Document Sample
                           May 14, 2001

Provide general guidelines to answer subscriber inquiries regarding access to
CME‟s Virtual Private Network (VPN).

1. What is a Virtual Private Network?
Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure method of accessing CME „s
electronically traded products on GLOBEX®2 using your preferred Internet Service

2. How secure is CME’s VPN?
CME‟s VPN uses state-of-the art encryption technology.

3. Who is best suited to use CME’s VPN solution?
CME‟s VPN solution is targeted for users who do not require a high-availability or a
fault-tolerant connection.

4. What are the connectivity options to CME’s VPN?
To connect to CME‟s VPN, a subscriber must obtain access to the Internet via an
Internet Service Provider (ISP). The type of local access compatible with the VPN
is 56k, dial up, isdn, dsl or cable-modem, provided your ISP supports one of these

5. Can I access other Internet sites while trading via CME’s VPN?
No. The type of access provided on CME „s VPN is called “Secured Tunneling”
which enables subscribers to communicate securely over untrusted, public
networks. If you need to access other websites for quotes etc., you will need
access to another computer.

6. Can I use my AOL, CompuServe or Prodigy account?
These ISP‟s are not true Internet Service Providers, but rather private networks
with gateway connections to the Internet. The CME VPN is supported only by
ISP‟s with direct connections to the Internet.

7. What types of questions should I ask my ISP Vendor in order to ensure
   See attachment

8. What hardware will I need to access the GL WIN front-end?
The minimum hardware requirements are as follows:
    64MB RAM minimum; 128MB or greater preferred
    Pentium III or comparable
    266Mhz or better with 250MB of free disk space
9. What operating systems are supported?
    Windows 98 2nd Ed
    Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (Service Pack 5 or better)
    Windows 2000 (Service Pack 1)
   *It is suggested that you download and install “Tweak UI” from Microsoft.
   Tweak UI fixes a Windows GUI problem that allows a bid or buy box to
   automatically become the active window. In the Control Panel click the Tweak UI
   icon, click the General TAB and uncheck “Allow application to set focus”.

   Documentation: Please Read the Installation Instructions
       **“Tweak UI” is not a CME Inc. product.

10. What is the process to subscribe to the VPN?
    You must have a Clearing Firm Guarantee from a CME FCM.
    You must complete a User I.D. Request Form, signed by your CME FCM
     which will generate a User I.D. and password that will allow you to log into
     the GL WIN software.
    You must complete a GLOBEX2 Training Class by contacting the GLOBEX
     Services Department at 312-930-2397.

11. Once I have established local access, what are the next steps for me to
   connect to CME?
    Contact GLOBEX2 Services, complete and submit paperwork.
    CME GLOBEX2 Services provides the subscriber with instructions on how
      to receive the software that allows the end-user to communicate with CME‟s
    Once the paperwork is turned into GLOBEX2 Services, we will provide the
      end user with the Codes needed to download the VPN Digital Certificate via
      fax or mail.
    Once the subscriber is communicating with CME‟s VPN, GLOBEX2
      Services will provide instructions on how to download the GL WIN software.

12. Can I call the GCC if I have problems with my ISP or local access
Since the subscriber owns the PC and the Internet connection, it is the
responsibility of the subscriber to troubleshoot any technical and hardware issues
related to their local connection; the subscriber is responsible for the workstation
and the Internet connectivity. The user should call the GCC for order status or

13. What is the cost to utilize CME’s VPN?
The total monthly fee for connecting to CME‟s VPN is $400; the monthly software
access is $200, while the monthly connectivity fee is $200.

14. Is there an installation cost for the VPN or a Contract commitment?
There is no installation cost for access to CME‟s VPN, however, the contract is for
6 months. If you cancel your VPN access prior to 6 months, you will be
responsible for the $400 monthly fee until your 6 month commitment has ceased.
15. Who can I contact if I have any further questions
 You can email us at or GLOBEX2 Services at 312-930-2397.

14. Can I use an Internet sharing router that is store bought or provided to
   me by my ISP?
You can use an Internet sharing router if that device supports IPSEC forwarding.
Please be advised that your are more likely to experience issues if you use a
sharing device and certain steps will need to be taken in order for this to work.
       Disable KEEPALIVES on the Extranet Client through the Options Menu.
       You may be kicked off every 7 hours and 30 minutes. This happens
         because “UDP 500” is not allowed or is not routed back to your computer
         from the VPN gateway.
       You network performance will decrease when other workstations are
         also on the Internet through the same sharing device.
       Internet sharing devices make it hard for the CME, Genuity and your ISP
         to troubleshoot problems that you may have.

15. When will Microsoft Millennium and Microsoft XP be supported?
This depends on a number of items
       Is the Operating System Stable
       Is a Service Pack Required from Microsoft
       How stable and compatible is the Operating System running the
          Extranet Client
The turn around for Operating System support can be from 6 to 9 months after the
release date.

16. Can I use a Multi-Processor Computer
No, the Extranet Client is not compatible with a Multi-Processor Computer.

17. Can use Windows NT Server or Windows 2000 Server?
No, the Extranet Client is not compatible with Windows Server Products.

18. Can I connect to CME through the VPN on more than 1 computer, for
   example my Laptop when I’m traveling?
Yes, you can save your digital certificate to a floppy disk and transfer it to another
computer such as a laptop. You will need to load the Extranet Client on the 2 nd
workstation and GLwin.

19. Can I connect to the CME through the VPN on more than 1 computer at
    the same time?
Yes, provided that you have 2 digital certificates. You cannot login concurrently
with the same digital certificate.

20. Why am I having problems connecting to the CME internal web-site
First check that the Extranet Client is started and connected to the CME. Left-
mouse-click on your START button and select Run, in the Open box type
“” excluding the parentheses. If you are still unable to
connect, right-mouse-click on the Internet Explorer icon on your Windows desktop
and left-mouse-click on Properties. Next left-mouse-click on the Connections
TAB, left mouse click on “LAN Settings” button and verify that “Automatically
detect settings” is not checked. If after this you still cannot connect left-mouse-
click on your START button and select Run, in the Open box type “command”
excluding the parentheses. In the command window that you opened type the
following “ping” and hit the Enter key. You should see a message
“Reply from”, if you see something else such as “request timed out” or
“destination unreachable” call 312-456-2391.

21. Why am I having problems using the Clearing Keys Excel file?
For the Clearing Keys to work you must have Microsoft Excel 97 or better with
macros enabled. The Clearing Keys expects GLwin to be located in “C:\Program
files\glwin\”, you can check this by right-mouse-clicking on the GLwin icon your
desktop and left-mouse-click on Properties. In the “GLWIN Properties” box click
on Shortcut TAB, and verify that the Target is
"C:\Program files\GLWIN\glbureau.exe". If the target is something other that
"C:\Program Files\GLWIN\glbureau.exe" call 312-456-2391.

 22. Why am I getting logged off of the VPN?
 There are several factors that would log you off the VPN.
         If your are using an Internet Sharing router you will need to Disable
           KEEPALIVES on the Extranet Client through the Options Menu.
         If your are using an Internet Sharing router you will likely get kicked off
           every 7 hours and 30 minutes. This happens because “UDP 500” is not
           allowed or is not routed back to your computer from the VPN gateway.
         If you are inactive on the VPN for 15 minutes or longer you will get
           logged out. To avoid this problem, make sure GLwin is running and you
           have some sort of market data coming in or going out.
         Between the hours of 22:00 – 23:00 CST the markets close, it advisable
           that you logoff of GLwin at 22:00 CST to avoid a Deja Connection.
         Your ISP could go down or log you off with warning you.
**If you get logged off of the VPN and GLwin was not logged off correctly Call the
GCC immediately to take care of any open orders.

23. What if I forget my password for the VPN?
Your password cannot be retrieved. You will need to call 312-456-2391, the
Globex 2 Support Specialist will revoke your primary digital certificate and issue
you a backup digital certificate. You will need to retrieve your new digital

24. Why do I need a personnel firewall (such as Black-Ice) if the VPN is
The VPN is only secure when you are using the VPN. It is important that our
customers are protected when they are not using the VPN especially those
customers with a high-speed and or always-on connection such as DSL or cable.

25. I have AOL, but I do not use it to connect to the VPN is this ok?
AOL (America On Line) uses virtual adapters that have been known to cause
conflict with the Extranet Client Adapter. You should remove AOL and all of its
adapters and reinstall the Extranet Client to be safe or to fix the problem.
26. After I install the Extranet Client I get a “driver error” what is this error
After installing the Extranet Client you must reboot your computer.

27. My Globex2 Software has been corrupted or damaged how do I easily fix
To fix or repair GLwin, open your “Control Panel” and click the “Add Remove
Programs” icon. Find and select GLWIN from your installed program list and click
the “Add/Remove” button. When the “InstallShield Wizard” program opens, select
Repair. The GLWIN repair option should fix corrupted, damaged, or missing files.