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Can A Stair Lift In Your Home Help With Mobility Issues?


									                          Is A Stair Lift Is The Key To Mobility?
A stair lift is a chair that runs on a track that is connected to a set of stairs. It lifts a person up
or down the set of stairs in a home or business safely. Stair lifts and a huge benefit for people
who have trouble getting up and down stairs and also for people who live or care for someone
who has trouble navigating them. As you can see, a lift will help more people than just the
person using it.

Arthritis, diabetes complications, general aging and/or neurological complications are some of
the reasons someone may need a stair lift. However, giving up one's independence by not being
able to go up or down the stairs is often a severe blow to an individuals moral. When your
mobility disappears along with the accessibility of half your home, your self esteem is bound to

Of course it is not feasible for another person to carry a grown disabled adult up and down the
stairs. Just ask a parent with a toddler and a set of stairs just how exhausting and near
impossible it is to carry a 25lb child much less an adult. Even if a person is strong and fit it
would be quite a challenging task to carry even a lighter adult up and down stairs.

Of course these days there are many household items designed to help a senior keep their
independent status much longer than they could if they didn't possess these products. Things
like glucose meters, personal alarms that they can wear on a necklace and even chairs that assist
them when standing or sitting down. A stair lift is another product that can add quality of life,
but they are a huge expense.

Actually the best time for you to install a stair lift system might be before a person actually
needs it. A good reason would be that many seniors, who might not actually be disabled but
suffer from bad backs or knees would definitely benefit from a stair lift.

A stair lift system can be integrated into a curved or straight staircase. As far as power goes,
depending on the length of the stairs and the weight being hauled up and down, most systems
run on a battery that can hold it's charge for up to 10 hours. Some batteries are able to recharge
themselves along the track while others have a recharging station at the top or bottom of the
track. Most people prefer the battery operated stair lifts because even if the power goes out
they can still run for a while.

Of course most seniors are emotionally tied to their homes so it is understandable that when,
through the natural course of things, they lose the ability to climb staircases but still wish to
remain in their house. Stair lifts can prolong their independence and enable them to not have to
sell their home or be a burden on other loved ones. Consider a stair lift system for you or your
loved one today.

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