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					A student applied for admission to a Medical School for post-graduate
studies. He never made it after the answers he gave to the quiz as

a.. ANTIBODY -                    against everyone

b.. ARTERY            -           the study of fine paintings

c.. BACTERIA              -        back door entry to a cafeteria

d.. BENIGN            -           what you be after you be eight

e.. BOWEL         -           letters like a,e,i,o,u

f.. CAESAREAN SECTION - a district in Rome

g.. CARDIOLOGY -                       advanced study of poker playing

h.. CAT SCAN              -        searching for lost kitty

i.. CHRONIC               -        neck of a crow

j.. COMA      -           punctuation mark

k.. CORTISONE                 -        area around the local court house

l.. CYST      -           short for sister

m.. DIAGNOSIS -                    person with a slanted nose

n.. DILATE            -           the late British princess

o.. DISLOCATION -                       in this place

p.. DUODENUM              -        couple in Jeans

q.. ENEMA         -           not a friend

r.. FALSE LABOUR -                       pretending to work

s.. GENES         -           blue denim

t.. GROIN         -           to mash to a pulp

u.. HERNIA            -           she is close by

v.. HYMEN         -           greeting to several males

w.. IMPOTENT              -        distinguished, well-known

x.. LABOUR PAIN -                       hurt at work

y.. LACTOSE           -           person without digits on the foot

z.. LIPOSUCTION                    -     a French Kiss

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