Communications ADSL Wall-Phone SplitterFilter C10345E by bzh37299


                                                                                                 Telstra Approved & Certified to Telstra RCIT.0004
+ Communications ADSL Wall-Phone Splitter/Filter
    C10345E Installation Guide                                                                                                                               N 573
                      Step1                                                       Step5
                      Remove your wall-mount telephone                            Attach the telephone to the splitter/filter .
                      from the wall plate.                                        Plug the short cable on the telephone into the
                      Apply firm upwards pressure on the telephone until          socket on the front of the splitter/filter that is
                      it is released from the mounting screws on the wall         labelled "Local Phone".
                      plate.                                                      Note: do not connect to the socket labelled "Other Phone".

                      Step2                                                       Step6
                      Separate the telephone from the wall plate.                 Place the telephone back onto the wall
                      Remove the short cable from the wall                         (i) Align the mounting holes on the telephone with
                      plate, leaving it attached to the telephone.                the mounting screws on the splitter/filter.
                                                                                  (ii) Push down firmly, but gently, until the
                                                                                  telephone stops sliding and is secured firmly.

                      Step3                                                       Step7
                      Install the C10 wall-phone splitter/filter.                 Installation Complete!
                      The splitter / filter has a short RJ-11 cable attached       After you have installed both this splitter/filter and
                      to it labelled "line". Plug this cable into the RJ socket   your ADSL modem, we recommend that you test the
                      on the wall plate, as shown.                                telephone to make sure it works the same as it did
                                                                                  before the installation. Listen to the dial tone or
                                                                                  make a telephone call to ensure there is no interference.

                      Step4                                                       Step8 - Optional
                      Attach the splitter/filter to the wall plate.               The wall-phone splitter/filter also includes
                      (i) Align the mounting holes on the splitter/filter         additional sockets for an extra Fax/Phone
                      with the mounting screws on the wall plate.                 (Filtered) and ADSL Modem (Unfiltered).
                      (ii) Slide the splitter/filter downward until it stops      (If you wish to use and RJ45 plug, remove the RJ45/RJ11
                      sliding and is secured firmly.                              adaptor-insert).

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