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									P. Auroy, L. Auvray, L. Leger, “Silica Particles Stabilized by Long Grafted Polymer
Chains” Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 150, 1, 1992

“Colloidal dispersions are never easy to make. The general rule is that small grains
cannot be dispersed in a stable way in a liquid. This is due to Van der Waals interparticle
attraction, which usually dominates all the other interactions except in sufficiently polar
media (in particular water), in which, sometimes, surface charges may induce strong
repulsions. If electrostatic effects are not sufficiently efficient, another way for
preventing the aggregation of the grains is to surround them with an appropriate layer,
which can induce the so-called steric repulsion. For this latter method, small organic
chains are usually used since they may be easily attached to the particles, providing an
effective repulsion in various media.”

“One can imagine to prepare, in a controlled way, objects which would be to some extent
“new” materials, combining at a colloidal scale the properties of solid grains and those of
elastomers. For instance, by cross-linking the strongly grafted (SG) particles, it might be
possible to make a “mixed” gel, whose reticulation points would be the silica grains. The
radius of the particles, the length and the nature of the polymer chains, the grafting
density,…, would be adjustable parameters to optimize the physical properties of the bulk
“new” materials.”

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