A Propane Tankless Water Heater May Be The Gassy Answer To Your Water Problems

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					                     Choosing a Propane Tankless Water Heater
A propane tankless water heater works in a different way than standard water heaters that have
a tank. When using a standard tank water heater, water is held in a storage tank, which is kept
hot by a heating element that turns on and off at whatever rate is required to keep the water at
the set temperature. Because of the fact that most of the time you are heating water that you will
not even use until it has been reheated several times over, you can see how a tank water heater
can be a big waste of both energy and money. Why should you spend the money to heat water
for those times when you do not even require heated water?

When you have a propane tankless water heater, you are not actually storing hot water. Water is
heated to the proper temperature on demand, whenever you need the heated water. When you
turn on the hot water tap, the water is first heated, and then dispensed from the faucet. Although
it generally takes anywhere from five to twenty seconds for hot water to start flowing from the
tap, this is not really that much of a difference from the amount of time it takes after turning on
a faucet for hot water to travel from a traditional hot water tank to the faucet.

The cost and energy savings when using a propane heater can be significant. Depending on the
type of tankless heater you choose, you could save thirty percent or more of the energy that
would be required to operate a standard tank water heater. You do not pay the water to be
heated when you do not need it. In addition, energy consumption is minimized by the fact that
the unit automatically turns itself off when the faucet is closed. You only use energy to heat the
water during the actual time when you are dispensing hot water from the faucet.

You can also save space by using a propane tankless water heater. A large tank hot water heater
can take up a lot of floor space, while a propane tankless water heater needs less space, and may
even be mounted on a wall.

Although a propane tankless water heater does cost more than a traditional tank hot water
heater, you will make back the savings over the use of the water heater, due to the energy cost
savings. They are generally a low maintenance type of water heater, are designed to last for
twenty years or more, and are quite durable.

One problem that people sometimes have with many tankless heaters is the inability to keep up
with hot water demand during times when there is an unusually high need for hot water within
the home, such as when one person is taking a shower while the washer is operating. While this
can be easily managed by just using a little planning when using your hot water, some people
solve the problem by having individual water heaters that are devoted to a single purpose, such
as a luxury shower or spa tub.

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