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       Parenting styles are very important. Sharing our value system with our children is critical to this process. In
        sharing values, remember that people pay more attention to what they see, as opposed to what they hear.
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                                                             Kids Toys That Play Well
                                                                    By Rachel Nunez

    During playtime, children develop learning strategies, critical thinking skills and a foundation for
life-long competencies and interests. Watching your kids at play clearly reveals that learning is a
developmental process. At six months or six years, childrens days are well spent, hard at work – at

 As a parent, it is your responsibility to search for the most educational and developmentally
appropriate toys for your children, in a wide range of categories. The job may be easier by looking at
toys from several perspectives. From the vantage point of your children, they need to match their
interests and ages. From your end, factors to consider are your values, principles – and the family

 When making a purchase, consider if the toy has star potentials. Take into account consistency of play
value and whether the toy offers an extension of your childs creative and imaginative bent. A good toy
encourages a child to experiment and explore without limit!

When looking for appropriate kids toys, it helps to keep the following things in mind:

 • It is important to remember that boys and girls do differ in toy preferences and yet they can enjoy
many of the same products. Playthings need to fit developing mental skills. They should foster
awareness, appreciation and involvement in creative processes.

 • Toys can help children better understand their neighbors. They can help understand and respect
similarities and differences in todays world.

 • A toy is quality and staying power is determined by its ability to withstand active use. Remember to
choose toys with broad appeal and are not only worth the investment, but your child plays with them
again and again.

 • A company that guarantees a products safety establishes important consumer credibility. Labeling
needs to be easily understood and should include age grading and valuable information. Kids toys
should be technically well produced.

• There are toys that can help children understand new concept or develop new skills. Your Child is

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

understanding of wildlife, science or the environment can be enriched. Toys which encourage and
support physical activity and development contribute to a childs health and growth. Consider if the toy
is innovative and original. If the toy does something familiar, but in a different way, or whether it offers
something never seen before, then it is interesting.

 With the variety of choices that kids have today, they have more exposure to really learn a lot and
grow. You as a parent should keep your children invested in worthwhile toys. There is a lot to be
gained by participating in play, imagination – and talk.

 Opportunities during which your children can lead, cooperate and feel successful now become
powerful vehicles for socialization. The play abilities children have formed will become the social and
emotional underpinnings of school readiness, as well as contribute to behavior management and
self-control. Kids toys must not only enhance a childs play experiences, but be fun, too! It is a tall
order, but these tangible, yet elusive qualities are essential in all childrens playthings.

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                                                            Maintaining Kids' Toys
                                                                By Rachel Nunez

It's a fact that the life expectancy of kids toys are short but we have to face the reality; with the high
pricing cost of basic commodities nowadays it is really not practical for us to buy toys frequently to
replace broken ones. It is therefore important that we teach our kids how to maintain their toys. We
know that at one point those toys will be broken but what we could do is to extend the life span of those

 We should start by keeping track of how many and what kinds of toys of our kids have. Let us have a
record which contains information such as when we bought it and when it was broken. You could also
include when a toy is lost or if it would be found. It is like a record of incoming and outgoing toys from
our kid

 So why do we need to have a record? From our record we could easily find out details. How long one
toy does lasts in my kid? How frequent do we buy them toys? The record would tell the
toy-playing-and-breaking-pattern of our kids.

 The next step is to watch our kids when they play with their toys. We should observe closely if our kids
intentionally break their toys. Sometimes, kids do this because they seek attention from us and they
see toys as platform to release pent up emotions. Once this is the case, it is better that we spend more
quality time with our kids

 In some cases, kids' toys will get damaged because they played it too much, which is not really bad
but if this happens frequent, we should talk to our kids and tell them the value of their toys. It is never
too early to teach our children responsibility

 We could tell them that taking care of their toy is like us taking care of them. But let us be worthy
models for our kids. If our kids see us not organized with our own stuff how could they follow us if we
do not practice what we preach?

 We should remember that maintaining kids' toys is a process, take it one step at a time. We should
start by having a "toy box" where our kids will place their toy once they finish playing with it. Another
good way on promoting to our kids how to take care of their toys is taking part of their "toy
maintenance" like joining them when they are wiping their toys wit when it gathered dust. We should
make them feel that they could have fun when they maintain their toys.

 To sum it up, we must remember that we do not just leave toys to our kids for them to play with until
they get broken then we would but them new one. Let us play with our kids and be a part of their lives.
One best way to inculcate to our kids the value of responsibility is when we established good
relationship with them which is could develop when we join them play and maintain their toys.

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