Installation guide Audi A6 4F APS+ by bzh37299


									                    Installation guide Audi A6 4F APS+

Time for installation is about 5 hours.

Please disconnect the battery before you are going to start the installation!

This manual is for experienced people in retrofitting.

After Installation the system have to be coded by an Audi dealer:

              Address 76 (Parkassist) – activation of optical display
              Address 07 (display front) – chanal 01, current value +4

You should check all components you need before installing:

wiring control unit - sensors
wiring sensors front
4 suitable sensors in the colour of the car
control unit PDC for optical display in MMI
buzzer front including
button PDC

For drilling the wholes into the bumper you will need a 23mm driller
For fitting the sensors you will need a hot glue gun as well as sandpaper.

Parts as follows has to be removed:

Bumper front
Cover above the wheel left and right
Glove box
Entry rail right, frint and back
Cover B-post right
Back seats
Cover trunk in the middle
Cover trunk right
Cover underneath the steering wheel
The control unit for PDC is located behind the trunk cover on the right hand side.
Remove the middle cover of the trunk. Pull of the metal plate of the trunk.

Remove the cover by pulling on the right hand side of the trunk like showing on the

Remove the back seats. Pull the seats out of the locking. Remove the cover of the B-
post. Pull the cover beginning from the ground up to the roof. Pull the lower cover in
direction of the roof. It is fixed on the ground.

Please remove the glove box. Therefore remove the cover on the right hand side and
remove the screws which are located behind. Remove all screws underneath and
disconnect all connections behind.

Wire the harness starting from back seat in the front direction to the fuse box. Please
wire the split to the buzzer and button as well.

Please wire the harness up to the trunk in the back and connect it to the control unit.

              The two loose wires have to be plugged into the brown
              16-pole connector which is already part of the harness.
              The chamber where to plug in the two wires is printed on
              the wires.

Now you can wire the arm for the buzzer and button PDC. Therefore you have to pull
the clima control unit (it is quite tough). Remove the cover underneath the steering
wheel as well.
The button PDC is located above the clima control unit right hand side. The buzzer is
located in the footwell area (driver side) on the centerconsole. The wholes for
mounting are already there.
Connect the wires to the suitable places. The wires are printed so you can not do a
mistake by connecting.

             The Fusebox ST1 (image) has got steady plus.
             The Fusebox ST2 (image) has got ingnition plus.
             CAN high and low has to be connected to the CAN
             connector (image).
             Original colour of CAN high is Orange/Green.
             Original colour of CAN low is Orange/Brown.
             The ground point is located in the foot well of the
             passenger side as well.

             Connet th ebrown wire from the PDC button to the
             The Gray wire is for the lightning. Connect it to the
             Gray/Blue wire from Connector lightning switch.

Remove the front bumper. Remove the cover and loose the screws located
Remove the cover above the wheel complete on the right hand side. Loose the cover
on the left side just on the front. Loos the located screws like shown on the image.

Pull the bumper gently out of the locking and disconnect all the plugs behind. Lay the
bumper on a soft surface in order to safe it for scratches.

Drill gently (inside) with a 3mm driller a small whole on the marked places. Drill now
from outside with the 23 mm driller the 4 wholes.

Put the sensors into the wholes and adjust them properly. The sensors should be
even with the surface.
Fix with the hot glue gun the sensors (inside).
Connect the wiring fort he sensors and fix them with stripes on the bumper. Put the
wiring coming from vehicle inside through the rubber beak near the A-post right hand
side. You will reach the right wheel arch.

Please connect the wires with the loos 10-pole connector. The wires are printed.

Now you can start with mounting the parts back on the origin location.

Please code the system by an Audi Dealer.

After coding the system you have to do an MMI Reset.

In case of successful installation you should see display as follows:

The button is for the following using:

You can activate the PDC until a pace of 15 km/h for example parking garage. You
can deactivate the system by using the rear gear.

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