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Release Notes - DOC 5


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									AForge.NET 1.4.2 release notes

Version updates and fixes:

* General
  - Added new namespaces: Video.DirectShow;

* AForge.Video.DirectShow
  - VideoCaptureDevice class added to access local video capture devices
like USB webcams
    using DirectShow;
  - FileVideoSource added to access video files using DirectShow
(DirectShow supports more
    video codecs than Video for Windows so this class allows to play
wider range of video

AForge.NET 1.4.1 release notes

Version updates and fixes:

* AForge.Imaging
  - Fixed an issue with out of range coordinates checking in Hough Circle

AForge.NET 1.4.0 release notes

Version updates and fixes:

* AForge.Imaging
  - Iterative threshold filter is added;
  - Canvas crop and canvas move filters added;
  - Canvas Fill filter added;
  - SISThreshold updated to use absolute difference for X and Y
  - Added Hough line transformation to detect lines;
  - Added Hough circle transformation to detect circles;

* AForge.Vision
  - Added property to restore objects edges after noise suppression (
Background modeling high
    precision motion detector);
* AForge.Video
  - MJPEG video source implementation updated to search for JPEG magic
number instead of searching
    for newline delimiter;

* AForge.Video.VFW
  - Added thread safety for AVIReader and AVIWriter;

* AForge.MachineLearning
  - Roulette Wheel exploration policy added;
  - Boltzmann exploration rate fixed to handle correctly infinite
  - Action estimates randomization added for QLearning and Sarsa;

* Samples
  - Add sample to demonstrate Hough line and circle transformation.

AForge.NET 1.3.0 release notes

Version updates and fixes:

* General
  - Added new namespaces: MachineLearning, Vision, Video, Video.VFW;
  - Password protection removed from signing keys;

* AForge.Imaging
  - Binarization filters updated so they can be applied to grayscale
images only;
  - Replace channel filter updated so it can be created without
specifying channel image;
  - Bug fixed in FilterAnyToAny - image was not locked correctly and
pixel format
    was not checked correctly for in-place filtering;
  - Bug fixed in Replace Channel filter - pixel format of channel image
was not
    checked correctly;
  - Added method to clone image from Bitmap Data;
  - Top-Hat and Bottom-Hat filters added;
  - Noise generation filters added - additive noise and salt&pepper

* AForge.Vision
  - Two frames difference motion detector added;
  - Background modeling high precision motion detector added;
  - Background modeling low precision motion detector added;

* AForge.Video
  - IVideoSource interface added;
  - JPEG video source added;
  - MJPEG stream video source added;

* AForge.Video.VFW
  - AVI reader class added;
  - AVI writer class added;
  - AVI file video source added;

* AForge.MachineLearning
  - QLearning and Sarsa learning algorithms added;
  - Epsilon greedy, Boltzmann and Tabu Search exploration policies added;

* Samples
  - Animat sample added - demonstrates MachineLearning namespace;
  - MotionDetector sample added - demonstrates Vision and Video

AForge.NET 1.2.0 release notes

Version updates and fixes:

* General
  - Setup project added to provide installer application;
  - AForge.NET libraries got strong name;
  - Sample applications update to use volatile for need-to-stop flag

* AForge.Math
  - Random numbers generators added (Uniform, Standard, Gaussian,
  - 2D Affine transformation added;

* AForge.Imaging
  - Texture class added to handle texture related work;
  - BlobCounter class updated to have constructor. GetObjectRectangles()
does not
    require parameter any more;
  - Bug fixed in ComplexImage - image mode was not cloned;
  - Color remapping filter was added

* AForge.Genetic
  - Double array chromosome added

AForge.NET 1.1.0 release notes
Version updates and fixes:

* General
  - The framework was converted to .NET 2.0;
  - Sandcastle is used for help files generation instead of NDoc;

* AForge
  - Issue fixed with IsInside() method of IntRange and DoubleRange

* AForge.Math
  - Complex number structure;
  - Fourier transformation;
  - Gaussian function;
  - Perlin noise function;
  - Statistics class;
  - Histogram classes;

* AForge.Imaging
  - Blob counter and Connected Components Labeling;
  - Conservative Smoothing filter;
  - Jitter filter;
  - Oil Painting filter;
  - Pixellatet filter;
  - Gaussian Blur filter;
  - SharpenEx (based on Gaussian function) filter;
  - Canny Edge Detector filter;
  - Adaptive Smooth filter;
  - Simple Skeletonization filter;
  - Texture generators added (Clouds, Marble, Wood, Labyrinth, Textile);
  - Texturer, Textured Filter, Textured Merge filters;
  - Resize filters (Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear, Bicubic);
  - Rotate filters (Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear, Bicubic);
  - Complex image (frequency filtering);
  - Image statistics classes (RGB, HSL, YCbCr);

* Samples
  - Textures demo application;

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