How can you miss 5000 strikers! by amberp


									                                                                         Monday, September 27, 2004

                How can you miss 5,000 strikers!
We’d like to acknowledge the over 5,000 CRA workers who were out on the line on Thursday in
the National Capital Region. Strong lines were up at almost 20 locations across the region and
the Taxation Centre was closed to the public. A good 400 CRA members were a spirited part of
the morning rally at Treasury Board headquarters. With all the reports coming in on Thursday,
we inadvertently missed including mention in the daily bulletin of their great show of strength on
the line.

Strategic action by CRA members in Moncton left the office in total chaos. The Assistant
Director ended up handling the cash while a PM-06 acted as the office greeter, telling clients
there were no services. The Brinks truck left without the deposits for the day because
management couldn’t find the key to the safe! Parks picket lines were up at Signal Hill and
Cape Spear. The Ships’ Crews from the Hudson are still on strike. Parks members were out at
the regional office in Halifax and at the Ingonish golf course. Several Table 1 members were
able to negotiate a meeting with Veterans’ Affairs Minister Albina Guarnieri. She claims Alcock
is “working around the clock” and knows for a fact we have his attention. The question is –
working on what?

Participants at the Quebec Regional Women’s Conference joined the picket line in Trois-
Rivières yesterday in a true show of solidarity with our Parks strikers. In front of the “Bourg du
Fleuve” federal building, they sang and shouted: We’ve already paid for the deficit; we won’t pay
for the sponsorship scandal! National President Nycole Turmel and Quebec REVP Jérôme
Turcq were on the line. After the morning picket, the women joined a Steelworkers line in
nearby Bécancour.

CRA members paid a visit to the Immigration Call Centre on Chauveau Street in Montreal where
they were greeted by Immigration staff. Meanwhile, strategic action was going on in Rouyn
Noranda. CRA strikers in the Montérégie region were active on the line. In Sherbrooke, spirits
were good on the line. The Local president was invited to speak at a Quebec Federation of
Labour meeting where his speech was warmly received. In Laval, CRA members visited the
local Employment Insurance office where they held an information picket for the morning.
Workers at the office were pleased by the visit and wanted to know when they will be back.

In London, CRA had planned a meeting with MPs, even though our members involved in the
planning suggested to the Director that he should cancel it. He persisted and was rewarded
with a solid wall of picketers at both the front and back entrances to Frederick street office.
Members came in from appointments and from home to join the line. The public was very
supportive, honking horns and waving.
                                                                         Monday, September 27, 2004

Parks members were on a strategic “butterfly” strike as hundreds of watchers flocked to Point
Pelee for the annual butterfly migration south. Tours were either cancelled or provided by

The strategic walkout by the members of the Weigh staff at the Grain Commission in Thunder
Bay is having a significant impact. Their work is not being done correctly or at all and our Table
3 members are refusing to handle the work done by managers for that reason. The media are
getting our message that quality is being compromised in spite of management’s protests to the

All Manitoba CRA members were out on the line bright and early. Busloads of members from
the Winnipeg Tax Centre joined the Table 2 picket at the Virology Lab where the Prime Minister
was scheduled to visit. CRA members from various locations around the city met at the Fort
Garry Hotel to give the PM a special welcome. He was in town to announce the new Public
Health Agency. How about a healthy collective agreement? Lines were up and strong in
Brandon. CRA members were out in Saskatchewan, participating in the rotating action.

Parks members from Waterton Lake National Park joined their CRA colleagues in Lethbridge
yesterday. Another good picket line was up at the Harry Hays building in Calgary during the
day. Canada Place in Edmonton was surrounded by CRA members. The line ran like a well
oiled machine with good public and union support.

British Columbia
Our picket lines were up at most of the grain terminals at the Port of Vancouver. The grain
workers’ union Local 333 honoured the lines and have now been called before the Canada
Industrial Relations Board by the B.C. Terminal Operators’ Association. Throughout B.C., Table
2 members were conducting study sessions on Friday. The W.E. Ricker returned to Port Hardy
and the Vector returned to home port because the crews are on strike. A patrol boat is also tied
up in Port Hardy.

Our thank you file:

   •   The PIPSC member in Edmonton who bought 50 coffees, as well as a platter of food for
       the picketers, out of his own pocket.
   •   Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union members for joining the line at
       Canada Place in Edmonton.

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