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									                 M ULTIDISCIPLINARY AND
              INTERMEDIATION RESEARCH                                          ISSUE AUGUST   VOLUME V   YEAR 2007
              (MIR) SEMINAR .............. 1

               GDNet SOUTH ASIA
              REGIONAL W INDOW ....... 2

                 APPROVED PROJECTS FOR
              SANEI VIII .................. 3

Multidisciplinary and                       Dr. K.S. James from India pre-
Intermediation Re-                          sented his research study on the
                                            topic “Demographic Transition
search (MIR) Seminar                        and Economic Development in
                                            Kerala: The Role of Emigra-
SANEI-GDN organized a semi-                 tion.”
nar on Multidisciplinary and
Intermediation Research Initia-
tive (MIR). This seminar was                Steering Committee
held on March 31, 2007 at Pun-              Meeting
jab University, Economics De-
partment, New Campus, and                   SANEI steering committee
Lahore. Professor TN Srinivasan             meeting was held on March 30 –
chaired the seminar. Three stud-            31, 2007 in Lahore. All the
ies from different South Asian              steering committee members
researchers were presented at               attended the meeting. The meet-
the Seminar.                                ing was chaired by the chairman
                                            SANEI, Professor T. N. Sriniva-
Dr. Pushpa Raj Rajkarnikar                  san. The annual report was pre-
from Nepal presented his study              sented by Dr. Nadeem Ul
on “Institutions Building for               Haque, the Secretary
Controlling Corruption: A Case              (Coordinator) SANEI.
Study on the Effectiveness of
Commission for the Investiga-               The committee discussed and
tion of Abuse of Authority                  advised affirmative steps to
(CIAA) and National Vigilance               make SANEI more visible in the
Center (NIC) in Nepal”.                     region.

Dr. A.K. Enamul Haque pre-
sented his study on “Impact of
Arsenic Contamination in
Ground Water on Poverty and
Choice of Mitigation Technol-
ogy for Rural Communities of
New SANEI                          New SANEI Member                   “South Asian Agriculture –        with latest events, jobs, fund-
Executives                                                            Post Doha” is a part of the       ing and opportunities. New
                                   Mahboobul Haque Human              schedule.                         organizations and Research
Dr. Ishrat Hussain has joined      Development Centre, Islama-                                          papers are regularly added on
SANEI as the chairman.             bad, Pakistan joined SANEI         GDNet South Asian                 daily basis.
                                   as a member institute.             Regional Window
Dr. Rajiv Kumar, the Director                                                                           SANEI Phase VIII Call
and Chief Executive of Indian      Ninth Call for                     After intensive planning and      for Proposals
Council for Research on In-                                           training, SANEI has launched
ternational Economic Rela-                                            the South Asian regional win-     SANEI VIII call for proposal
tions (ICRIER), joined as the                                         dow in partnership with           witnessed an outstanding re-
                                   The ninth call for proposal
steering committee member in                                          GDNet. The window provides        sponse in the number of pro-
                                   was sent out in May with the-
place of Dr. Arvind Virmani.                                          a rich data base of South         posal received on the themes
                                   matic focus on “South Asian
                                                                      Asian researchers and the         of
                                   Agriculture –Post Doha”.
Mr Basudev Dahal, the execu-                                          institutes to the international
                                   The call was advertised in all
tive director of Institute of                                         researchers, policy makers,       •   Financial Sector Re-
                                   the prominent newspapers of
Integrated Development Stud-                                          international agencies and            form
                                   the member countries and
ies, also joined as the steering                                      donors around the world.          •   Higher Education
                                   emails were sent to a large
committee member after Dr.         number of researchers of the
Dwarika Nath Dhungel’s re-                                            At the same time provides an      The proposal was widely ad-
                                   five countries of the region.
tirement.                                                             opportunity to the local re-      vertised among member of
                                   The total number of proposals
                                                                      searchers to promote their        institutes and South Asian
                                   received is 54. Out of these,
Dr. Nimal Gunatilleke, the                                            research at the international     scholars in five countries of
                                   12 proposals were from Ne-
Executive Governor, Marga                                             level by posting their articles   the region. 42 proposals were
                                   pal, 22 from India, 10 from
Institute has joined as the                                           on the window.                    received. Out of these, 15
                                   Pakistan, 7 from Sri Lanka
steering committee member.         and 1 from Bangladesh. The                                           proposals were from Nepal,
                                                                      The window also contains          14 from Pakistan, 9 from In-
                                   evaluation of the proposals is
Professor TN Srinivasan is                                            updated information about         dia, 2 from Sri Lanka, 1 from
                                   in progress both by the RAP
now the chairman, Research                                            conferences, jobs, calls for      Bangladesh. On the basis of
                                   members and the PIDE Staff.
Advisory Panel.                                                       papers and funding opportuni-     research advisory panel’s
                                                                      ties in the region. The South     evaluation, the chairman ap-
Dr. M. Ali Khan, Abram             Eighth Annual Con-                 Asia region window covers         proved 12 proposals for fund-
Hutzler Professor of Political     ference                            the following countries: Af-      ing under SANEI VIII.
Economy in John Hopkins                                               ghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhu-
University joined SANEI as         SANEI eighth annual confer-        tan, Burma, India, Maldives,      The first draft of the studies,
the Research Advisory Panel        ence is scheduled to be held       Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri          approved under SANEI VIII
member.                            in Kathmandu, Nepal on Au-         Lanka. It provides a link be-     round, have been uploaded on
                                   gust 31 – September 1, 2007.       tween the regional focus of       the website. The reports will
Professor Kalyanakrishnan          Asian Development Bank is          SANEI and the global focus        be reviewed by the relevant
(Shivi) Sivaramakrishnan,          partially funding the confer-      of GDNet. The website of          RAP member in the eighth
Professor of Anthropology in       ence. Institute of Integrated      South Asia Regional Window        annual conference in Kath-
Yale University, joined the        Studies (IIDS), one of the         is                                mandu, Nepal. The research
                                   SANEI member institute in             teams will edit the reports in
Research Advisory panel.           Nepal, is taking care of all the   middle.php                        the light of the comments
                                   logistic arrangements. The                                           received at the conference.
                                   invited lecture and a panel        The regional window is up-
                                   discussion on this year theme      dated on two weekly basis

No. Subject                 Discipline   Institutes        Country   Name of the
                                                                     Principal Re-
1.   Foreign Direct Invest- Economics    Centre for Eco- Nepal        Ramesh
     ment in Financial Ser-              nomic Develop-              C.Chitrakar
     vices: Impact on Nep-               ment & Ad-                  KrishnaPant
     alese Economy.                      ministration
2.   Development of Fi-      Economics   Centre for Eco- Nepal       Bharat Prasad
     nancial Institutions in             nomic Develop-              Devkota
     Nepal.                              ment & Ad-                  Santosh Kumar
                                         ministration                Upadhyaya
                                                                     Mahendra Raj
3.   Financing the Higher   Economics    Centre for Eco- Nepal       Dr. Durga Lal
     Education in Nepal                  nomic Develop-              Shrestha
                                         ment & Ad-                  Mr. Tirtha Ba-
                                         ministration                hadur Manand-
                                         (CEDA)                      har
                                                                     Krishna Man
4.   A Comparative Study Economics       National Insti-   Nepal     Ammar Lamich-
     of Graduates (in 2002               tute of Social              hane
     and 2003) and Job                   Sciences
     Markets from Public
     and Private universi-
     ties/colleges in Nepal.
5.   Financial Sector Re- Economics      Project Re-      Nepal      Ram B Pant
     form and Public Own-                search & Man-
     ership of Financial                 agement Asso-               Dileep K Adhi-
     Institutions                        ciates Pvt. Ltd.            kary
6.   Assets as Liability?: Economics     Institute for     India     Meenakashi
     NPAs in the Commer-                 Social and                  Rajeev
     cial Banks of Indian                Economic
     and Bangladesh Com-                 Change.
7.   Privatization and In- Economics     Indian Council India        Pawan Agarwal
     ternationalization of               for Research                Furqan Qamar
     Higher Education in                 on Interna-
     the Countries of South              tional Eco-
     Asia: An Empirical                  nomic Rela-
     Analysis.                           tions (ICRIER)
8.   Household Financing Economics       Center for Hu- India        A.S.
     of Higher Education:                man Resource                Seetharamu
     An Analysis of House-               Development
     hold Investments,                   Institute for
     Access, Participation               Social and
     and Equity in Indian                Economic                    Raghavendra
     Higher Education                    Change                      P.S.
                                         Society for the India
                                         Promotion of
                                         Awareness and
                                      APPROVED PROJECTS FOR SANEI VIII (continued)

    Upcoming                   No.   Subject                Discipline      Institutes      Country      Name of the Princi-

     Events                                                                                              pal Researcher(s)

                               9.    Financial Sector Re-  Economics        Pakistan Insti- Pakistan     Fazal Husain
                                     forms and Interna-                     tute of Devel-
                                     tional Trade Competi-                  opment Eco-
                                     tiveness: A Case                       nomics (PIDE)
                                     Study of Pakistan.
                               10.   An Empirical Analysis Economics        Pakistan Insti- Pakistan     Abdul Rashid
                                     of the Combined PPP                    tute of Devel-
                                     and UIP: Evidence                      opment Eco-
                                     from South Asia.                       nomics (PIDE)
                                                                            College of                   Kalbe Abbas
                                                                            Business Man-
                                                                            agement, Ka-
                               11.   Financial Sector Re-   Economics       Pakistan Insti- Pakistan     Abdul Qayyum
                                     forms and the Effi-                    tute of Devel-
31st Aug to 1st Sep, 2007            ciency of Banking in                   opment Eco-
SANEI eighth annual confer-          Pakistan                               nomics (PIDE)
ence is scheduled to be held   12.   Access to Higher Edu- Multidisciplinary Marga Institute Sri Lanka   Sterling Perera
                                     cation in Sri Lanka.
in Kathmandu, Nepal                                                                                      Nimal Sandaratne

6th Sep, 2007                                                                                            N. Selvakumaran
SANEI Invited lecture by
Professor M. Ali Khan in                                                                                 Susirith Mendis
Islamabad, Pakistan                                                                                      Myrtle Perera

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