How can you invest in securities abroad by amberp


									                               How can you invest
                              in securities abroad ?

                                   Who are you?

                 Individual                            Institutional
                  investor                               investor

          Invest in mutual fund units          Please see the following pages

                                                            To be
                                                        established by
Foreign Investment              Asian Bond                 the SEC
   Funds (FIF)                  Mutual Funds
                           As an institutional investor,
                       how can I invest in securities abroad?

                     Purchase from                              Request approval
                    authorized banks                               from BOT
Eligible institutional           Permitted securitites:
investors                        Only securities issued by
- Finance companies              Thai residents
- Securities companies           1. Debt securities issued by
- Credit Foncier companies          government
- Insurance companies            2. Debt securities issued by
- Specialized financial             state enterprises                Invest under
  institutions                   3. Debt securities issued by        conditions as
- International financial           Thai banks and their              specified in
  institutions                       offshore branches               the approval
- Government units and state     4. Debt securities issued by            letter
  enterprises                       specialized financial
- Government pension funds          institutions
- Social security funds
- Mutual funds (excluding
  private funds)
                Each authorized banks can sell
                up to a total of USD 50 million
                       How do I request approval from BOT?
                                                                              1. Life insurance companies
                                                                              2. Government pension funds
                                                                              3. Social security fund
                                   Submit application                         4. Provident funds
                                to the Competent Officer                      5. Mutual funds (excluding
                                                                                 private funds)
                                                                              6. Specialized financial institutions

                Investment in securities                           Investment in securities
                issued by Thai residents                            issued by nonresidents

  Types of Securities              Permitted amount         Types of Securities                 Permitted amount

1. Debt securities issued by          As requested
    government                       (without limit)                                                  Not exceeding
 2. Debt securities issued by                          1. Sovereign debt securities
    state enterprises                                  2. Quasi-Sovereign debt securities            US$ 500 million
 3. Debt securities issued by                             (investment grade only)                   for all applicants
    Thai banks and their                                                                                combined
    offshore branches
 4. Debt securities issued by
    specialized financial
 5. Debt securities issued by                                                   To be allocated for each applicant
    private sectors
                How do I submit application?

                                           Submit collectively
     Submit directly
        to BOT
                                            supervisory body


1. Application Form
2. Evidence of approval and permitted investment fund granted by
    supervisory body
3. Investment amount
4. Evidence of financial status e.g. financial statement
5. Other relating documents (if any)
                      Channels of

 Purchase from
authorized banks                           Purchase directly
                                             from abroad

      Investment in securities abroad
    issued by Thai residents will not be
     counted in the authorized banks’
       selling limits of US$ 50 million.

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