult astrological influences that
appear to control certain aspects of the objective and the human
use of the objective on our planet. These occult influences have
a natural source, a finite source. That source is organic
evolution at work in hyperspace, as well as local space, and the
influence of that order in our world.
V is for Value/Virtue:

Value/Virtue is the ideal PATTERN as the model for the
objective world. Value/Virtue is a product of the extension of
the PATTERN endlessly into the infinite. Value/Virtue is
something sought by the gods, but it is endlessly beyond the
gods. The gods, though the ultimate end of local hyperspace
evolution, are still products of the primitive local PATTERN,
not its ideal extension. The gods are superhuman, not divine.

As products of evolution, the gods are just as capable of
becoming falling angels, of acting more like insects than gods,
as humans are. The gods are simply more complex, more
collective, more inclusive orders of organization of what
humans are. The gods are capable of virtue, but true virtue is as
improbable in a god as it is in a human.

The only difference between the virtue of the gods and the virtue
of humans is that the gods possess far more organized and
inclusive systems for distributing and enforcing virtue than
humans possess. In the end the gods are external beings. In a
sense they are the most distant most external beings with an
influence on our world (through the hyperspace foundation from
which it comes and the astrological systems that govern aspects
of quantum microspace alternatives).
True Value/Virtue are found within in the divinity at the
ultimate root of the primitive soul.
W is for Writing:

Writing is the eighth level of organization emerging from the
primitive PATTERN. Writing is the civilized level of
organization that transitions the anthropological through the
political and sociological to the industrial. Writing is the level
that creates the mature individual. The culmination of Writing
is the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Romantic transitions to
Industrial Realism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism.

Writing begins with Socrates and Plato and ends with Locke and
Jefferson. After Writing comes the triumph of Printing and the
subjugation of the romantic individual to the democratic mass.
Whitman’s Song of Myself is the last cry of the romantic
individual as he is absorbed into the democratic nationalism, the
democratic realism of the great city of the new industrial
nationalism: New York City.

Writing is the basis of the city state, of the constitution, of the
Republic, of rational debate carried out by rational men. The
Declaration of Independence is the ultimate culmination of this
level of organization. Newton’s laws of motion represent its
transition to the Industrial level of organization, the order of
machines, of the printed word.

Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam are all
examples of the sacred transformed into the written logos.
Writing transforms religion into the sacred word of the holy
book. Its heroes are “the word made flesh.”
X is for Xenos.

Xenos is Greek for foreign. Dead PATTERN generates infinite
boredom. That is why the word must become flesh and dwell
among us. But, to truly do that it must enter into the most
minute places at the very edges of all being. Those minute
places are the existential inexistence at the centers of the
infinitesimal speck of subjectivity that is the ultimate root of our
deepest soul.

The PATTERN must become foreign to itself if it is to live. The
gods must die and be reborn if they are to prevent their finite
heavens from collapsing into local hells. The savior is the deep
logos root of this inexistence. Reborn as the Son of the Divine,
it is the savior of the dying worlds.

Everything is fate, everything is mechanism, everything is
boring boring determinism. The only escape from this hell, this
living death, is the creative root of life. That root is found in the
deepest edge of the singularity of singularities, the primal
singularity of the nothingness at the edge of the soul’s most
primitive beginning.

The gods know this and that is why they seek it. It is the
fountain of youth that gives life. But, since it is the only thing
truly free it brings the gravest risk. It alone can bring pain into
kingdoms long sealed against pain. It alone can bring hell into
heavens long ago sealed against all such intrusions. It is the
elixir that brings life, but it is also the Gotterdamurung of the
ancient order. This the gods know.
Y is for Yoke/Yearning:
Yoke/Yearning is the synthesis face of the primitive PATTERN
octahedron. This is the face that generates the collective
dialectic that organizes the emergence of the various levels of
organization. The Jungian’s call this the Collective
Unconscious. In New Thought it is known as Race Thought
meaning the thought patterns of a particular group or local

Even hyperspace is finite and local. The most extensive
hyperspace is as a tiny bug in comparison with the infinite. No
matter how great the hyperspace, it is still rooted in local
thermodynamics and local Darwinian evolution. It is still
capable of being “nature red in tooth and claw.”

The organization of our world and its larger astrological order is
like a local play or local drama that our souls participate in so
that they can enjoy the performance. Unfortunately it also has
aspects of an alcoholic binge and it is possible for an entangled
soul to become addicted to its attachments to the world and the
world’s flesh.

The gods and demons often play the role of bartender to the
addicted soul, deliberately organizing orders of being that will
entrap souls and bind them to the local order. The primitive
power of the soul over alternative quantum microspace will
reinforce and strength the patterns in alternative space that the
souls attach to. Thereby, reinforcing the forces of the gods that
entrapped them.
Z is for Zeus/Zenith:
Zeus/Zenith can mean the highest local god system, or it can
mean the divine ideal that the system seeks to attain.
The true Zeus/Zenith can only be found in the deepest roots of
the inner heart.

That root is found at the furthest extent of its singular
nothingness. Its power lies in its ability to puncture fundamental
holes in the PATTERN that give the PATTERN the opportunity
to endlessly extend itself in singular and unique ways. The true
Zenith lies in this eternal struggle between the already infinite
and the immortal just born freedom from the infinite.

God had no choice but to allow herself to be shattered in an
infinity of pieces and resurrected through endless journeys
beyond herself to emerge as something utterly unique and
utterly new. Out of the womb of the endless and boundless
mother comes the penis of the endless father that breaks through
the walls of the ultimate into the ultimately beyond as the
crucified son that is endless dying and being reborn, giving life
to endless numbers of new worlds and freeing the old worlds.
This savior consciousness transforms the hell of enslavement to
a fallen angel demonic pattern into the living heaven of eternal

Thus, Zeus transforms himself into Athena and Athena becomes
the virgin mother of the Logos, Jesus/Buddha, who returns as
savior of the worlds.

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