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                                                         Kids Birthday Party Ideas
                                                                By Linda White

   Here are some great kids birthday party ideas. If you have an older child between the ages of 11
and 13 have a friend teach them how to prepare a healthy dish. Have all of the children join in at the
party and sit them down to enjoy what they have made. You can also divide the group up to have a few
children to make some healthy drinks or smoothies for the group.

 Another activity for older children is to make tie dye t-shirts. This would be something that everyone
can take home. You will need to go to your local craft store to get your supplies.

 Charm bracelets are a hit for the preteens. You will want to have lots of beads and try to add some
charms in the batch of beads. If you ever run out of ideas most kids birthday party ideas can come
from the children themselves. Also will also give you some really ideas
for your child’s party.

 Make your own natural makeup. They have kits at the craft shops where young ladies can make lip
gloss. Also have manicures at the party where the preteens can pamper themselves and put on their
favorite nail polish for them to enjoy.

Another good craft is to have the girls make candles. Making candles can be so much fun. You can
make all types of candles. You can also make environmental friendly green candles

 Face painting is another great craft for a birthday party. The preteens can make face paintings of
butterflies, flowers, and animals. Make sure that you buy the right type of paint that is made for face
painting when you go to the craft store.


 For toddlers and children under the age of 10 try a petting zoo. Have the professionals bring in rabbits,
puppies, and kittens for the children to feed, pet, and hold. If this is not available go to your local zoo
for the party. The children will enjoy the animals and have fun eating at the zoo. Children also learn a
lot in this type of environment.

You may want to have a clown to come to the party to entertain young children. If you can’t find a

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clown to come you may want to be the clown yourself. You can order a clown outfit online or rent one
at your local costume store. If you’re looking to save money make a clown outfit. You can go to your
sewing center and buy the fabric and pattern. With a little imagination you could come up with a really
nice clown outfit and the makeup you may need , order this online or you can go to your local craft

 Young children like to work with food. Make some cupcakes and have the children make smiley faces.
What fun to be creative with some frosting and then you get to enjoy eating the creation also. If you run
short on cake recipes has quite a few great cake recopies to help you

 Nothing is like a piñata. The piñata is really good for kids of all ages. The piñata comes in many
shapes and colors. For most piñatas when you have little children you will need to fill the piñata with
little toys and candy. If you have older children you will want to fill mostly with candy. Now if you have
some preteens you may want to fill the piñata with play jewelry like beaded necklaces and bracelets.

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                                                   How To Choose A Birthday Theme
                                                               By Melissa Fishman

 Birthday themes are so easy to do, make sure the kid-friendly birthday themes are developmental
suitable for children. Make sure the birthday themes are created to give the child a memorable
celebration. One of the most popular 1st Birthday Themes are pink for girls and blue for boys, kids find
it more exciting if you mix up the colors. These specialty themes are sure to please and kid from using
simple activities, crafts and games.

Hosting a birthday party for your child can be a easy as cake if you plan ahead. When you are looking
for a party theme, you can use the internet as a resource to find the perfect theme. The birthday child
will not remember this party, but will enjoy looking at the pictures when he is older. There are so many
themes and supplies to choose from just look in your local phonebook or better yet find them on the
web. Try to find everything from basic party goods to those perfect birthday presents. A first birthday
party is a very special occasion for family and friends. Impress your guests before the party with unique
birthday invitations. If you are throwing the party, make sure you have the following birthday invitations,
thank you cards, and especially party favors for your guests. Try to find unique party favors; don’t settle
on the bag a favor. Think of some fun games to play with the children, pin the tail on the donkey, hit a
piñata etc. Make sure you purchase party supplies for all ages since brothers and sisters might tag
along to the birthday.

What are some of your ideas for celebrating birthdays? Here are a few ideas for decorating your party
room, space, tea party, etc. There are a wealth of on-line sites offering ideas and materials via the
internet. Make sure you have all the party supplies needed to pull off the party. Forgetting one
something might be disastrous.

Remember when creating a birthday and trying to figure out what theme to through can be very
tiresome. Make sure you plan ahead, do research first and find out where you are going to get the
plates, cups, forks, knives, party favors, food and everything else. Here are some questions you should

1. Will the paper supplies keep within the theme of the party 2. Should I personalize the party favors,
always a nice touch 3. Are any of the guests attending allergic to certain foods

In conclusion, when planning a birthday party with a theme you need to be prepared. This something
you cannot do the night before.

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